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When Kyle gives access to the organization's internal structure to both Anna and Edward he didn’t expect them to do some big or huge changes.

He makes the organization in the hope of finding the resource that he needed.

But he also knows the possibility of some or all the resources does not even exist in this world.

The reason Kyle gives them access is to see how they will manage the organization without its collapse on its own.

The UNKNOWN organization is built from pieces and through force. Its internal structure is weak and full of holes.

Rat or traitor is all over the place, plans for mutiny happen every day and law enforcement and other organization keep trying on inserting their own people inside the organization.

The simplest term to describe it is: it’s a mess.

And that is what Kyle wants to see, what will both of them do.

Will, they just let the organization as it is and wait for him to come back or will they try to do something about it?

This is where he will judge them of what their worth is.


Edward and Anna both know a little bit about organizing and just from the look of it, they both know the organization is built on a shaky foundation.

They know that if you forcefully drag people into your group they will start to kickback.

Just from how the organization is formed they already knew that the organization is a mess.

No matter how many weapons or assets did you have, to run an organization you need capable people.

That is the first thing they plan to do: clean houses.

They take the name of all of the people that are already been mark as a rat/traitor and make a list of them.

Then they make another list to closely monitor for possible spy and lastly a list of people that they consider as loyal.

The last list is the shortest of them all but it is the most important one.

To find a rat/spy is easy but to find someone who is loyal to you is hard, especially in a criminal organization.

As for assets and finances, they are not worried as Kyle had tight control over it.


Both Edward and Anna spend an entire week on making the three lists.

That is their main focus for the organization for now.

In their free time, Edward is accompanying Anna in her training every day.

Anna is getting better in controlling her strength and she also starts to train the same training that Kyle is teaching Edward on.

Like Edward, she learns how to fight, how to run, how to fall, how to use firearms and so much more.

The one thing that she learns faster than Edward is in acting.

Kyle teaches Edward how to act so that he can adapt or blend to a situation or environment when needed.

This skill is an important skill for survival according to him.

Kyle teaches him how to control his tone, facial expression, body movement, and the most important of them all: how to lie.

According to Kyle acting is the same as lying to yourself as it was too other.

The term believes your own lies is the one that Kyle always emphasis.

For Edward, it is the hardest training he had ever done.

He is a man that stays true to his own self, so for him to lie not just to anyone but also himself is even harder.

For him to follow a blind order or to kill someone is easy but to control his emotion, his facial expression and everything else is just torture.

To him acting is like contradicting himself, he cannot be who he is, and instead, he had to become the opposite and sometimes more.

But for Anna, she learns how to act faster because she uses to adapt to the situation faster even before Kyle met them.

When they first run from the orphanage and begin to go hungry, she is the first one to suggest that they beg for some food or money, anything to make sure that they won’t starve to death.

They didn’t get much but at least they get something to eat.

Afterword she suggests to Edward that she and he go look for a job even if the pay is less than what others are being paid for.

She is also the one that instructs the children to collect tin can so they can sell it in the recycle center.

She is always someone that arises to the occasion when the situation needed it.


Today after spending the entire day scrutinizing and write down the list of people they prepare to start their training.

But before that Edward had to discuss something that is always at the back of his head.

“The traitor and spy, this list, should we kill them all?” Edward.

“If we kill this many people than the organization will be hollow out. Even though we can’t trust any of them they can still be of some use.” Anna.

“So what are we going to do, re-shift them?” Edward.

“No… we will replace them all, but we need to do it slowly and bit by bit, or else there might be a mutiny or even a riot.” Anna.

“Who do we replace them for? We didn’t know who we can trust, for all we know that the people we replace are just another spy.”Edward.

“That’s why we had to do it slowly. The first of the people that we really need to look for is the one that is the one that is outcast by the populace or their family member. They will be the people that are without home or purpose, we will give them one.

“The second is the ones that are driven by money. These people will be our double edge weapon. They will be the best in their field but they will only work for the people who pay them the most, so their loyalty will always be in question.

“And the last one is the one that is out of option, people who are in massive debt or the one that is limited by the level of education that they had very little opportunities in the work field.” Anna.

“Wow… you already had that all figure out.” Edward is really impressed by Anna. She already had the plan ready about what to do next while he is still scratching his head on what to do with the list that they had.

“Don’t be impressed yet, we still haven’t done anything. Only after we succeed in this plan can we be proud of something.” Anna spoke with determination.

After they finish their talk they start their training.