Chapter 16: The chapter in which things occur
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            The healing went rather well.  After forcing the mana from her most precious area, the magic seemed to conform to Bens body and rib cage.  Like a delicate warm hand he could actually feel his ribs shift back into place.  His breathing eased almost instantly as the magic washed over him. 

‘Wow, my body doesn’t even feel weak from that.  I guess it must augment your natural stamina as well, otherwise my body should still be wrecked just from the residuals of that pain.   Though, I wonder how that affects the pain receptors…another time’

“Thank you honey.” Ben casually says petting her head softly as he does.  “Now then I have some question for you okay?”

            Cairn visibly brightens at the thought of a request from her lover.  She simply couldn’t believe how wrong she was before.  Of course her daughter loved this man, why wouldn’t she! He has so many…good….qualities….

Her brain seemed to skip again.  Like a well worn record there was simply an area in her mind that was glossed over. She could tell that there was an incongruity in her thinking, but precisely what seemed to escape her.  The closer she got to the thread of what she was able to think of, the more likely her brain was to simply skip.  Resetting the entire process along with her own memory of going down that particular rabbit hole.

‘Now that’s odd.  It seems like this Cairn is going to require more work.’ Ben thought to himself.  Unlike with Ky who was quite easy, her mother seemed to be fighting against the changes he had made. 

Ben reached up and forcibly dragged Cairns face around by her chin to make her look him in the eyes.  The second their eyes locked the hazy and unfocused look Cairn once had was completely gone. 

‘Good at least she seems to focus when I make her look at me, if nothing else.’

“Good girl.” Ben says simply.  It seems that the kinder he is the less likely Cairn is to buck against his control, or at least the hazy look hadn’t returned.

“Now I need for you to do me a favor okay?” He asked gently.

She nods her head vigorously, “Of course my love! What can I possibly do for you?!”

‘Huh, well that seemed real…’

“Two things first my pet.  Firstly I need to you stop fucking with Gellis.  He has me now, so you just let him play at his academy okay?” Ben drops his first requirement.  The easier of the two really.  He didn’t really think this mother would be so hateful as to never let go of a grudge against her own child.

She growls slightly before resting her head on Ben’s chest.  Her green hair like an ocean silk delicately tickled his nose, but he persevered. “I just don’t like that one though!” She pouts into his chest. 

‘Well, better than a no I guess.’

“Come on sweetie, you just let Gellis play, and I’ll do something for you okay?”  Ben attempts to barter.  Hopefully his powers can fix something around here, or even make a new magical dongle that tickles Cairns fancy.  Either way should be fairly simple. 

A delicate sigh from Cairn is all that is heard before she gently nods her head.

‘Phew, thankfully that’s one psycho dealt with…For now at least. ‘ 

“Now this other request may be a bit harder okay?” Ben waits patiently until Cairn gently nods again.  From the slow heavy state of her breathing Ben was half afraid she had fallen asleep.

“I need access to magic metal.” This request should have been much harder according to Bens understanding of the subject.  Magical devices, much like electronics, work by allowing for mana to pass through them, altering the frequency and attunement through various methods to produce specific effects.  Technically any highly tempered metal, steel and above, should work.  In practice the only metal that is ever used is called choirundum.  It roughly translates to “The Singing Metal” and it was able to near perfectly allow the passage of mana.  This was especially important, as unlike with electronics there was never any loss through resistance or amplitude. Mana always stayed hole, so if there was no loss the device would be able to function forever.

The issue is that since this metal is so useful it is very far from being cheap.  In fact one would call it insanely expensive.  The school that Gellis attends barely has a pound of that metal for every student in the Engineering section, and that place was LOADED. 

“Of course my love.” She gently murmurs into his chest before pointing towards the table.  “Those dishes are ugly anyway, I can get more.”

‘That…was choirundum?! I was EATING off that, MORE EXPENSIVE THAN DIAMOND, shit! Damn Gellis is WAY more loaded than I thought.  How do they even have this much money?!’

Ben quickly orders Bunny-Chan to collect all the plates as silently as she can.  Gently petting her soft green hair seems to make the stern matriarch melt even further into his embrace.

“I wonder why your daughter didn’t resist like this.” Ben gently mutters under his breath.  Shockingly not only did Carin hear this strange sentence, she even seemed to have thoughts on the matter.

“She always was a daddy’s girl.  I’m not surprised that the first strong man she saw captured her heart so.” She says with a small sigh.

‘Oh…’ The wheels in Bens mind began to spin up rapidly.  From her tone, closeness, and word choice Ben finally came to a conclusion about how his edits were functioning within the minds of his victims.  The base concept he implanted would never fail, but possibly it’s the surrounding architecture that needs to be built.  He only ever made the girls be “in love” with him.  However, the more time he spent with them the more reasons they found to explain that love.  Most likely since Ky was so much younger than her mother she was simply more interested in romance making the conversion that much easier.  This would also explain what Cairn had said.  She was obviously the type of woman that wanted to be overpowered, or to overpower her lover.  She definitely had a power kink, of that Ben was certain. 

“Now then was it just you and Ky that were after Gellis?” Ben asks her gently kissing her cheek after.

The loving softness seems to be keeping her chatty, as such Ben had no plans of stopping.  It doesn’t help that her gravity defying chest was pressed directly against him.  It was already quite the accomplishment he had ruined his own pants by this point.

“Hmm yeah.  Kimmy always loved Gellis, so we never got her involved.” Cairn mumbles against my chest.  Her breathing seems to have spiked since the kiss, hopefully her mind doesn’t suddenly reject any of my changes.

With a gentle push Ben slowly removes Cairn from his chest making sure she is looking him in the eyes once more.  “Now since you’ve been such a good girl, what would you like my pet?  I could make you something if you would like?” Ben offered nebulously.  Unfortunately he simply couldn’t fathom what a woman of this beauty and means could possible want, but not already have.

Cairn blushes slightly at the question.  Her hand making small circles on the soft cloth of Bens shirt.  “Well..Um well you said…You said we could….you know…with Ky?”

Ben nearly fell over.

“You….You want me to bang you, and your daughter together?” He asks trying to keep the surprise out of his voice. 

She winces slightly looking scared.  “I know its creepy but….but she got you first and I wanna show her that I’m better!” She declares loudly.  Her once innocent face is gone instead one filled with determination fills Bens eyes. 

And well..what can we say in his defense? Was he weak? Possibly. Was he taking advantage of the situation? Definitely!

Did any of that matter? FUCK NO!

“Of course my little love.  Why don’t you run off go get Ky, and wait for me in your private bath?”

Her face glows with radiant joy at the filthy prospect causing a sick smile to grow on Bens own face. 

“Yes sir!” She proudly declares before slowly separating from her love.

As she scampers away a devilish thought enters Bens head.  “Whoever looks the prettiest gets it first.” He calls loudly over his shoulder.

“Well Gellis, it wasn’t cheap.  I have, however, fixed your little problem.”