15 – ‘Gamer’s sight,
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1The following would be on Kim's point of view.

I am called Kim, my parents are both Koreans who have migrated into City C of Country A who met by the sting of fate and had me a few months after their cohabitation and I was two when they married. 

I was born in an ordinary, average family with my parents loving each other deeply making no arguments and fights break out, leaving me with a beautiful childhood. I loved this peaceful life but having been together with it for many years, my liking with it began to drop and I yearned to countless changes and adventures.

Because of this yearning, I've walked into the path of watching animes, reading mangas and novels as much I could. I became an otaku in a short time. My parents were disappointed with what happened to me and arguments began to appear constantly, I was worried but I was the one they'll yell and argue with. I feel like that it was unfair, I just wanted to enjoy games and fantasy like worlds within that enclosed space... 

But before them, I feared talking back. They're asian after all, they won't retort to friendly conversations like westerners and would retort to violence if it was a must. This did not subdue me and I've become much more rebellious than I ever had. 

My mother cried when they realized I became like this.

When I turned twenty, under their strong judgments, I was  forced on taking a job as an encoder in a company. I only lasted in that job for a while before I ran away from home. I went to City A and rented an apartment that was not that too expensive and the rental was up to my budget could go. 

I was able to live by myself freely. I played games each day inside my apartment - to sustain for myself, I also live stream each time I am able to, making me make money by making these gameplay videos.

"MC" is one of many games I play, it's a fantasy MMORPG that contains realistic features. I have been playing and this heaven like game for five years and never got sick of it.

Sadly, around a year ago, the game company ceased and there was no updates and movements since. I was deeply afraid that they would end up in a conclusion to end and drop this game, I prayed and prayed until around last month, they've returned.

Since they have disappeared, the gamers decreased. It was surprising that despite losing some that plays their game, they never got angry, sad or upset. They've instead happily announced that a huge update would take place.

I raised my head in excitement - another update, hurray!

All that I never expected was for things to change greatly...

I sat in the living room, finally leaving my bedroom to enjoy the freshness of air and to watch some news. 

I don't know what happened to me but I shouldn't have supposed to act like this - I felt strange and different.

I shook my head, throwing the afterthought at the backside of my mind. I propped my chin with my hand as I pressed the remote: I glanced at the time under the headers of the news; March 15 20XX. 

This day would definitely won't end the same. While watching the advertisement, my phone rang, I rushed towards there and saw that "MC" finally updated. The update was huge - but it only took a full six minutes to patch.

Upon seeing what's new,

Like I had thought - things strayed further from the ordinary plot.


Gates appeared nationwide, the same identical Gates ad those of MC. I was shocked, this was beyond human capabilities. MC stated that the update has been smoothly done and they thanked their new owners that goes by an anonymous name which bought their company that declined just a year ago. 

After I read all of that, I shakily went to open the game when a message prompt popped out in the middle.

[Dear player, 

   Enjoy the update.]

When I tapped on the X button, the game disappeared. I was nervous, I have been playing that game for many years that when it vanished, I was scared.

I let my head fall above the keyboard, and after that, I blacked out. I was deeply exhausted after having no result in attempt of making the game return. I dozed off to sleep until a sharp pain overlapped my head and forcefully made me wake up. The pain made my ears buzz, I was ignorant on what was happening to me but I clearly know that it hurts a ton and it felt like my skull was breaking.

After fighting it for an hour, I noticed strangeness over me. I lost fat, I became thin. Water trailed around me and soaked my bed, I shakily touched myself to ensure it was real when suddenly, I saw something emerge within my sight.

[To Gamer Kim who has been playing the game for five years, from the beginning until then. We give you a starter pack, and we hope you use it well.]

Kim trembled, this was far from ordinary. It was unbelievable! After he had read the message interference before him, he suddenly had a sight of something - chaos filled the earth where boundaries have ceased. The demons never know it hurts, a bloodbath awakens.

The city of prosperity became ruins. Gates have multiplied and so did the enemies from that other side.

Kim's eyes widened. This was the same as the game's prologue but changes have been made.

He looked up, his eyes staring at the bright golden word curved underneath the text: 

[Future sight - You have been given the ability to see the future. Your class have been chosen to be the sole Prophet. We hope you won't use this ability selfishly, nor would be used arrogantly. You are able to see the future randomly with no wants or cool down.]

"That's...Cool!" I screamed in joy.


2Back to 3rd POV

"So your saying, something similar to the end of the world, will come?" Yuan asked, forcing himself to look bewildered.

"Yes. You may not believe me but it's true." Kim replied.

Amie put her hands on her waist, "Do you actually believe things like that? I know I like fantasy stories and such, but I know that limits of fantasy in reality."

"Monsters? Wrecking havoc? Like I believe that-" Amie realized and shut her mouth, "oh, Actually, I think it's true."

"Gates really have appeared, like there's one next door but not in ours." Amie stated as she thought about what had recently happened. "Then, doesn't it mean we get some superpowers to fight these 'villains'?"

Kim pursued his lips. He haven't told them that he already got an ability. He had only said some simple parts like that he got a feeling that the end was coming. 

Yuan moved his gaze down at his daughter that was reading a book, 

"Reading those in your hands would make you more like a protagonist, ain't so, Uncle?" Yuri said as she glanced at the black haired man who was deep into thinking.

Kim heard her and he was flustered, "Uh, well, more so." 

Yuri looked up to her dad and said with a carefree smile,"Then Daddy, doesn't having a daughter makes you also a protagonist." 

"Him.....what!" Kim asked in a surprise tone. He looked at Yuan with a strange gaze. This person(Yuan) looks like a child, he couldn't be some hidden immortal that retained his childish look.

Yuan: I am and I am not.

"Oh my, here we go again. Can I just simplify things to you to understand, Kim?" Amie suggested.

"Well, that's fine..."

"You see, this boy here is a man. He's about a year older than me, that makes him 40 yrs old."

"You got to be kidding me. Him, 40?!"

"What's wrong with my age?" Yuan angrily looked at him. 

Kim responded,"There's nothing wrong with it but you just look too young..."

Yuri clapped her hands, "Daddy may be short and young looking but he's competent."

"It's rude but he's like a shota..." Kim glanced at Yuan who had a gloomy mood. "Well, like, you're similar to a twelve year old. If you go to middle school, no one would be suspicious of you-" 

"Why should I go to middle school? Can we just drop this topic about my appearance and age." Yuan asked, clearly dissatisfied about the conversation circling around him. 

"Does daddy hate my compliment?"Yuri asked in worry

"No, I'm not." Yuan said as he patted her head.

"Continuing to that,..." Amie opened her mouth and told what had happened earlier.

"I see." Kim nodded in realization.

"Then let's end our conversation in that part. I need to hurry and by some things...."

Kim paused, he turned to face the ceiling to floor window and watched as the glass broke.

Yuan took notice of it before the others as he quickly shielded his daughter. Amie was standing near the bookshelves picking out some books so the shards didn't hit her. Kim raised his hands and arms in the hurry as he shielded his face.

"...at the mall." Kim said with wide eyes as he stared the burning mall outside.

As they stared at the red fire burning the mall into charcoal smoke, a playful voice caught many attention as the voice spoke, "Ladies and gentlemen, isn't a boring life too unenjoyable. Where we go in the same cycle each day, this ordinary life is too bland you know. 

Feel great for that we have descended to share enjoyment! I hope everyone will have a great time playing...."

The burnt video screen in the mall suddenly lit up as two faces emerged. 

The one was a red haired young lady with yellow and blue eyes. A grin fixed in her face as she made a cute pose. The one on her left was a red haired young man, he had blue and yellow eyes as a frown fixed on his face. He crossed his hands as their voice resounded, "Lullabies sing us to sleep but we woke up instead, feel the fear behind your ears as the world will end...

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for us to play. Knock on each gate's door and survive, okay?