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After two weeks of making the list and helping Anna with her training, Edward if finally starting the plan he and Anna had works on.

Anna will be the one that handles the recruitment and he will be the one that takes out the people on the list.

To her, if the person didn’t know how to do their job they can be taught, but keeping a traitor among them is like a ticking time bomb.

They must work in sync as the moment that Anna manages to recruit someone, she will move the person into another division where none of the people who previously known them can recognize them.

But before they can reach to their new workplace they will be killed and replace with the one Anna had recruit.

For the recruitment of the first type of people, the ones that are without home or purpose, Anna and Edward knew where just to get them, the homeless.

During their time running from the orphanage, they had seen and lived with the homeless people.

To them the homeless people are just people who had given up to the world and themselves, at least that is how they see it.

Most of them didn’t want a job and want just to be left alone.

But some of them still had some fight in them, especially the one that is with a family.

They had met a family of homeless people before and even help each other. But they didn’t have the time to contact each other after Kyle came, and they are the first people they go to for the recruit.

Anna tells them that she had a job offering for them that pays well, and all of the people that she ask is willing to take the job.

Anna starts to move some people around and Edward also starts taken out the people on the hit list.

The plan of theirs did set back the UNKOWN organization a bit but at least they didn’t have to be scared of some spy or a mutiny that happen like every damn week.

They had a lot of work to do to finish the list.


In the middle of the desert, a man is riding a camel. The man is Kyle.

He’s been in the Middle East for about two weeks already and he is now in the middle of the desert. He is researching the history of the Egyptian god and its lore and legend.

The Egyptian gods interest him because of the way the civilization progress.

To the Egyptian the only reason that they are prospering and a powerful civilization is because of their god blessing.

The dependency of the Egyptians to their gods is the one that interests him most of all.

This is the same way that the gods of his world use to control the people. The more you pray to them the more blessing you will get.

The other ancient religion and nation are also the same as them but the reason that he is interested in them is that the Egyptian is one of the most advanced, peaceful, and powerful nation in ancient time.

Kyle is in the middle of the desert is because he wants to search for any kind of residual trace of magic or pocket dimension energy signature.

First, he went to the museum where the remain and relic that had been dug out is put on display, he even sneaks inside the museum vault to look at the unpublicized find as it is to damage or precious.

He then visited the pyramid of Giza. He even went in and takes a look inside it. But he found nothing, not a trace of energy and not a single abnormality. It just a tomb.

Finding nothing in a place that is already been discovered, he decides to search the desert instead, in case there is something that the people of this world can’t detect.

At first, he plans to go to the place that is described in the ancient text or hieroglyph to try to find anything that may give him something that he looking for.

But along the way, he feels something that is a bit familiar, a trace of soul energy.

If it is just a normal soul he will know but this one is a bit different. He can feel that it is old and a lot more powerful than a normal person's soul.

But the energy is faint and it keeps on disappearing from time to time.

It is all over the place, so it’s either moving or that the soul is scattered all over the desert.

If it is the first one then that means that the soul is still conscious and lingering the desert even now.

The second possibilities mean that the soul is powerful and big enough that each scatters piece is giving off a significant amount of energy signature.

If it is the second one then that means that the souls belong to someone powerful enough to still linger after its death with that much power.

That is why he changes his direction toward the desert.

The last trace that he can find is in the heart of the desert. But afterward, it disappeared again and when he got to the location, he can’t find anything.

Afterward, he didn’t feel any more trace of the soul energy and so he decides to go to the other place that the soul is traced at.

That is how he ends up in the middle of the desert.

But before he starts his journey he already packs enough water and food in his soul space.

He also brought a navigation system to make sure that he knows his location at all times.

He is determined to find out what that trace of that soul energy is.

From the feel of it is like the soul of a demigod.

Demigod is the term for the person who is just a step away from godhood. They are stronger than any human, had a powerful soul and magic knowledge that just a bit away from the gods and only weaker than them.

The soul he felt it powerful but not powerful enough for him to be scared, but he still takes precautions and be prepared for anything. For all he knows it is an injured god that can kill him as he is weak right now.