CHAPTER 4 – Oh god, a bull…thing?
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"Oh hey, isn't that a water serpent?" He said in childish wonder, he stared at the slithering black eel-like creature coming towards him. He kept calm and just made eye contact with the numerous eyes that the serpent had along its spinal area.

Soon enough, the snake stopped and just stared at Clailip, who was holding a sharp rock he had found earlier. He knew how to euthanize monsters, and he was planning to euthanize this serpent as well. His religion focuses on only necessary violence and pacifism, so euthanasia was a way of killing that everyone in the village knew very well. For water serpents, he just had to stab out the eye on its spine, as it was actually more of like a heart and magical core for the black eel-like creature. It was a quick and painless death.

To his horror, though, the moment he got closer, the snake suddenly jumped onto his leg and slithered up it. He panicked, quickly trying to shake it off, he shivered as he felt it slither up his shorts and onto his stomach area. He was grossed out by the slimy serpent writhing around his tummy, so he tried to shake it off him as best as he could, he let out a few involuntary giggles here and there, the snake was hitting his ticklish spots which gave him even more reason to try and shake it off.

He then felt it slither up further and further, until he felt the slippery creature on the nape off his pale neck. He tried shaking it off once again, this time violently shaking his whole body. He knows he could easily just grab it and throw it onto the ground, but he also just doesn't want to hurt the snake. Water serpents weren't really venomous, they hunted by using magic in rivers, so they were practically harmless outside of water, which is why Clailip isn't very distressed.

Clailip let out a sound of surprise as he felt it go even further up and nest itself onto his head. He didn't want to possibly disturb the snake and get it to wrap around him again, so he didn't touch it. Instead, he cautiously walked toward the clear waters of the river to look at his reflection, curious as to what exactly the black serpent was doing.

He stared at his reflection, and was quickly reminded of how young he actually was. Granted, he did look younger than his actual age if he used human standards, as despite being already five, he looked barely four years old. His father had told him that divorakks age slower the older they get, so 25 was actually a pretty reasonable age of adulthood.

He could see his colorful eyes, it was colored like the first few weeks of autumn—orange with splotches of green that blended nicely to create a mesmerizing effect, one could get lost in the beauty of the colors of his eyes easily—of course colorful eyes were a racial trait of divorakks. Their eyes have a high concentration of mana, creating the ethereal color-show that is their eyes.

'Ehe, I look like Medusa. Wait, what does Medusa look like again?'

His messy, fluffy, brown hair was covered by a serpent coiling around it like some sort of headpiece.

'I really did have an almost full reset, huh. Not just my body has changed, my environment, family, and even my personality and mental age has reset. My past life memories are very hazy now too, unfortunately, I can still recall the gist of what my life was like before this one.

To be fair though, I never did have a good memory, this body did fix that problem and I can remember things a lot better. Before I died, I most likely already had hazy memories then.' He thought, he was thankful that he had the knowledge of his past life, else he wouldn't know how to regulate the massive emotions this body had, and most likely just break down and become absolutely helpless.

"Oh no! I spent too much time thinking again!" He cried out, noticing that his shadow was in a completely different position than before.

He quickly ran towards the direction of his former village, panicking. He knew that he would be punished by the two spirits because of this, most likely by not ever letting their eyes off him. To be fair though, he was five years old, and a toddler by divorakk standards, yet they still left him completely alone. Maybe their punishment this time wouldn't be so bad.

On the way there however, he suddenly felt the snake on his head—which he had forgotten existed due to the panic—start to violently try to stop Clailip by slithering towards his short legs and wrapping itself around them. Clailip's instincts suddenly flared up too, so he heeded the warning of the snake and stopped for a moment to catch his breath.

He watched in horror as a wall of earth violently came out of the ground. He knew he would have died if he was hit by that spell.

He quickly looked around and made eye contact with what looked like a bull, it charged at him with unmatched vigor. He quickly tumbled out of the way, yet it still managed to hit him. He flew backwards into a tree, knocking the breath out of him, he gasped for air as he tried to get up.

He knew that he only survived because the monster hesitated to hit him, leading in a half-baked attack that didn't hit for even half of its actual power. If he didn't make eye contact with the bull, he would have died immediately just from the impact.

He stood up as quickly as he could, not wanting to waste any time and get himself killed in the process.

He focused on the bovine creature that just attempted to murder him. After a few seconds of reading itself, he saw that it was preparing to charge again.

He prepared himself for a fight, he just needed to make eye contact for long enough so that it would completely erase the bull's aggression. It would be his win then.