12 – ‘Weather,
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Yuan and Yuri waved goodbye to Beta(human form) who was entrusted to take care of the apartment. 

Beta smiled, "I'll do my best." Considering I wouldn't want to be once again useless.

"Okay, see you, Beta." Yuri exclaimed.

Beta, "En."

Beta watched as Yuri turned around to lock her arms with her daddy's. Yuan was surprised at first but then smiled. He raised his hand and patted the child's head. Beta sighed as he closed the door. 

"I should perhaps try to twist their prospection towards us a bit.",Beta muttered as he waved his hands on the air. A hologram appeared and on it was an ongoing video where three silhouettes of different size were seen. 

The first one was tall, she had pointed ears and azure hair waved gently onto her plump chest. Her eyes were closed as she held the other two silhouettes by hand. The second one on the left had bluish black hair up to her back and small horn in her head, she had two large emerald eyes. While the other had lighter shade of bluish black hair that was up to his shoulder, also has the same horn size, but the difference was that his two large eyes does not have the color of emeralds but rubies. 

Beta observed them for a short minute before propping his chin with his hand, after a short while of thinking, he tapped on a button next to the video where strange letters and wordings came into view. 

"This way, it'll take them at least two days to arrive.",Beta stated. He then thought before waving his hands on the air once again and the hologram vanished. 

His scarlet eyes stared dazedly at the air as he whimpered, forgive me for doing this, madam...



A woman in azure hair opened her eyes,revealing a pair of green and red eyes, she turned to face the sky as a smirk appeared in her face. 

The little kids she was holding saw their mother smirking and a question surfaced, 

"Who was that, Mommy?"

The girl(?) in lighter shade of bluish black looked up and poked the woman.

The woman retrieved her gaze and looked towards her son, her smirk turned into a smile.

"A busybody butler rabbit who has nothing to do."

She spoke, her voice soft and gentle like dew. 

The little boy who looked a lot like a girl smiled, "Then let's play along with him, shouldn't we, sis?" He asked as he tilted his head to face the little girl in the right. 

Seeing the playfulness plastered on her brother's face, the little girl chuckled, "Absolutely, we shall. Mommy wouldn't mind at all."

"Well all done as said, we still have to inspect the troops." The woman glanced at her behind where a shadow quickly flashed by and became a rabbit woman. 

"Leia, manage the others. We must do as planned and....",The woman commanded and paused a bit before asking, "Is Matt done with his seclusion?"

"He has." The pink haired rabbit woman named Leia who was wearing a black strapless dress answered. 

"Good." The woman said simply. 

The two kids beside her then turned their heads to the back and grinned at Leia.

"Leia, make everything flow according the script, okay?" The girl-looking boy said with a large grin. Leia shivered slightly as she dropped her head, "We shall."

"Okay~" He added.

"I wonder how it'll come to be per se." The girl on the other side giggled.

The woman looked at the two resignedly, "You two really got mine and Sysy's playfulness."

"Well, Uncle Sysy just loves to sleep - he doesn't really like to play so I insist, we got it from you solely."

"Oh my..." 


Yuri was wearing a pink sweater that was placed on top of her velvet skirt. Yuan held her hand tightly as she looked up, staring at her Daddy who was wearing a black sweater and baggy pants. 

It was a cold day - it was supposedly to be warm but after these gates or rifts appeared, the weather became unpredictable.

Yuri then moved her gaze around and watched the sceneries that was a lot different from the night.

"Were here." A male voice sounded and Yuri quickly looked up and saw Yuan stopping his tracks in front of a bookstore.

"You work here, Daddy?" Yuri asked, quietly noting the place down in her heart. 

"Yes, I work as a bookkeeper or a librarian." He added.

Yuri nodded and pointed at the store,"The place looks very comfy and warm." 

Yuan held his index finger in his chin and agreed, "Hmm, it is."

Then he looked down on his phone and mused at the time. He then slightly curved his body down as he said, "let's go in."

Yuri did not stand still any longer and followed her Daddy inside the bookstore.