7 – ‘Three,
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Yuan sat on the sofa with his body slanted to the back as his hand patted the soft silky bluish black hair of his daughter, Yuri, who sat next to him. 

The atmosphere was silent. 

No one talked. 

Yuri accepted that her daddy won't speak for the moment-if all things added up to become like this as her dad had faltered and silently teared up upon their meeting. 

The sound of the television was on it's medium peak, Yuri swaggered a bit as when listening to the sound made by the voices of the news anchor to the advertisements were strangely soft and it weirdly made her sleepy.

Yuan noticed his daughter's abnormalities, with a gentle tone, he continued to pat her hair and said,

"Sleep ..."

Seeing that her daddy won't mind, Yuri yawned a bit as she leaned her head on Yuan's lap. 

Her eyelashes trembled as her eyes shut.

The little girl had fallen asleep - as though her energy from talking about her past three thousand and a half life to share it to her father who she finally met. 

Yuan moved slightly as he pulled the quilt, covering the pale white thighs of his little child.


Beta was leaning against the armchair when he heard a male voice call out to him. 

Blinking his scarlet eyes and eyeing the person who called him - a youthful boy who seemed to miss puberty. 

Yuan adjusted his glasses as he inspected the rabbit butler who was the lost child of Amir, a rabbit girl who served the palace as the head maid for a span of many years. 


Beta stuttered, it was beyond his expectations to see a closer view of  the deemed wrathful king that reigned for at least ten thousand years in the demon world before ascending into godhood which wasn't achieved by any of the kings in the past who sadly died under the hands of those foreign summoned heroes.

"What happened after I disappeared?'

Yuan asked, concerned. 

"Ah." Beta sighed in relief, he had thought that the king would liked to ask why they've gone here first....well, it should be why gates have appeared around the world; which he have to refuse answering as the Queen have payed mind and told him to never speak the reason why. 

*Cough, Cough* Beta coughed go a few times before regaining his ideal way of speaking,

 "The demon world have mourned for a hundred days thinking that the king had died. Later, the human world noticed your departure and rejoiced. They attempted to overthrow the demon world's reign and luckily, we have the Queen who rescued the world the King have payed sacrifices for. After the battle, the Queen only received slight gazes and light injuries and was not heavily injured - that was where we were suddenly overwhelmed with fear when she suddenly vomited and collapsed."


"On the next day, Diane, the demon world's doctor said something shocking and the sad and gloomy demon world became happy - the Queen was pregnant, not one, not two, but three kids were beginning to develop inside her stomach."

"Three...!? You mean she had triplets?!" 

"It is as you've said."

"I .... I actually made her pregnant after one try--- Continue."

"Yes. After that discovery, the Queen was grateful. After nine months, the half demon and half elf triplets were born into the world. Respectively, you have Crown Prince Senhi as your first child - considering that he was out first. Next is your second child, the first Princess, Yeshi, and the your third child, the second princess, Yuri."

"En, I see."

"And the rest of that, I sadly have no idea, my mother have brought me to my Uncle Pedro to re practice my skills as I was chosen to guard Yuri as her sole butler. I have gone into seclusion with Uncle Pedro, so all the things I've know so far ends there."