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Before leaving them Kyle gives both Edward and Anna a satellite phone for them to call him.

The last word that Kyle said to them before his departure is, “I didn’t need useless people.”

He just said it casually but both of them knew that if they both fail him, he doesn’t need them anymore, they are useless to him.

So Edward and Anna take the responsibilities very seriously.

Both of them had read a book about how to manage a company or how to be a leader before as Kyle had told them when they first meet that they will manage some of his things whether it is legal or illegal matter.

When Anna heard that, the first thing that pops up in her mind is how to manage a company or an organization.

So the book about managing people is the first thing she bought and she even made Edward read them.

The book they read is about how to manage a company or a group of people, but they are handling criminal organizations, so this is a challenge for both of them.

Edward tells Anna how Kyle controls the entire organization with an iron claw.

With his power he can know about everything, he can read other people's minds, literally.

Every time Kyle come to Hong Kong and check on the UNKNOWN organization situation, he didn’t come and greet them instead he will call them with a separate encrypted satellite phone that he had prepared beforehand.

The phone only belongs to the previous leader of the gang that he annexes or better known now as the sub-leader of his organization, other people consider them as the inner circle of the organization but they are just a grunt for Kyle.

If they are not useful then he just kills them and replaces them with a new one.

To make sure that everything is moving perfectly, each time Kyle comes to Hong Kong he always calls them and read their mind.

He even did that to some of the low-level members.

If it was a snitch, he didn’t care about that, he didn’t even care if they want to get out of the organization, but if they are planning a mutiny, then there will be severe consequences.

Most of the leaders of the mutiny will be torture and the process will be recorded and then their body and the video of the torture will be left at the place of their gathering.

Kyle will leave a message in blood to warn them.

His style of suppression is cruel but it works. For people like them, a criminal, the best way to control them isn’t with money but fear.

When the organization is still in its infancy, many people are planning for mutiny, even some of the old bosses did but this is what happens to all of them, not even a single one of them is spared.

Kyle had left Hong Kong for a while and people notice it, so Edward didn’t know if there is a mutiny going on right now.

This will be his first challenge.

First of all, Edward did not have power or magic like Kyle do and second, he did not know how to deal with those that are planning a mutiny.

Will he deal with it as Kyle did or will he goes a different direction?


“Okay, now let’s take a look at this. Whoa…”

On the first day, he takes over the organization he is shocked.

The amount of work that needed to be done is staggering. Kyle had a personal computer that he used to handle the matter regarding the organization.

Kyle always brings it with him wherever he goes, he even brings it with him when they go to Bali.

He gives it to Edward so he can see and control the network of the UNKNOWN organization.

For the UNKNOWN webpage in the darknet that can only be seen by an outsider, there is only the bounty board for both the head and resources.

It is also how to handle the payment, and how to get in contact if your bounty is selected.

That is not that hard to handle, the one that makes him shocked is the internal structure of the organization.

The information network, logistic, base, members, finance, everything is in detail.

“I didn’t see him touch the computer too often, so when did he have the time to make all of this?”

Everything that he needs to know about the UNKNOWN organization is laid bare in detail.

Edward and Anna look at the computer to learn what they can.

“There is also some side business as well. I thought that all the money before comes from the bounty that he takes.” Edward.

“There’s a massage parlor, gambling den, hotel, resort, real estate, casino, and there is so much more.” Anna.

“But there is not one file on drug or human trafficking. I know he hates criminal but I never thought that it is to this extent. I mean he is not a nice guy either.” Edward.

“Look at this, it said he uses most of this establishment for money laundering. He didn’t sell drugs or do human trafficking, then most of the money that he launders is the bounty and gambling money then.” Anna.

“Wait, look at that file.” Edward pointed at the file that said armory.

They open it and both of them almost jump in shock.

“Holy shit, where did he find all of this weapon. Look there’s even a tank, rocket launcher, all sort of firearm and much more. What the… there’s even a predator drone. Where does he even get those?” Edward,

The type of firearm didn’t shock him much but the sheer number of it is. Each type of weapon had at least 50 in quantity, even the tank is.

As for the predator drone, Kyle only had about 5 of them. What scared him is that as far as he knows only the government owns a predator drone, where did he get his?

Did he steal it, did he make one? He didn’t know which one is even scarier, the fact that he can make a predator drone on his own or that he can steal 5 of them from the government.

“My God, does he want to start a war or something.” Anna is gasping as she saw the drone.

“Okay let’s focus or the only thing we will be doing is ogling at his collection. The first problem is the mutiny, we can use the information network to check on them but that will take some time so we need a more detail plan later. We need to make sure that the business is going well and make sure that nobody is stealing from us.” Edward decides to put all that matter at the back of his head and change the topic.

“Let’s check the finance for each establishment and see if there are any anything that did not match with the previous record.” Anna.

Both Edward and Anna start to get busy with their work.