Chapter 6: SMOK
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SMOK was quite the interesting shop in Ben’s point of view.  While, granted, it was the first shop of any kind he had seen in this new world, but the way it was setup was very…novel.

It reminded him a lot of Hookah lounges from Earth.  You would simply pay for what you wanted to smoke at the counter, and the servers would make a bit of show in bringing it out.


Unlike the traditional Earth variant, the smoking apparatus appeared to be a biological creature of some description.

“Hey Gellis, what uh…what is this thing?” Ben asked gesturing at the creature in front of them. 

“Oh, you smoke it.” He responded as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.  Which, to be fair, by his perspective it probably was.

Ben deciding to hide his ignorance slightly, he gesticulated his hand at the creature letting his friend go first.  “Enlighten me master.”

With a confident smile Gellis pulled the orange creatures appendage close to himself and sucked on its…foot?

Ben wasn’t quite sure what this thing was, or what to call its appendages. 

With a big inhale the slightly pinched eyes of Gellis quickly relax. His green eyes seemed to shimmer slightly, as the effects of the smoke began circulating in his system.  Soon enough one eye was still its proud forest green, but the other?

Interestingly that eye was now a bright blue.

With a grin Ben eagerly grabbed at the smokers other leg and took a deep hit himself.  The smoke was light and perfumed.  The smell was like a mixture of rose, menthol.  It was quite the odd combination, but the feeling that it left in ones lungs was truly other worldly.

It felt like he was being held softly, as his every worry and care slowly drifted off.


With a sudden jolt Ben quickly opened his eyes.

“Huh…it’s..dark out..”

Ben mumbled thickly as he tried to forcibly make his brain kick over again.


Gellis was staring at him nearly laughing himself silly.  “Well well well, if it isn’t the sleeping bear wide awake again!”

From the shit eating grin Ben was pretty sure Gellis was trying to make fun of him.  “Look Gelli that works a lot better when we share idioms.  I don’t think they translate very well.”

He rubbed at his head rubbing vigorously.  The small chuckles by his side didn’t do much to help his black mood.  He couldn’t believe it.  For the first time in god knows how long, he was the wimp.  He was knocked out from one hit of….whatever.  “I should still be able to handle more than that…”

He muttered but quickly dropped the issue.  “So, Gellis.”  Ben turned to his master and tried to change the subject.  “What should I know about this new world?  Anything hugely important that could change my very way of life by simply being ignorant?”

Ben kept his tone light, but the fear was quite real.  The unspoken rules of society should, logically, be quite different here.  If there was a concept like Nobles he could even be killed with little to no reason.  It was hard to know what sort of rights, or protection he would get from being Gellis’ Summoned Pet.

Gellis quickly shook his head, “Yeah I wouldn’t worry about that too much.” He said.  It looked like there was clearly much more, but Gellis held his tongue.

“Oh, wouldn’t you?” Ben asked simply. 

No more, or less.  Just that simple sentence, and then Direct. Uninterrupted. Eye Contact.

1 minute.

2 minutes.

3 minutes.

‘Ha he cracked’.  Ben cheered in his mind seeing Gellis quickly hide from his gaze.  “Just spill it Gellis, or maybe…”  A devilish thought sprang into Ben’s mind.  “Maybe, you aren’t aware that Bunny-Chan has a video recorder!”

Gellis eyes went wide at that sentence.  He was expecting mockery, or chastisement, but this?  “B..bunny-chan?  What you mean my RA-bot?  THAT THING HAD A WATCHER IN IT!” Gellis yelled his heart pounding wildly in his chest.  It was quite lucky that been had passed out for so long, other wise customers would likely be listening in. 

Ben shrugged his shoulders.  “If by watcher, you mean something that can see what you do, and somehow make a record of it, then yes.”  Ben answered while trying his hardest to let the huge smile he was feeling in his heart spread to his face.  ‘Gotta play it cool’.

Gellis nodded dumbly at Ben’s description.  “So..So its life….” Ben was feeling very lost. 

“Um…Gellis?  All you did was jerk off a bit… is this really… such…..”

He trailed off seeing the crimson mask of shame that is Gellis’ face.

“oh uh..” Ben coughed roughly.  “Don’t…Don’t worry Gellis I already deleted that stuff when I was making Bunny-Chan….and it didn’t seem like there was anywhere for it to send files too…I would wager that whoever is watching you probably can only collect the video at set times..”


With a forcible gulp Gellis tried to reassure himself with what his pet had said.  What was more concerning is why his mother would obsess over him like this.  He had talked to her so many times!  Well maybe it’s time that mother learned a little lesson herself…

“Hey Ben! Do you…how much control do you have over that RA-bot?”

“What the fuck is a RA-Bot?”

Gellis hung his head and sighed deeply, “Fine then, how much control do you have over Bunny-Chan.”

“Oh, don’t worry about her.  Shes my little pet Yandere now!”  Ben answered with pride and finally getting up from the table he was set at.  The Orange Smoke beast had long been taken back after Gellis had finished it.


“Then..Do you think you could make it pull a little prank on my mom?”


Ben shrugged his shoulders.  “Yeah, I mean that’s kinda up to you.  You’re the boss after all.” 

‘Very odd, I would have thought he would lord that power over me quite easily, nice kid.’

Gellis laughed and bumped against his pet in a friendly manner.  “I know, but I think getting you to help me, will be a lot better than ordering you around.”

Ben couldn’t help but agree, this was certainly more ideal for him as well.  “Well then my friend, I don’t see why I couldn’t help you…”