Chapter 14: I’m Back!
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The beautiful first rays of dawn did their best to try and rouse Ben and Ky from their blissful slumber, but to little avail.  Their sleep continued well into the afternoon, only barely being woken by the prodigious pouting of Bunny-Chan.

*Pumpf* *pumpf* Ben blearily opens his eyes to the raucous bouncing of Bunny-Chan whose eyes have filled with some sort of misty liquid.  One might think they were tears, but Ben was very confident that she had no water magic in her circuitry.

With a rough grab Bunny-Chan is caught in Ben’s vice-like grip and struggles to move.  “Master!  You’re up finally!”  She yells out. 

Rubbing the sleep from his face Ben is momentarily surprised to see the naked, gently snoring, form of Ky next to him.  The sticky secretions still showing clearly the evidence of last night. 

“Morning Bunny-Chan.”  Ben says blearily, “Did we miss breakfast yet?”

With a pout Bunny-Chan turns away from her master refusing to speak. 


“Oh you!” Ben says somewhat exasperatedly.  Her pouting would be more irritating if he hadn’t expressly programmed her to be this way.

With a shrug Ben quickly ignores Bunny-Chans pouting, cute though it is, he has far more pressing matters on the brain.  Given the angle of the sun and the voraciousness of his hunger Ben was fairly confident that it was at least close to noon.  That information happens to add together to reach one bad conclusion, Kys disappearance has almost certainly been noticed.

Ben stretches out his shoulders before gently rousing Ky from her slumber.

“Hey, come on get up” He called to her.

“Oh Um!” Her eyes shoot open to reveal quite the shocked visage beneath.  Panicking slightly Ky seems to have a much better internal timer set.

“Oh shit! Fuck!” She hurls out several more obscenities whilst running about the room to collect her bundled clothing.  She wasn’t wearing much when she made her way here after all…just her negligee. 

Blushing but hopeful Ky has pressed her soft scantily clad body against the door frame listening for anything that may give away her plans. 

“Go now.” Ben calls to her shortly, and she bolts out of the door towards her room.

“Phew, okay that’s one problem..”

“Ky!  What are you wearing! It’s almost noon!”

“Well fuck, there’s one problem made infinitely worse.”

Hacking into the monitoring system for the house was child's play, thankfully, and Ben was able to see the entire scene unfold in all of it’s glory.

“Oh um..Sorry mama I was just um…you know I was out and when I got home I wanted to change, and I didn’t have anything to wear, and then I was going to get a maid but um…”

“Oh no.” Ben mumbles gently watching the steely scowl of Ky’s mother take a sheen of ice. “I don’t know Bunny-Chan, I don’t think she can take her way out of this.  You?”


Bunny-Chan sniffs loudly at Ben quickly turning away to make him live in her displeasure.  She couldn’t believe he would choose that Alien over herself!  She was perfect after all!

“Oh, I see” Ky’s mother states simply.  She makes no gestures, but simply turns towards the nearest camera lens making direct eye contact with Ben.

Gellis’ mothers eyes stared directly at Bens.  Her eyes were like twin pools of moonlight, just a slightly off-white film that could make someone even think they were blind, but no simply silver in color.  This odd eye color was seen as impossible on Earth, but was merely unusual in Ahrl.  The truly eye catching thing about her had to be her massive gravity working chest.

It boggled ones mind to even try and imagine the level of Engineering that would have went into that her bra!  That shit needs to hold up more than the golden gate bridge!  Ben had seen starlets, harlots, and porn stars.  None had even come CLOSE to matching the unstoppable majesty that was this pair of tits!

“Young man, come here now.” The words are stated calmly, but just behind them is a hint of a threat.  The threat of incredible, unstoppable violence should this order not be heeded. 

“Jigs up huh.” Ben mutters to himself. “Well, all good things comes to an end I suppose.”

Taking a few moments to dress and prepare himself, Ben does his best to look presentable.  Putting on a clean set of clothing, brushing his hair, and teasing Bunny-Chan.  It only took a few minutes, but Ben had a feeling that the matriarch would not be very patient.


He opened the door loudly and simply followed the path that Ky took when she left his room.  “It should have been four lefts to get into the main artery hallway where mom found her.”

Bens eyes widen in delight as two amazing mountains soon enter his view…oh also Ky’s mom was there.  She stood imperiously, as if she could not be moved or made to falter.  Her milky eyes seeming cold and dark.  Even her outfit of a blood red dress invoked a feeling of impending bloodshed.

She smiles at Ben coldly, it seems Ky was smart and made herself scarce for this battle.  “Hello Ben, I’m told you are Gellis’ pet.”

Ben simply stares at her, this was not a question more like an accusation. 

With a cold sniff she continues, “What in the 3 hells did you do to my daughter?” She asks her entire complexion darkening at the words. 

“I fucked the shit out of her, made her take my cum, and beg for more.”

Silence echoes all around. 

Ky’s Mothers face has gone nearly ashen, given how hard her hands are shaking, and the bulging of veins in her forehead, one may safely assume that Ben was truly an idiot.

“I see.” Are the only words she manages to utter. 

“Oh I get it!” Ben announces loudly to room.  “Well all you had to do was ask if you wanted one too.  Oh..Just wait till later tonight, I’d prefer you and Ky together.”

Simply walking away with an evil giggle, Ben would almost say he can hear here brain short circuiting.  ‘Funny thing about people with power, they react badly to being disrespected.’

“This home visit is going to be so fun!”


A/N: Special thanks to Xen who is the entire reason I'm posting again.