Chapter 13: Blue Razz Pi
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Ben surveyed Ky’s body carefully as feelings rose in chest.  While it would be a lie to say that he loved her, he was feeling something.  The soft quiet stirrings of emotions and desires.  It was certainly not love, it couldn’t be, but it was…something.  Perhaps this thing was too new, or too weak to be given a name.  But it still was.

The soft swell of her breasts drew his eye to her rock hard coal like nipples, vaguely glittering in the soft light of the room.  Her soft heaving breasts begged for his touch, but his eyes wandered even further.

He grasps one soft mountain of flesh in his hand, his palm covering her hard nipple.  Squeezing softly elicits a small yelp from her, and the over-powering scent of blueberry fills the room, causing Ben’s cock to harden even further.  He felt young, like a sixteen year old about to lose his cherry, and he couldn’t be happier about it.

While on top of her, he adjusts and moves positions his waist, to line up for one amazing shot into the wild blue yonder.

Staring into his face with eyes filled to the brim with adoration, Ky can feel her body pulse and ache with desire for what is about to happen.  Her heart is pounding louder, and louder with each passing moment, the ache in her heart only growing, as the anticipation mounts beyond anything she can bare.

“P..Please.” She barely squeaks out before she feels her inner place get slowly filled with something.  She gasps softly feeling the length of her lover stretch and push against her tight quivering folds. 

Ben gasps slightly as forces his cock all the way into the tight waiting vice of Ky.  Her blue Vagina is growing brighter and brighter, but Ben can’t pay attention to it.  His entire being is focused on the pleasure he is feeling.  His cock is in the velvety vice like grip of an Ahrling, and the feeling is indescribable.

It feels so similar to a human, but the differences!  While he wouldn’t be able to say for certain what exactly is different, he knows that at least one thing is.  Inside of her beautiful blue slit are what feels like several small vibrating bumps. 

“Oh, God.” He moans softly to himself.  ‘I can’t cum  yet! I just put it in!  Come on Come on’

He tries desperately to slow his heartbeat, he leans down to viciously snatch Ky’s lips with a deep passionate kiss.  The feeling of his cock inside of her tight slit being enough for the two to moan with pleasure.

“I’m sorry Ky, but you feel so good.” Ben pants while giving a cheeky grin.  “I’m not sure I can give you my best performance, but I’ll try.”


Ky smiles warmly at her man, her body is already more on fire than it felt with any of those puny Ahrlings, she could be equally happy finishing now, or finishing never.  Being like this, with her love is what she wanted after all.

With a firm grip on her thighs Ben begins to slowly start pistioning forward into Ky’s we waiting hole.  Her hole body tenses with each slow thrust, and the vibration on Ben’s cock increasing as his cock plunges deep into her. 

Slowly he begins to amp up the speed.  Ben wants to take it slow to attempt to enjoy Ky for a bit longer, but the soft velvety folds leave him with little choice.  He simply MUST mark her with his see.  He can feel it deep down in his soul, the desire, no the NEED to impregnate.


He reaches forward, the front of his body collapsing on Ky’s to steal her lips again as his lower body slams ever faster and deeper into Ky’s blue folds. 

“Yes, yes, Yes!” She yells breaking her kiss briefly as waves of ecstasy fill her entire body.  “I’m coming Ky.” Ben yells plunging himself deep inside of her.  His cock shoots out a huge wad of cum, completely filling up her tight waiting hole to the brim.

Ky’s eyes open wide at the feeling of being filled with potent hot semen, her body loosens.  She feels a strange, almost slipping sensation in her stomach, and in front of her eyes a blue geyser erupts from her tired used slit.

Ben can’t even get out of the splash zone.  With his final epic thrust firmly implanting his cum into his new alien wife, a spray of blue warm liquid gushed from Ky’s pussy.

Ben slowly rolls off of Ky.  Both staring at the sky breathing deeply.  Eventually Ben can feel a soft bit of warmth of his chest.  With a smile, it seems that Ky has wrapped her small delicate arm around Ben’s chest. 

Given her deep measured breathing, Ben can only assume she’s sleeping blissfully.

‘Just you wait Ky,  I’m coming for that tiny little blue rosebud down there.’  Ben thinks to himself with mischievous smile. 

He would be quite unhappy to know that Ky was already a bit of a butt slut, and she would have happily let him fuck her there if he asked, or just tried.


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