Chapter 12: Willpower
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The answer was of course yes! Ben simply lacked the skills to say no in this position.  Grinning happily he sends the sleep command to Bunny-Chan and pulls Ky closer to himself kissing her simply on the lips a few times and rubbing her back.

Each pass of his arm warms Kys cooling flesh causing slight goosebumps to raise up along her arms and legs. 

A small squeaky voice interrupts Ben’s plan to viciously take the Ahrling, and oddly it belongs to Ky.  Ben tilts his head towards her, “What is it?” He asks.  Ky lowers her head, looking conflicted and ashamed.  “It’s um…It’s just that…You have to understand I never thought I’d meet someone like you…”

Ben stares at her as his mind is slowly blown.  ‘Does…Does this girl really think I’ll care? I mean I wasn’t even on the planet, and she shouldn’t even have proper feelings for me.  I guess I could use this as leverage?’

However, Ben put that idea down as soon as it was picked up.  Afterall there was simply no point.

“Oh Ky, Don’t worry about that.  I mean, we are both adults after all.  Past a certain point It’s really just not very realistic to expect a new partner to be a virgin.” Ben says simply.  For him this viewpoint truly always made the most sense.  He could see why a sever difference in the amount of experience you have would be an issue, but he didn’t care if a girl was a virgin.

‘It’s not like the first time is ever any good anyway.’  Ben thought to himself secretly. 

Ky meanwhile was handling this revelation very differently.  Her love had forgiven her!  This was amazing news! 

Her love had touched another, could there be a bigger travesty!  She knew she couldn’t be mad about it, but still!  This was now her master, and she would make damn sure that the world knew about it.  No matter what.

She looked closely at Ben’s movements and she could see the ardor leaving him at a rapid pace, she had to salvage this!  But what could she do to get his interest again?  She knew how to wrap an Ahrling around her little finger, they were simple, and they shared a culture base.  Earthlings though?  Her master was the only one that her race had met, so what would he like?  Would he want her to please him with her feet like the Ahrlings tended to? 

While deep in thought with her complex societal queries.  She would be quite surprised to find that the Earthling she was finding so difficult to tempt, had tempted himself. 

Staring unabashedly at her naked body, Ben even finished disrobing himself, but his eyes.  They never left their target.  It would surprise no one to find that he was staring at her vagina, but the reason why may.

“Bio-luminescent sexual fluids.” Ben muttered to himself gently, causing Ky to open her eyes wide.  Her love was naked, and staring at her with unconcealed lust and want!  While she had no idea what may have got him interested, she wouldn’t complain.  Then his words, those simple simple words. 

She crawled towards him slowly cooing, “Do you like them?  You can..touch them master!  I really truly don’t mind!”  Her breathing is slow and steady as she asks to be touched, none of the hesitation you would get from a shy girl. 

Feeling his heart beating like a war drum in his chest, Ben doesn’t fight any longer.  He leaps on her pulling her into his embrace and kissing her neck softly as his hands roam across her body again. 

Unlike last time, Ben has a goal now.  The Ahrling vagina, and anus, are a very soft muted blue normally.  Now, when fully aroused that off blue color is a beautiful bio-luminescent blue. And it makes his arousal much much stronger. 

Like looking at the most amazingly juicy blue razzberry pie Ben’s mouth begins to water.  With each kiss and stroke his own lust is hitting new heights.  He reaches one hand down squeezing and kneading on her breasts semi-roughly. 

Kys’ breath hitches with every squeeze and pull on her massive melons.  She can’t believe how kinky he is!  To even touch her breasts on their first encounter!

But her embarrassment is far outpaced by her lust, which is soaring to new heights.  “Yes, master there!” She coos in joy as her master pinches her nipples between his fingers.  Her whole body feels like it’s on fire, and her sense of reason has been long forgotten.  She turns in his embrace, to push him onto the bed and straddle him.  Her aching area, now demands release! 

“Perhaps master, would like to try a traditional Ahrling position?”  She asks innocently enough, but the iron in her voice makes it seem very much like a demand than request.

“Why not?” Ben says simply going along with the ride.  His body is more than ready to take Ky.  If this position is better for her then….okay?

She positions herself carefully above him, her bright glowing holes are mere inches from his face, however it is her feet that she chooses to use to wrap around his shaft. 

With a grin, Ben is quick claim his first slow sensuous lick of Ky, Directly from her two outward clits in one solid lick to her tight, closed backdoor hole. 


“MnnGH” She gasps out in surprise as Ben’s strong tongue roughly laps against her twin holes and clits. 

Ben grins evilly and wraps his arms around Kys thighs to make her firmly pressed against his face as his oral assault continues, firmly exploring every nook and cranny of her soft sensuous folds.  The taste is otherworldly, and slightly fruitier than he would have imagined, but he has no plans on stopping.  His tongue roughly delving into both of her sopping wet holes, makes her entire body shake.


Her feet on the other hand, were a very new experience for Ben, one that he wasn’t positive he would be repeating.  While her hold on his shaft was very well done, the foot pad of an Ahrling, or Earthling, just doesn’t seemed to be designed to allow for easy sexually stimulation.  Ben found her feet to be slightly too rough, but he did enjoy.  He simply never got close to cumming, unlike Ky, whom was slowly losing her ability to do any higher intellectual problems. 

Ben roughly pulls Ky off himself and she seems to have lost her ability to fight.  She merely looks at him longingly with hope that she can receive more as her body attempts to process all the new changes she has experienced. 


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