Chapter 10: Circuit Switching
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Gellis could feel his heart pounding in his chest.  His sister had always had a knack for getting under his skin.

When he was three she terrorized him by sending wave after wave of Fird to chase him. A fird is a strange half frog half chicken entity.  Resembling strongly a chicken in body structure, their skin is rough and slimy, making them great at terrorizing a prissy clean freak like Gellis.  The fact that they have a stink sac, is just a cherry on top.

But that was just a prank, this?  This was mean!  To actually try and demolish the relationship between a summoner on their pet!  The nerve!  If his professor was here, then he would be sure to teach Ky a lesson she should never forget but…

“Hey uh..Ben uhm..”  Gellis tried to reach for his pet to get him to call the bet off.  He knew his pet said some insane things, but he was really quite sweet.  Just a bit…odd.

Ben casually knocked his ‘masters’ hand away and kept right on looking at Ky.  With a smile threatening to found itself on his face he reached his hand out towards the young girl palm down with fingers splayed.  “Here, just hold my hand.” Ben said as a beautiful smile spread from his heart and spewed onto his face. 

With absolute confidence Ky dashed her hand forward before her brother could get in the way.  There is no way she would miss this chance presented to her so wonderfully.

One heartbeat passed calmly.

A second, but why does her hand feel so cold.

As the smile slowly fell from his face Ben stared at Ky.  “Three heartbeats it is.”

What Ben had done in three heartbeats was…chilling to those that could observe it.  The second Ky’s small hand had made contact with Ben, he had forced his mana into her without hesitation.  All that Gellis could tell had happened was a puff of mana around Ky just after the contact.

“Uh, Ky you okay?” Gellis asked quickly as he shot a concerned look to his pet.  \

She looked at him and blinked twice before color came back to her slowly.  Her eyes darted all over the room until she could once more keep her assailant in her sight.  Her heart was thundering in her chest, as her hands shook like tree leaves. 

“Don’t you worry yourself Gellis.  Our miss Ky here was just getting us some drinks right honey?”

At the drop of a name like honey Gellis expected his sister to explode.  To fight.  To argue.  To punch him. 

Any of those options, and several others left unlisted, would have been normal. Expected.  What he did not expect was…Oh dear god is she blushing?

“Yes, dear right away.” She said simply and nodded her head before rushing into the house.


“Phew, okay buddy.  We did it!” Ben said happily clasping his master on the shoulders.  Ben was quite surprised.  He never would have thought that he could affect the Mana circuits inside people like he could with the tech, but apparently he could.  He just had to use things a bit differently when it came to people.  For instance.

With Ky when he first established the link he very quickly started a new session and logged in as admin, but that proved to be mostly unnecessary.  For whatever reason it seems like the people are even less guarded than the tech!

Once he logged into Ky, her entire magical blueprint became visible.  He could see it all.  How her mana flowed, the spells she knew, her hopes and dreams.  All of it was equally visible to his gaze. 

From there commanding her to bring a few drinks and to suffuse her cheeks with blood was quite simple really.  The really hard part was holding in his laughter!

What Ben had done was establish a Circuit between himself and Ky.  This was a dedicated Mana communication channel between him and Ky.  The connection gave him full unfettered access to Ky for as long as the Circuit existed.  Now that he had setup the circuit, it would mean that he had to consciously close the connection.  Something he had very much not done.

Ben could only snicker internally when he saw the confusion and fear in Gellis’ eyes.  ‘Oh sorry buddy, but no choice. If it helps they were gonna try to have you killed anyway.’ Ben though to himself as they made their way inside. 

While there were no words flowing between the two, it was by no means an awkward silence.  Gellis trusted his pet, even if he was occasionally scared of him, and Ben knew Gellis wouldn’t betray him to his own family if he played a bit. 

So while they may not have necessarily agreed with how the other was handling things, they wouldn’t make it an issue.  Ben kept one thought in his mind.  If his master truly wanted him to stop…he would just order him to stop..right?

With a simple shoulder shrug Ben laid down that thought.  “Hey Gellis, do we share a room or do I get my own place?”

Gellis turned to his pet and answered, “You can take the big guest room I guess.  Its probably not bein used anyways.  We never have guests in the summer. “  Gellis couldn’t help but hesitate slightly,  “Ky isn’t hurt….”

Ben met his masters gaze. “Yes.” He replied simply.  He would never hurt his master or his family, unless he was in danger.  Sadly master was 2, family 3, and himself was number 1.  That was just they Bens mind worked.  He would always rate his own safety as the highest priority.

 It was quite funny how much Gellis worried about his sister though. I mean, she hurts him, bullies him, attempts to have him murdered, and still…love?  How very queer.

Ben began issuing a few rounds of editing to his new pet.


Ls -a

Hopes.txt dreams.txt. enemies.txt. lovers.txt


Vi hopes.txt

Make a family


Vi lovers.txt





“I would never hurt you master.  Physically or emotionally.  Don’t worry so much.  I’m sure that your sister will be back any minute to tell you just how happy she is to see you.”  Ben said with a simple, sincere, and oddly prescient smile.