Chapter 18: Sorry for the Delay work is nuts
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            Ben did attempt to look for Ky, but the darkness of the room effectively hid her from his sight.  With a shrug, he quickly lost interest as the Ky’s curvaceous mother writhed against him, her soft chest pressing directly against his own making his heart beat faster with passing second. 

            He began slowly, simply feeling the soft smooth curves of her body with his fingertips.  Gently down her sides, and back up causing small goosebumps to appear.  He smiled faintly increasing the pressure of his fingertips until he could even feel the paint begin to bunch up and flake from her soft waist. 

Cairn had quickly buried her head against Bens neck kissing it softly, as she shudders from his light feather touch against her flesh.  Every score of his finger tips was like a firework in the dark, utterly captivating.  Just then he reached up his hand firmly taking one of her mammoth breasts in his hand, her heart racing ever faster.

“Please.” She whispers into his ear as she feels him squeeze her breast. She gasps lightly as his hands get more powerful.

Ben can’t hold back his mischief for much longer, or ever really, and quickly retracts the hand that is causing Cairn so much carnal pleasure.  “Now, I’m not so sure you’ve earned that yet sweetie.” He answers his tone cocky and playful. 

Cairn blinks her eyes in fear as her heart lurches in her chest.  ‘What could I have forgotten?!  I did so much work for him!  What if he doesn’t want me?’

Those thoughts and others seemed to dominate her thoughts, thankfully Ben didn’t let her existential crisis play out for long. 

“I thought I told you to bring Ky along with you.” He muses out loud, as Cairns heart finally returns to normal.

“Worry not!  I made sure to tell her, she said she wanted to get dressed in in the bathroom though.”  She says panting slightly.  In her rush to get the words out, she had completely forgotten to breathe. 

“Good girl.” Ben purrs into her ear, as she melts against him once more.

“Thank you sir.” Is all this once proud matriarch is able to mutter as her new man begins to explore her body once more.

Ben rolls out from underneath Cairn, before pouncing on top of her.  His mouth kissed against her neck and collar bone coating her form in soft kisses that do little more than heighten her arousal and need.

Content to merely receive love, Cairn closes her eyes as her every inch is explored.


Bens passions slowly grow hotter and his kisses become more intense with each one that passes.  Moving down from her collar bone he is able to finally get his head between twin grey mountains on either side.  Her massive heaving breasts shudder with barest touch leaving ripples throughout her breast.  He eagerly kneads his hands on her chest, each hand nearly enveloped by the breast it is holding. 

“My god.” He mutters in wonder just feeling the sheer weight of each massive breast, either one easily weighing 20 pounds, and yet with no sag.  These amazing perky peaks were truly awe inspiring.

He grabs her left breast before bringing the nipple to his mouth slowly suck on it.

“Oh!” Cairn squeaks at the unexpected contact.  Ben slowly works his tongue around her nipple in circles, gently wrapping the nipple with his tongue as he begins to add force.

Cairn gasps and squeezes her bedspread for support.  “No..No you shouldn’t do that my love.” She warns in a somewhat panicked tone.

This was not surprising really, what Ben did find shocking though was the sudden liquid that filled his mouth.  Drinking it down, he couldn’t really complain about the taste…but…

“D..Darling?” Cairn looks at Ben concerned nearly trying to hide herself from him.  “I didn’t know you had a baby recently.” Ben says looking somewhat forlorn, and he truly was.  Everything he had found in the house, and through conversation had never even hinted at another kid!

Cairn looks at her lover confused, before eventually drawing a few facts together, “Oh!  No, I didn’t we just um…So after an Ahrling has a baby we produce milk…..”

Ben merely nods at her explanation, that is how most mammals work afterall.  “We just don’t um…you know stop…”

Bens draw dropped.  “Do…Does it glow.” He asks in half whisper, and half a shout. Cairn merely nods slightly bewildered, after all even an Ahrlings blood glows.

With renewed intensity Ben grabbed Cairns breast; mouth furiously sucking on her nipple to draw out more, as his left hand focuses on her right breast massaging and groping it roughly.

Cairns breath hitches once before she lets out a loud moan, “Oh yessss” She sighs as his lips suck on her small sensitive nipple.

With each powerful suck from Bens mouth Cairns face grows more flushed and her breathing heavier, already the scent of her was filling the air with a light earthy odor.  For Ben it was nearly an aphrodisiac as he felt spurred to suck much harder on her nipple, before gently nibbling it.

“AH” Cairn screams harshly at the attention her entire form writhing underneath Ben getting him more than ready for what was to come.

Finally pulling away from her Ben admired his handy work.  The once subtle paint covering her breasts was now smeared and running from his oral ministrations. Her right breast is flushed from his rough groping while several streaks of paint are dripping from her left.  His saliva making the paint reveal her inch, by glorious inch.

Cairn can barely process her thoughts any longer.  No man had ever been nearly that aggressive with her chest before, the boys were always more than willing to get her socks off, but her chest?  For most Ahrlings they were just big chunks of fat, aside from a few fetishists, Ben was very different.  He carefully explored her body, and then took her roughly never letting her adjust to his pace and it thrilled her.

Delicately tracing his fingers around her stomach and navel Ben started feeling cramped in his trouser region.  With a small smile Ben decided to go a bit further with this little game of his.

“I have a fun idea.” Ben announces with a mischievous smile.  Cairn felt her heart hitch at the words.  ‘Another one my love?  So soon?’  Her own smile was small and secret, simply enjoying the soft stroking of her lover on her stomach.

“You know.  I have a small fantasy.” Ben said his hand still softly stroking her stomach.  “I’ve always dreamed of a beautiful MILF like you, ass in the air, as she sucks me off and begging for me to fuck her.” Ben let this dream hang in the air for a while as he softly stroked Cairn.  He was feeling a bit thoughtful, pensive perhaps, about the nature of life and power. 

Despite the potential issues of brainwashing and manipulation Ben really was coming to love this little family.  The infighting and intrigue were thrilling, while the women!  Well clearly they were another level, but Ben was conflicted about the nature of power and corruption.

He was essentially all powerful, and evidence of it corrupting his thoughts was already here, blushing slightly as he stroked her stomach. 

Thankfully those heavy questions didn’t really need to be answered, as Ben heard a soft click, of a door closing.  He turned expecting Ky, but she was still well hidden in the shadows.

Before he could call her, Cairn had already pushed him onto his back rolling on top of him.  Her smile was wicked, and the blush on her face did nothing but excite Ben.  “My love you need only ask!” She called before furiously fighting with his pants in her rush to remove them.

‘I can do this’ Cairn thought as she finally forced his trousers down, his underwear pitching quite an impressive tent.  ‘I can’t believe I can actually be a fantasy for someone!’ She thought as her hand clasped around the waistband of Bens underwear.  As soon as she removed this cloth, she would have her beloved in her web!

The sight was awesome.  Not the way most people use the word, but the actual definition of it.  What Ben saw inspired a feeling in him of awe.

Bright verdant green hair rising and falling like the waves of an ocean.  Soft warm grey skin pulsating strongly around his erect shaft.  Deliciously soft lips wrapped firmly around his member.  Finally his hand, which descended with the force of a thunderstorm as it landed repeatedly on bubbly round grey cheeks.

“Yes, just like, that.  Ben panted as his newest girl sucked down his shaft, the soft glow of Cairns saliva making the experience all the more thrilling for Ben.

With a sudden *pop* his member fell out of Cairns mouth as she panted slightly, her eyes misty with lust and need.  “Please my love!  I need to feel you fill me.  I need it!” She begged in his ears while her hand never stopped stroking his own aching member.

“No mom!  You said I get it first!” Ben looked lazily towards the door where Ky had entered.  Oddly she hadn’t chosen to join her mother in her oral adventure, but Ben was still happy to see her there. 

“Well now, Ky! “ Ben said turning towards her.  “Come show me why you deserve it first.” Laughing softly to himself, Ben was giddy for this moment.  What might she wear for this time?  Cairn had already blown his mind, going in a completely alien direction, and Ben couldn’t decide what he wanted more.

A surprise, or something familiar. 

Ky smiled fiercely at her man as she slowly made her way over to him.  Making sure to stay hidden in the shadows until he was within arms reach.  “Okay love, close your eyes.” She said giggling softly at her own antics.

With a laugh Ben closed his eyes, opening them to a whole new world amazing sights.

Ky was kneeling in front of Ben, her soft squeezable ass in the hair for all to see.  The only covering her body had was soft silken sash in a soft baby pink.  The sash wrapped around her body, completely hiding her breasts.  The sash wrapped behind her body, and around her amazing ass.  Topping it all was the exaggerated bow that hung just above her bouncy butt and resting on the small of her back.  Two tight blue holes were there, nearly in arms reach, a single drop of blue lubricant decorating her tight ass.

“I hope you don’t mind, but you never got to properly claim me here.”

Her voice sounds soft and demure, bordering on innocent.

Ben would definitely need to fix that!