18 – ‘Goblins knocking on the door,
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I updated the synopsis for this series.

With large changes showering the world, normality mostly vanished. The bald man was unlucky enough to fall victim to death after escaping one in the crack. The Griffin looked at his work - the red rose petals bloomed beautifully and he couldn't help but navigate the liveliness of death.

Suddenly, an alarm rang inside his head as he looked towards the bookstore from afar. The store was gave a calming vibe, but his thoughts went astray as he spotted some certain individuals within the group.

''Isn't that the human named Kim who achieved the first awakening ahead of time?" Thought the Griffin as he quickly evaded to the side, "And isn't that Miss Amie? Oh and that's Princess!"

Staring at the young girl's prominent features, the Griffin didn't bound to mistakes. That girl was truly their princess.

"Wait...If Princess Yu is here then..." It's deep abyssal eyes shifted into the boy beside the little girl. Surprise came to the Griffin as it twirled it's tail like a puppy, "It's his Holiness1Griffin calls Yuan his holiness considering the fact that he's(Yuan) a god.!" 

The Griffin wanted to rush towards Yuan's arms but carefully restrained himself. Prior to what the Queen had said out, things should proceed as the script and he can later have fun with the God after he settles things done.

Not forgetting his main purpose, the Griffin raised it's claw and swiped it right. The goblins who have been stabbing humans to death looked at him with a cock of their head

"I know you all sense it too....but do as told." Said the Griffin.

"Kreehk!" The goblins replied. Their gaze then went towards the bookstore as they tapped each others shoulder. A goblin nodded as they set their eyes on the humans before them again and sent half of their group towards that certain direction.

The Griffen nodded upon the comply of the lower race and he looked at the girl in ripped clothing. 

"Die!" Shouted the same female from before, her hands shone blue - giving an idea that she had awakened. She swiped her hands down as  four goblins were sliced in half.

The Griffin giggled, "Wonderful, it's an S-rank awakener of water." 

"Shut up! I will not tolerate this evilness you have wicked monster!" The girl shouted as she glared daggers at the griffin flying above.

"Speak all you want human girl," The Griffin replied, "You're pretty much the amazing kind and I can listen. Please show me more of your hatred and fright, well, this is amusing."

"Curse you demon!" The girl added.

"A demon now? Well, that's new. I am mostly called as a monster or a strange hybrid...now about it, I shouldn't be speaking much." 

"You....what are you going to do?!" The girl asked as she stared at the Griffin that danced below the clouds. 

"I'm just doing my job." Grinned the Griffin.

 "Okay, okay, I'm sorry for being concerned about a useless expensive glass window. It isn't my purpose of gaining the attention that way, just got no other choice." Said Amie as she waved her hands softly up and down. 

"What do you mean?" Asked Yuan with his eyebrow raised.

Amie gazed outside, "Death is on his way, walking in the red rose petaled path." Said Amie as she looked at the two men, "Arguments can be paused but death can't."

"So your saying is that we need to calm down?" Asked Kim.

"Like you said." Answered Amie, "We're ordinary humans and those hideous creatures aren't. We should use the time we have to spare in running away, cowardly or not, who cares? Life is only one, this is hardcore minecraft."

"Indeed." Yuan was about to say something when Kim spoke. "Also, I love your quotes......"

"Amie, call me Amie." 

Even her name is similar to hers, Kim caressed his head, "Yes, Amie."

Yuan closed his mouth as he held Yuri's hand. "Then let's go...?" He asked, his eyes wandering back and forth from the road to the inside of the bookstore.

"Well, hold on." Kim said, he then picked out the glass shards stuck in his skin and wiped the blood. He then took the books he had picked out earlier, he was still going on with his plan.

Kim's eyes wandered to Yuan and eyed him, "Wouldn't you do the same?" What he meant was that Yuan was in the same situation as him. The young man(?)'s back and left arm was covered with glass shards. Yuri guessed so as she saw what happened earlier.

Her cutesy voice sounded, "Daddy," 

Yuan knew what his daughter meant, but before that...

2Before we continue, here's what things would meant.`` - Yuan speaking to himself to speak with Momo.[ - Momo Speaking.

``Momo, my regeneration ability is online, isn't it?``

[Master, it is as it so. Do you wish for me to make it offline?]

``Yes please. Oh, and also, make sure to change the color of my blood.``

[Okay, I will do my best. The blood would be red, yes?]



After that, Yuan felt some changes undergoing his body.

Kim noticed that Yuan didn't do anything even after a few seconds, he then asked, "Are you okay?"

Yuan opened his eyes and his emerald eyes turned somewhat bluish. Kim blinked and thought he was hallucinating, What was that? Did his eyes just changed colors?

Yuan smiled as he notified the black haired man about his doing, "I'm fine, was just thinking about something." Saying that he plucked the glass shards one by one and made sure to flinch and hiss with pain. 

"Ouch! This really hurts..."

"Yes...it does.." Answered Kim in a daze. He felt that something was wrong with Yuan, he felt suspicious of him. 

Wiping the blood, Yuan then noted, "I'm done. Then, shall we go?"

Amie nodded, "Since you're finished, let's hurry and run."

"And can I care to ask something, Yuan?" Asked Kim.

Yuan said, "Sure, go on."

"Why  did your eye color changed?" 

"Pardon?" Yuan asked, confused.

Kim pointed at his eyes that turned more prominent blue.

"Ah," Yuan gasped as his hands trailed over the spot where his eyes lies, he then blinked and opened his eyes again, "Are you sure you're not hallucinating, Kim?"

Amie agreed, "Yes, Yuan's eyes are green, what do you mean by it changing?"

"Oh? I thought you had blue..."

"Must be us in an illusion before death-" Amie's words were cut off as a loud disgusting shrieking echoed from the door. Their heads turn to face the place where the sound originated and Amie had her mouth opened agape.

"Oh my...isn't that a Goblin Lord!?"

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