8 – ‘Violet,
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"Oh, then I won't ask anything furthermore, that's it." 

Yuan said as he slanted to the back. 


Beta murmured as his eyes fluttered and closed - with no idea, he fell asleep. 

Yuan watched as two entered slumber, he was bit confused but he payed no heed. He turned his head to the side and watched his daughter softly breathing under the covers of the quilt. 

This was so sudden - he suddenly got a daughter, no, he suddenly got children who he thought won't come to be. It is to be said that powerful people mostly ends up with one children in their life if things get lucky, and if your up with the average luck, one wouldn't be able to get even one in their life.

And he got super lucky - he got three which were all made by fusing his and Shen. 

Now thinking about it, he actually forgot to ask why Rifts have appeared. 

But seeing that the two have fallen asleep and maybe the road they've walked into to follow him was slightly steep, Yuan couldn't make himself wake them up...

[ In another place. ]

A tall silhouette flashed by, he stood on the rooftop in one of many tall buildings. When the wind picked up, the youth in purple fell so sudden. His back arched down and he was laying on the ground, prone.

He remained still in his spot when he finally moved as his fingers began to move around. He slowly supported himself as he stood up, as by coincidence, the flash of yellow light of the rising sun shone upon him and revealed his features.

He was a young man. His brunette hair scattered unkept on his back and front. 

He turned around and faced far from the sun, the shadow enveloped himself as he stared at his hands. 

He was back.

He returned to the past. 

He can make sure he won't repeat the same mistakes again. 

Everything have yet to begin. 

A smile stretched in his face. 

He can meet those who he had seen die, alive. 

Back in the past...

This time, he will find the evil god and prevent the destruction of humanity. He, the regressor, Angelo, will save Earth! 

He don't know what date it is currently, but it should be far from the day those gates appeared--


A shout echoed, Angelo quickly turned around and held the balcony railings and leaned forward. 

He looked around the city from above, and upon looking to the streets not far, his pupils depilated.


He muttered, his breath waving.

He watched as a civilian entered a gate by mistake and realizing that it was dooming for himself, the civilain rushed out only to have himself slowly killed. 

The howls of death echoed.

Angelo watched as blood scattered around the gate. 

His expression fazed and he trembled.

Wasn't he supposed to return a few days before these gates appeared?! What was the promise!

A lady passed by the bloodied scene, and she issued a scream. 

The dawn gave a longing lighting into the shadowed scene, Angelo stood on his spot, frozen. It was beyond his expectations, this wasn't supposed to be. 

He wasn't a coward, nor he would like to save that stanger - however he had yet to awaken his powers because it was so sudden.

With the concept of gates; the plot should of course revolve around it. I would have preferred to make the scene more detailed and gory but I didn't want to make this story scary- I should make a horror series...