14 – ‘Someone I know,
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A scepter in hand, a man in dark orange coat sat in his seat. A toothy smile blossomed in his face that contracted towards his dark brown skin.

"1....2.....3.....4..." A melodious voice rang out from his beside.

The man cocked his head as his orange eyes were revealed.

"...5" the voice paused upon reaching the number and melodious laughing went after.

"Five minutes, the time is clicking." The voice was now vivid and it revealed a feminine voice that belonged to the tall black silhouette sitting in one of the chairs in the table. A horn shaped shadow grew out of it's head. 

"Five minutes, death is coming!" A joyous filled male voice replied and it belonged to the tall black silhouette sitting on the opposite side of the former. A tail with indescribable shapes stuck out on it's behind.

The man in dark orange coat laughed along with them as they raised their hands above,

"Come and listen, we'll sing lullabies. Sleep little babies, entertain us until you die!"

Their laughter died out when the voice came into an end. 


"Yuri is really your daughter!?" 

Amie asked aloud as she looked at Yuan that sat on the counter with an indiscernible gaze. Yuri hummed when she realized the aunt's true intention - it wasn't that she wanted to seduce her dad, but to get the book he written.

"Don't I look a lot like him, Auntie Amie?" Yuri asked with glittering eyes. 

Amie rubbed her head, "Of course you do, it's just that this guy never told me he has a daughter this big!"

Yuan frowned, "Its because you didn't ask, likewise, I just learned early this morning, before dawn."

"What kind of father are you?! Not knowing you have a daughter this cute!?" Amie blinked and looked towards him in disgust. "Anyways, who's the mother?" 

"Shen." Yuan replied as his gaze drifted towards the little cub who had ran towards him, holding a book she wanted him to read for her. 

Amie propped her chin,"Where is she?" 

Yuan remained silent as he had no idea on how to tell this friend of his that his wife was in a different world. 

Yuri noticed the trouble her father was into so she turned around and glanced at Amie, "Mommy is with Senhi and Yeshi." 

"Who are Senhi and Yeshi?" 

"They're not strangers, they're my brother and sister. We're triplets." Yuri answered with a smile.

"Triplets?!" Amie yelled, she then looked towards Yuan and shouted, "You have three cuties, that's unfair! Marry that woman named Shen, immediately!"

"Is it my fault you've only got one after five years of marriage." Yuan stated ironically. 

"It isn't my fault either, it's that man I married the goes by the name Matthew!" Amie silently cursed at her 'incompetent' husband. A certain anonymous man named 'Matthew' sneezed and made the wand like staff he was holding broke into pieces.

"And I'm married already."


Amie raised her head and looked at Yuan with deep surprise, "Your saying your married?! You mean, Yuri was made by a....."

She forced herself to not complete the sentence, aware that the child wad young and shouldn't hear things like this that she was about to speak rashly.

Yuan face palmed himself and cleared the misunderstanding,"I'm sorry but Yuri isn't. She's my daughter with my wife." 


"Eh! You mean you didn't have any idea when your child has been born? Four years old! She's four years old and you just came here a few months ago. It couldn't have been that your wife, Shen, had deliberately hidden her pregnancy..."

Yuan slammed the book shut in irritation and looked towards Amie with unkept anger, "You know you shouldn't get into other's business."

"What my daddy says is true, Auntie Amie. Our family matter is none of yours, you shouldn't be a busybody.."

 Yuri held her index finger in her chin as she rushed towards her, holding Amie's hands, she then said, 

"We should be polite and know when to stop. If you two continue your conversation, Daddy would have a hard time answering. Let's end it like this...Okay?" 

Amie was dazzled by her and she blankly replied, "Er..yes."

"Umm, excuse me..." 

Amie, Yuri and Yuan looked up. They looked towards the door and stared at the man in a hoodie.

The ringing of the wind chimes only registered just now, Yuan pushed his glasses up as he said, "What is it?"

The man in the hoodie awkwardly laughed, he walked towards the counter and asked, 

"Is there a book about Martial arts, guns and medicine?" 

"Pardon?" Yuan asked, confused about the request.

The man scratched his neck and repeated, "Is there a book about Martial arts, guns and medicine?"

Yuan closed his eyes do a second before opening them back, he pointed at the corner where large bookshelves were aligned, "Martial arts, on the left in 3A. Guns are on the right on 3A while Medicine is on 3B." 

The man glanced at him to a short while and listed down what he said. "Thank you." the man shortly spoke as he walked away.

He walked towards the middle and passed by the lounge. Upon passing there, he blankly stared at the woman with hazel eyes. 

This person looked a lot like her; the woman who was in the first generation hunter in the game. 

That person was very powerful - sadly she (the person in the game) was just an NPC. It is just purely coincidental, the man thought as he shook his head.

He then resumed his walk and then glanced at the two again, now his gaze shifted to the little girl. A sugary emotion flowed within him - cute!! Who could give birth to such cute creature!

In his sudden turn of his head, his hoodie fell. Yuan had glanced towards the spot and he realized.

"Kim?" He asked.

The man named Kim turned his head to face Yuan as a cringe smile blossomed on his face, "Oh, hi, there, Yuan."

And he was certainly him, Kim, the tenant in the apartment underneath his.