11 – ‘Alright,
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"Don't cry anymore, Yuyu.." Yuan was troubled, he had no interactions with children in the past, he hopes this would soothe the sobbing Yuri at once. 

"...hic...I'm alright, Daddy..." Yuri said while rubbing her tears, "I'm just happy..." 

Yuan rushed towards her and embraced the little girl. Softly patting her back and saying whispers of, "There...There..."

Beta watched the two with widened eyes, it was the first time seeing the princess cry, she usually was iron willed. The same goes for the King who was said to be a devil, merciless and a someone who won't hesitate to kill, now that person the demon world admires and the human world fears, was soothing someone gently like a father; which was truly is.

After crying for a few rounds, Yuri stopped her crying and was beaming with happiness again.

Beta sighed at this, he now was unsure if the princess was just acting a while ago or if it was real. Call on him that the princess was a natural two faced demon kid.



Yuan heard his phone ringing, he turned to the side of his hand and took it and went to look at who was calling. Seeing it was Amie, Yuan excused himself from the table and went to his balcony to answer the call.


Yuan asked, his voice cracked a bit before he was in avail to return to his right tone. 

"Yuan!"Amie shouted, Yuan twisted his ears after the voice sent his eardrums on fire. 

 "Cousin Gabriel just called early in the morning, and he made me inspect the area around the shop and it was freaking cold!" She gritted her teeth in annoyance.

Pausing a bit, she continued, "I know he called you first, so you don't have to say that. But anyways...Where the HELL ARE YOU! It's already pass 8! It's freaking nine am! Should I yell again? If you haven't heard me fine? I was awake the whole day, can you hurry up and change spot with me."

"Um..." Yuan hmm-ed in the soiree of moment, he run his hand on his black hair as he glanced at the door behind him. 

Amie found his silence, serene, she asked in worry,"What?! Is there something going on there?"

"Just wait a second.." Yuan frowned as he spoke. 

Amie was speechless, but before she could reply Yuan put the call on hold and returned to the kitchen.

Yuri saw him return, she asked, "Daddy, who was that?"

Yuan glanced at her and he answered, "Someone who works alongside me. Her name is Amie."

"Oohhhh...Is she pretty?" Much more prettier than Mommy? Yuri asked as her hands intertwined.

"In her age, I guess so?" Yuan replied.

Yuri murmured,"I see..."

Yuan looked at the little girl who had her head hung low and her swan like neck was revealed. While looking at her, Yuan noticed a mole in the middle of her neck and the girl's identity was again confirmed.

'she really is my daughter' 

He thought, amused, subconsciously, he stretched his hand behind his neck where a same mole was visible. 

"By the way, do you wish to come with me?" Yuan then asked, his tone of worry in the answer of refusal. 

"Come with you to where?"

Yuri answered with a question, making a step longer to achieving the answer. 

"To my workplace."

He continued, his eyes then remained firmly on her making Yuri smile. 

"Uh, why, oh sure!" 

She replied with a cock of her head. 

Yuan smiled and cheered,"Then that's great!" 

Yuan is the type of guy with different sides - forced to become hard hearted after joining hands with his 'current' race as a demon but still retaining that bit of sanity which held his great, childish side. If it wasn't for our female lead arriving in his past - this story wouldn't have come to be and our mc would have become a badass demonic being with countless death seeking bugs. Also, our FL and the other kids would arrive soon so bear with me and another thing, my new series is a side story of this story and it'll follow a certain gender bended reincarnator who had his sleep stolen and it'll introduce someone I said would later appear.