Chapter 11: First Contact?
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Now assuming Gellis had a way to see what Ben had just done, one might assume him to be mad.  That person would be wrong.

Familial relationships were in not really any different from how they worked on Earth.  That being the case, why wouldn’t Gellis defend and protect his sister from the possible nefarious machinations of a rogue pet?

Well the answer is quite simple.  Gellis simply couldn’t fundamentally grasp a world where his sister was losing.  The mere thought of Ben getting a true upper hand on his sister never entered his head.  Why would it?

So far his pet had shown an amazing ability to edit magic circles.  Not for brainwashing

Others may be wondering why the hell Ben made the changes he did.   Making the sister of his master fall in love with him and obsessed with a family…That is quite odd.  One would have to assume that Ben’s intentions were as impure as possible.  These people would also be wrong.

You see, Ben didn’t actually desire Gellis’ sister….Well he did, but that wasn’t why he manipulated her.   In fact his base reason was quite pure.  He wanted to understand how the magic of this universe worked.  That should be easily accomplished, however…Gellis is hopeless.  As much as he tries the poor kid never does magic ‘correctly’.  That is an issue for Ben.  If he could see how spells are crafted inside the body before they are released then Ben figured he might be able to figure out how to actually cast magic himself.


At this point he really only has the basic ability to manipulate how mana is flowing, but not really to decide what it does.  He can edit existing channels and devices, but the Mana he has inside, he has no way to manipulate. 

All of this preamble, is mainly so that Ben can distract himself.  Or perhaps, distance himself from his current pet project.

Sitting on his bed devoid of clothing, or apparently embarrassment, is Ky.  Smile shining brightly under the soft glow of the neighboring bedside lanterns.  In ornamentation the entire room would make one think of a very affluent eastern European mansion.  The trappings and finery giving off an old and wizened feeling. 

Austere.  That’s the word that comes to mind.  The entire room gave off an air of austerity, or at least it used to.

While Ben had gotten a good look at her outside.  Seeing Ky outside, and fully clothed.  Was not very similar to seeing Ky, Inside, unclothed, and with a slight blush running around her face and chest.

Ben slowly sat down next to Ky, her face growing even more flush with nerves and unreasonable feelings. 

Placing a hand softly on her thigh Ben finally began.  “Okay Ky, I need for you to attempt to cast a spell.  Any spell is fine, just not a summoning. Okay?”

His wording may seem redundant, but this was the fifth god damn time he was asking.  Hopefully she would do more than stare at him and giggle this time.

Ben would also like to point out that he never made her be naked.  That was her weird ass choice.

“O…Okay” Ky stared softly into Ben’s eyes as her breathing and heart rate sky rocketed from his sudden touch.  She focused deeply into her own being to draw out her magical forces.  Then after properly shaping the spell she released it.  A small cyclone formed in the room, disturbing a few papers in passing, before quickly dissolving from existence.


To her this process was natural and normal, but what Ben saw was infinitely more helpful than that!

This was no simple organic process!  At least, it wasn’t to Ben’s eyes.  Just focusing on what she had done was easy.  His mana seamlessly integrated with hers and he simply followed it.  From what Ben saw, she would completely change where the Mana exited her body to elicit certain effects i.e. by releasing the Mana via the Mana-Outlet at her neck she could use fire based magics.

Release from the Mana-Outlet at her wrist was for wind magic.  Then obviously the Mana released from her….special place…was for healing magic.

Ben simply couldn’t help but feel slightly bad after all of his testing.

“Perhaps having this amount of control on someone’s inner desires is…bad…” Ben thought to himself.  Ky was still obediently on his bed.  Her body was covered in a fine sheen a sweat and perspiration that only enhanced her natural looks.

Her waist length green hair was soft but had the wild intensity of having just had sex.  While her flushed face drew attention to her large mesmerizing green eyes, her heaving chest drew Ben’s attention far more completely.  Looking like they would easily spill out of his hand, with nipples the color of coal, Ben was already well enamored with her.

Moving his hand slowly northward, Ben couldn’t help it as his head drew closer to Ky.  He wanted to taste her lips, or anywhere else for that matter, and hold her tight to him…But…

Thankfully rationality established itself firmly in the diminutive fuzzy form of Bunny-Chan.

Bunny-Chan was….less than pleased at these latest changes.

“Master!  How could you flirt with this whore!  I’m just as good as she is?!” Bunny-Chan loudly declared.

“Thank god I made her into a perfect little cock-blocker” Ben thought to himself.  “I mean, without her who knows what I would have done to this….very willing…..very attractive…very powerful woman…


“Okay, so maybe we need to think about this one more.” Ben said under his breath.  While he certainly didn’t have an interest in sleeping with just anyone.  The chance to sleep with an attractive alien species is quite tempting!  Heck he would be the first Earthling to EVER sleep with an Ahrling!  That has got to be some kind of an honor…At least to fellow xeno-perverts.

To bang the Ahrling, or not to bang the Ahrling…That is the question!

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