Chapter 7: Ready to Go Home
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The room was dark and filled with various vapors making it difficult to see.  If one focused diligently through the swirling smoke and cloying orders there was the chance of seeing something else.   A small fur covered plush toy.  Perhaps not the most interesting of objects, but certainly unique given the context.

A few hours ago Ben had been asked by Gellis for a very queer favor.

“Look, just delete all that footage my mom has.  After that you could you replace it with something…I don’t know…Scary?”

Ben had taken the work on without a second word.  He really couldn’t blame Gellis for wanting to get back at his family a touch.  Afterall if his parents had ever dared to try and invade his privacy like this he would have exploded.  How could he let the same fate befall his master?

With a small grin on his face Bens mind fell into the Telnet tunnel within the rabbits mind.

Magic was very interesting work.  It seemed that the more he edited, and changed within this small toy the stronger his ability was.  Like a muscle, or a skill, repeated practice could reap tremendous results.






Just making these small changes and Ben felt like his ability had gone up another level.  He had also created one of the most psychotic things to ever grace the lands of Arh.


That was another thing Ben had learned in the last few days.  Along with the name of the planet, Arh, Ben was able to learn a lot of things.

For instance, after repeated questions and information gathering Ben was able to find most of the key differences between himself, and his master.

For reference they didn’t call themselves any weird name.  Instead they called themselves humans, it was everything else that was abnormal.  They still hadn’t quite settled on what my race should be called, but that can wait.

They as a people, were very different from Earthlings.  The Arhlings for one had no nudity taboo.  This had a pretty huge effect culturally but had little impact on Ben.  Well, to be fair there was a nudity taboo, but it was for feet.  “Seriously, I know there are some guys, but I’ll never get the fucking foot things.”  Ben muttered to himself.

He stood up hurriedly and pulled the curtains open.  The room suddenly flooded with light, and the small sleeping form of Gellis could be seen.  He was sleeping soundly on his bed.


Gellis and Ben had worked out an easy way of dividing the room as well.  During the day, Ben would sleep as Gellis attended classes.  After that they would usually hang until Gellis retired to Meditate or Sleep.  This gave Ben all the time he wanted to play with his new toys.

“Bunny-Chan wake up Gellis for me.”

Ben called to his companion.

He had also been working on her autonomy over the last few days.  Magic was significantly more powerful than any computer program that Ben had ever played with.  Not only were the exact instructions he sent to his doll recorded and done with care, it also captured INTENT.

Gone are the days non-working code! Gone are the days when a missing coma breaks an entire script!

As long as your idea is logical and works within physics it should be doable.  It may draw more Mana, but it will fucking work!

Bunny-Chan initiated her wake-up routine in a flash.  After her love had woken her she made sure to get to work.  She hauled herself up the bed frame to sit on Gellis. She leaned her softy fuzzy face towards Gellis’ own. “WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU PRICK” She screamed as loudly as she could.

In a spurt of energy Gellis woke up launching the tiny stuffed toy of himself.

“Oh What! Who!” He looked around frantically to find what alerted him.  Only to stop on the shaking shoulders of his pet.

Of course …. her again! While intellectually Gellis knew that Bunny-Chan was a simple toy, in fact it was HIS toy, seeing her move and act the way she did….It was hard to think of her as not sentient.  She was just so….random!

“Morning Ben!” He called somewhat loudly to his pet.  While he was certainly more useful than not, his pet was…..interesting.  Not only in his choice of….pets?  Gellis wasn’t terribly sure what Bunny-Chan was to him.  A toy, joke, friend, lover, honestly they all seemed equally valid!  Between the irrational rabbit and his pet poor Gellis was having quite the hard time adjusting!

“I finished that surprise for our mama by the way.  When do I get to meet her?” Ben questioned his master casually. 

Gellis flushed at the question.  ‘Also why is he just….that’s my mommy!’ “MY mom should be here tomorrow to pick me up….well she won’t be, but they’ll send a car to get me….”

“I KNEW IT” Ben shouted at the top of his lungs jumping to his face.

Gellis could do little else except stare at his excited friend.  “You’re rich aren’t you?!” Ben questioned him.  “Well….yeah we’re doing well…”  He trailed off as he couldn’t really look his friend in the eye.

It hasn’t just been Gellis sharing these past few days, and from what he had learned of Earth.  Even the most impoverished citizens of Arh are treated better.  At least they could afford to get the services of a doctor or dentist. Comparatively Gellis was rich.  He just hoped that Ben would still act the same when the full weight of his money and influence was put to bear.

“I guess so.” Ben said with a simple nod and smile.  Truthfully Ben simply couldn’t wait.  Not only did Gellis have a mother who was a total pervert.  He also had a two adorable little sisters that tormented the whole household non-stop. 

“I wonder if our species can interbreed.” Ben idly though aloud.