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Edited at 02/04/22

In a dark alley which is connected to a large building, a man walked incoherently in the dark glim space. At first, calling him a man wouldn't make sense because he his height made him look like a ten year old boy. 

His hands on his pockets, the dim lantern that was the only source of brightness listlessly showered him with it's lighting as his delicate features that was hidden by his shriveled hair could be vaguely seen. 

He was walking, when all of a sudden, he paused. His head arched upwards and his black hair scattered to the side, revealing his emerald green eyes that was sheltered by the whitish lenses of his glasses.

 He looked around the deserted road he had walked into after walking out of the dark alley. The place was much darker than the former, the shops that was lined up were all closed and there was no lights shining from the buildings that he thinks are apartments.

"Weird," He murmured restlessly as he fondled on his pocket. He took out his phone and looked at the time, "It's early, yet why does it seems like it's late already?"

The time shown by the phone was eight sharp. The seconds and minutes was blank with zeros listed there and the milliseconds were also coincidentally blanks. Despite a second passed, the millisecond part was still unchanged.

"Is this phone not working?" He asked, his emotions flustered as he tired to fix the strangeness his phone was giving. 

That was until, something bright made way into the darkness. He took a few steps back as his arms covered his face. His eyes were shut close as he turned around, clearly not prepared to see the light, he rubbed his eyes before looking back at his phone.

Staring at the phone in hand, the man couldn't help but flinch. Listed in the simple grey background of the phone's lock screen, was the number three. He was horrified, not because of the time that was said to be there devil's hour, but also because of the minutes and seconds have also changed into three.

The phone slipped from his grip and fell into the ground a meter away from him, his eyes widened not expecting to the phone to slip on the road like it was slippery. He took a few steps towards it and ducked down, but before his hands could reach his phone, he saw a strange pattern on the ground. 

An odd circle was drawn on the floor, its carvings glowed bright. It's design was similar to a magic circle, just that, there were wings and more eyes in this one, even the star had a few more arms. 

The man didn't had enough time to react when the glow became more intense and his view was completely swallowed up. 


It was frightening, the light swallowed my sight and my consciousness seemed to be included as well. I did not have any leads on why this was happening, and more importantly, why me? I did not expect this at all and maybe this was a part of the reason why I was chosen by the unknown.

It didn't take long for me to wake up. I inspected the place that confined me and it was describable as a void space. Darkness my old friend, we have met again. If there was someone behind this, I wish for an audience with them and sue them for almost killing me. I hate bright things, and it was not an excuse that light was important.

I remained on my spot for a while, I stood and then sat, trying to relive me boredom that was piling inside. I finally recalled about a book I read back then, supposedly I should meet a god or a goddess that would share some information regarding my summon? Well, that's all fiction...I guess?

... A few hours has passed.

And I realized then that despite being dark in here, the visibility of the place was high, however, when I decided to take a look at my state, I was unable to. It was like something was restricting me from seeing myself. Even if I raised my hands near my face, I couldn't define what I see, as if I was invisible.

Moreover, something heavy was positioned in my head. I tried many times to attempt touching it and like what I've said before, I couldn't. It was very strange, like a certain additional body part was given to me. Likewise, the same goes for my back where something seems to keep me balanced.


A monotone voice interrupted the silence.

I turned my sight and made an attempt on finding where this came from. Was the confinement period finish? Thank goodness!


Hmm, what does 'Severatiah' mean? Well, besides that, where did it came from?


I stopped on my tracks and dazedly looked up. That sound...I was not dreaming when I heard the famous  system notification sound, did I?

However, instead of seeing a hologram or such that indicates the appearance of a system, I met a waved of bright light that showered into me so abruptly. 

I closed my eyes as I felt the heat of the light touch me. 


My eyes burst open. I looked stupefied as I looked at the place before me. I was no longer at the void. I saw four human beings and it invoked the surprise within myself, I was bored in that space but I didn't spend some time to count the hours I've remained inside, only I knew, it was a very long time...

"God of mercy!" 

A loud shout took me back to reality. I swiftly looked towards the person the voice belonged to. It was an old man, he had a hair full of white, silver should I say regarding the shimmer it gave. He had a long beard, and it was braided and flung around his neck. His wrinkled face, a bluish gem resided in his forehead. His shout was undeniably loud, getting the gaze of the other three people in the room. 

He waved his white robes, and he spoke, "In my entire life of summoning heroes...." As he opened his mouth, his hand pointed straight to me as I met his irked expression, "...This is the first time, someone summoned a demon instead!" 


I was very confused, in that part of hero summoning, I was knowledgeable about that except the latter. 

Me, a demon? 

No way!

In which part of me is a demon?!

"Did some parts of the preparation got mistaken?" 

In the other side, a blonde female spoke aloud. Like the old man, she wore a similar robe, however a veil was placed under her nose bridge, hiding her facial features. Despite that, I could say she was a beauty, and that's all. I was not a pervert, I wished to stay away from the routes those summoned protagonists took, and all that includes harems and such. My mother once told me that a man should be loyal, because those who aren't are untrustworthy beasts, like my father who I never met. 

"Senior, like you, me and Julian have helped countless of times in the summonings and a problem like this never occurred before!" Beside the blonde haired female, was a girl with raspberry hair. And similar to the former, she was also beautiful, and the two's beauty was on par. 

"What made everything go wrong...."

"Silence!" A sudden shout made a halt to the noisy conversation the three made. I looked around and saw a stern looking uncle. Unlike the three, he was wearing a golden linen clothes and a golden hairpin was pinned on his dark brown hair. His eyes were blue in color, and I felt that this person shouldn't be other than a king. 

"Your majesty, the King, forgive us lowly ones for making this hateful mistake!" The three bowed down, and I guess my guess was right. 

*Claps* The King clapped his hands together, and five busty looking knights came into the huge hall. "The demon king is bound to wake up any sooner, this demon shall be first prisoned before execution. In this way, the hero will have an idea on what these foul looking creatures are." Saying that, he looked at me and I felt shivers down my spine. 

He said he'll execute me, but I'm a poor foreigner brought in here and you all called me a demon! I was a nice man you know! Though, you wouldn't since I'm not from here. 

I stared helplessly as the five knights came closer. Desperately, a strand of crystal balls fell into one of my eyes and into my cheeks as I hurriedly called, "Wait! Wait a moment..! I think there's some misunderstandings. I'm just a poor orphaned Foreigner, and a human at that! I have no idea on why you called me a demon, however, can you please send me back?" 

"What? You, a human? Oh, please, who are you trying to fool oh demon! Can't you see the two strands of horns in you're head? Also that tail of yours? What human has those." 

"What? A horn?" I asked, quite taken aback. 

I raised my hand and touched my forehead, and as said, I had a horn. A horn that never existed before, a horn who brought discrimination. 

"Hurry up, don't waste time on listening to his cries!"

"Understood, your Majesty." The five knights rhythmically said. 

And I could not believe that the future of my freedom would end like this. Accused by being a demon that I never knew that was I...



Sitting in the rusty prison cell, a boy with horns embraced himself. His head was hung low as his tail moved down, the sadness he radiated of, was needing comfort for itself. 

His hands were tied in a hand cuff, engraved with white tone and a bluish gem was radiant. His eyelashes fluttered and gave a small dent on his pale cheeks, lighting the bruises that was kept on bleeding. 

His horns was uneven, the right side was short meanwhile the other was tall and stern. Weakly giving out a few coughs, the boy buried himself further into his embrace. 

Three weeks passed by yet again, a time so slow and fleeting became a century to the young 'child'. Months flew by and it was purely the thoughts of not giving up living that made him stay until then, despite having starved for this three weeks. The boy hugged himself tighter as he frowned. Trying to make himself doze off to sleep, to save some efforts of preserving against this painful hunger, making him make a stronger endurance. 

Yuan, that was what the boy was called. A name made by his deceased mother who took care of him until his fourth year in highschool. After the death of his only relative, Yuan proceeded his studies until he landed up in his job. Even if he knew he had a live father, he could not find any leads to that person who he had never even once saw.

Returning into the present of which bad luck hit him so badly. Summoned to become a hero, Yuan was faced with contempt for becoming a demon instead. 

And finally after some suffering, luck finally came. When the new hero was summoned, Yuan found a loophole and managed to escape. He had grinded that cuff in his hands for a long time, and by chance, the people who cuffed him up only used a low level one, something that was purely physical and magical elements were not present. 

Before being sent to prison from way before, Yuan was tested and they found out that he was poor in mana so the thought of magical formations never really got to them as mainly, demons in this world were less intelligent than humans, however that was only a mis realization of the court of magicians. 

A series of events then began, evolving the poor demon outlander into the most feared Demon God. The journey who got him into that spot was wide and long. Many centuries passed, no, it was ten thousands of years before he achieved such length. Yuan was slightly talented, and that was all what he had...

Years after years passed. The land of Zaan was greatly affected by the increase of the mortality deaths of the heroes they summoned. Yuan once felt pity for the lives of innocent otherworldly ones similar to him but in this world where the strong becomes prominent is a world of death. 

Yuan was cold in every murders he had done towards his former race. His thoughts were entangled in a crazy mess. He wanted to return to the life he lived before, he wanted to escape this bloody killings and war. 

These thoughts vanished when he met her. The first person to melt his heart. Shen was a graceful elf, despite his bloody history, she also fell in love with him. 

She is his Queen, the goddess of demons. Like him, she was also left out by her clansmen due to her strange features. Their love story was made with trials and effort, it was much more longer than carving his past adventures. 

Finally, he got her yes. The two married, and the demon world overjoyed. 

Years went by again, and Yuan achieved Godhood. Something that one used to dream about, and once again, the demon world overjoyed.

In the happy ceremony in his ascend, who would have thought something would end different. 

Happily conversing and standing in his throne near his beloved, a magic circle similar to the one who brought him into this world suddenly appeared and a shocking event happened. 

Yuan found himself in a similar situation as he was in the past. His smiling face quickly turned into a frown but he could not walk out of the magic circle as he was immediately drowned in mist. 

The demon's excitement died down as they exclaimed in concern. And just like that, Yuan disappeared.