Chapter 17: Next Time
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Walking calmly down the hallways one could be mistaken for thinking that Ben owned the place.  He walked slowly, calmly, evenly, and without hesitation towards his destination.  For those that didn’t know better they could only assume that he had been living here for years.

            The truth was far more interesting, and unlikely.  Ben had been very studious in his quest to avoid Cairn this afternoon.  His little game of cat and mouse was quite good for his mental map in these mind bending landscapes.  Even now Ben had a hard time understanding why you would ever design your hallways in a spiral, but hey when in Rome.

He easily found his way back to his room, but he didn’t plan on staying long.  He quickly entered and began to re-dress himself.  His clothes, though nice looking, were quite sweaty from running around the manor for a whole day. 

‘In fact a bath wouldn’t be a bad idea….Nah I’m sure the three of us can use her personal bath when I’m done.’ Ben thinks to himself, as a small grin paints itself on his face.  That grin threatens to spill out into a full on smile if Ben doesn’t hurry.  His heart is racing slightly at the thought of two amazingly gorgeous woman being completely obsessed with him. 

He was nothing like a sexual deviant, or anything on Earth, but here?  The power was tempting, and it was sadly far to tempting for Ben to fully grasp without falling into some darkness.  What darkness? Well that would depend on the person. 

Some people who let anger rule their hearts would use this power to attack and get revenge on those that they felt crossed them.

Perhaps if he was a man ruled by Gluttony, he would use this magic to affect the minds of shopkeepers getting the most delicious food and drink for free.

Sadly for the two woman, Ben was neither wrathful, or gluttonous.  He was not ruled by Envy or driven by his pride. 

No, Ben was a creature easily controlled by his Lust.  That was the deadly sin that most ruled his thoughts and abilities, and it was this very foible that made Ben so quickly drop his moral framework and brainwash to woman into sleeping with him.

‘I mean, it’s not like this is rape.  They love me after all!’ Ben comforted himself with this thought, conveniently ignoring the fact that this love was an artificial construct. 

‘It’s not like I would ever do something to hurt them…and they were planning on killing Gellis, so yes!  Yes!  This is not evil!’ Thusly Ben somehow found a decent enough excuse for himself to bury whatever slight guilt he may be feeling.

“Hey Bunny-Chan” Ben called out, but she was still pouting, “Go away meanie!”

With an exasperated sigh Ben roughly pulls the doll out from under his bed hissing in a soft voice, “That’s it you!  Behave! Do it now or I’m gonna fucking factory reset you!” He hisses at the doll.  No matter the fact that he had programmed it himself, there was a very real chance for sex here! SEX!  He was not going to let Bunny-Chan ruin this for him. 

“Yes..Yes Sir!” She shouts her entire fuzzy body quivering in his hands.  “Good, now I need you to go and keep on eye on Gellis.  I’m worried that other sister of his may have plans of her own completely separate from Cairn and Ky.”

Bunny-Chan bows deeply her eyes sparkling in the light.  “I will obey master!” She calls before disappearing silently.

Ben sighs softly to himself, “Sorry for being hard on you Bunny-Chan, but I have some work to do.”

Then pushing that hard thought away, Ben focus’s on a much more important issue.  “I wonder what the girls will do.” He thought pensively.  On his original planet, the request ‘look pretty for me’ could already be taken in a myriad of ways, who knows how much more severe it would be in this case.

Could it be some lingerie? School girl outfit? In fact what was even considered kinky here?

“Well, I guess thinking logically would it be shoes?  The Ahrlings certainly seem to be quite enthralled by feet…Well I hope not, feet are fine but..what  can you even do with them?  I mean even a normal tug job is pretty disappointing compared to real sex.  I guess it could be something like crotch less panties…..HA HA HA” Ben nearly falls over in the hallway at the thought of the Imperial ice bitch named Cairn owning crotch less panties.  A strap-on maybe, but Ben doubted that she spent a lot of time being submissive in the bedroom.

“Oh well first time for anything.” Ben says with small smile and firm knock on the Bed Chamber of Cairn.

“Oh um!”

Ben waited patiently for a few minutes, but aside from a few thumps there was nothing.  He knocked again this time pounding the ball of fist against the wooden frame creating a deep echoing *Boom* with every knock.  “You girls okay in there?”

He calls again.  While he certainly could just barge in, that feels wrong here in this beautiful and delicate mansion.

“I’m uh…Sorry honey, but um I’m still uh Getting dressed.”

Cairn yells towards the door.  From heavy breathing and rushed tone, it doesn’t seem to be faked.  She must be planning something special. 

“Is Ky ready yet?” He asks through the door frame.  There is a great deal of whispering before, “Yes, she’s ready.” Is called out.

“Well well well Cairn.  It doesn’t seem like you want me that badly…maybe Ky and I should just Go.”  Before the word go can even escape his lips the door is thrust open.  The ashen skin of Cairn is on full display.  Her beautiful long green hair seems to be interwoven with rubies and sapphires.  Her chest is barely even covered, it seems that she chose to paint her body with a light grey paint.  This paint is used to glorious effect barely hiding her black nipples and leaking lower lips.  She is completely naked, but Ben is unable to see anything truly outstanding.  The mystery and allure of this woman grows by leaps and bounds.

“Please don’t go my love!” She ran to the door, the panic in her silver eyes was a great compliment to grey coloration that barely hid her indecency.  “I was just..just worried since the last time I was with a man was…he had a very different…He was quite…It was just different okay?!” She yells out as her cheeks gain a healthy blush.

Ben gently cups her chin and pulls her face towards himself.  Staring into her silver eyes. ‘She’s so cute like this.’

He roughly pulls her into a kiss.  Her entire body falling towards his as her bountiful chest presses against him, making his member already begin to grow. “Good girl.”

He tells her, releasing her chin and entering the bed chamber.  Unbeknownst to him, this particular action of his was seen.  In the fullness of time, Ben would certainly come to regret his impetuousness.

Closing the door softly behind herself, Cairn delicately wraps her arms around Bens back inhaling his scent deeply.  Even she herself couldn’t find out why she was so entranced, but the time for questions had long since passed.  She was truly ensnared, and she had neither the desire, nor the ability to escape from it.