Chapter 9: It’s on!
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Idly toying with his Bunny Ben let his mind wander.  Oddly enough even after completing his work, he wasn’t kicked out of the terminal.  He could still make changes and modifications at will, very odd.

In computing terms one would assume for the connection to be forced closed, especially after a window of inactivity, but not so.

“I would hazard a guess, that magic security is simply not a concept.” Ben though to himself.  While there had already been plenty of evidence to this fact, it was the care that settled it.  Having the RA-Bot open, was pretty understandable.  Even if it was meant to spy on Gellis, locking it could draw attention.  But the car?  Nope, not a chance.  This shit wasn’t custom built, that much is obvious on the several branded symbols on it.

They looked a bit like the Pontiac logo from his past life but pointing to the left instead of down.  This was a branded vehicle that came from a store.

So why isn’t this locked down?  Using the logic of Earth you wouldn’t leave something like this open to be messed with by anybody.  It should be so securely locked that only an official technician can access it.

So why not?

Ben couldn’t settle on the reason.  Whether the issue was passivity or ignorance it certainly worked in Ben’s favor. 

The estate that slowly filled view was quite the site to see.  The massive building was light grey in coloring.  In fact with the light gray color, massive size, and the spherical shape one could even think it was a moon.

This was a traditional architectural style for the Ahrlings.  They loved spheres in their design.  Apparently it stemmed from some of their medieval war tactics, but as time went on it just became a style. 

Oddly the sphere design was their counter to Catapults.  It truly changed the direction technology advanced as well. Instead of focusing and then creating trebuchets, and other siege weapons the next big upgrade was into refined metals.  Doing so, they jumped from the beginnings of Iron, almost immediately to Steel and Aluminum.

“So we’re finally home huh?” Ben asked stretching his back after the lengthy ride.

Gellis glared at him briefly.  “Yeah, I am home.” Dusting off his shirt Gellis quickly made his way towards the front entrance. He was subsequently stopped by what appeared to be a green blur.

“Damn it Ky!” Gellis yelled from the ground.

Ben could barely keep his eyes in his head as he looked at what pinned his master.

It was definitely a girl….but whether this was a relative, or even a mugger Ben couldn’t be certain.  Thankfully he didn’t need to be sure, he needed action.

“Bunny-Chan secure Gellis.”

Ben commanded as Gellis’ eyes narrowed.

“W..Wait Ben!” before the words could register, Bunny-Chan made her move.

Move slowly and subtly on the ground she was like a shadow in twilight.  She had been making her away across the lawn with her darling when something attacked.  Bunny-Chan refused to let her love be put into harms way!

This creature, what if after Gellis it attacked her Ben?  That would a travesty!

Suddenly shifting gears to high speed she was obeying Ben’s order well before it was uttered.  By the time the word “secure” had passed his lips Bunny-Chans entire field of view was red.  She saw her target, and little else.  The young Ahrling that was on top of Gellis didn’t seem to pose a threat to him, but…well. She was under orders.

Bunny-Chan launched her body at the aggressors neck slamming her body against the aggressor so savagely that she fell to the ground in a heap.

Ben had noticed, belatedly, that whatever was on his master seemed harmless enough, but it was better not to take chances.  It’s just a good thing that girl didn’t talk him.  Ben wasn’t confident Bunny-Chan could stay rational if that happened.

The heap next to Gellis resembled him strongly, and Ben was finally able to put 2 and 2 together to make 4.  “Oh you must be the big sister Ky huh?” Ben asked.

The dazed heap threw Bunny-Chan away staring at me with eyes that screamed, I am going to stab you!

She stood up roughly and stared at me silently before pulling Gellis to his fee.

“Gell…who is…..oh no your bunny!” Ky yelled looking at the plush toy at her feet.  She began reaching for it, only to have her hand cruelly slapped away by an outraged paw quivering with injustice.

“Excuse me!” The plush toy demanded.  “I do NOT belong to him!” The bunny exclaimed as she placed her paws on her waist.  The pose was actually quite precious.

“My Master is right there!” She says pointing to Ben.  “I will not have you be comparing Gellis to my Master!  He’s much better!”

Ben couldn’t help but smile.  This bunny…she was even more perfect than he had hoped.  ‘How cute is she!’

Gellis quickly tried to defuse to the tension.  “Oh..Ky!  This is my new summoned pet Ben!” Gellis explained introducing his big sister to his summoned pet.  This should be a time of joy and peace….

“You….you summoned a humanoid?” Ky asked turning to her brother astonishment clearly written on her face.  “But how Gell didn’t you score really bad last time? I thought they were even going to kick you out for bad scores!  In fact you shouldn’t even have the mana to perform a whole conjuring!”

Boom, boom, boom,

Like three impossibly strong blows of a hammer the sentences crashed against Gellis’ lithe frame. 

It was just as she said.  Truly.


Ky quickly looked at the source only to see Gellis’ stupid pet was talking to her.  ‘Ugh, I hate this thing.  What’s wrong with it’s eyes? 

“Young lady, you have exactly 30 seconds to apologize to your brother.  If you do not I am going to make you fall hopelessly in love with me.”

Bens statement was delivered calm and rationally.  This is a big departure from the actual content of his sentence which was, of course, bat shit crazy.

Ky couldn’t help but raise her lips in a sneer. “Oh yes, please do mighty pet!”