22 – ‘short and subtle,
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Amie dazedly propped her head as her body laid flat on the glob of red goo jelly in the ground. The backside of the building was very quiet, considering that there were very few who would walk around in the desolate and deserted place. 

Just as she rubbed her head, a shadow overlapped the sunlight coming from the sky and Amie's gaze froze. Quickly rolling to the side, she could only gave oh a gasp as Kim fell into her spot.

Kim laid like he was dead as his face turned pale from fright. He almost saw his death in a vision there..It was pure luck he was still alive, or so he thought it was luck.

"Are you okay, Kim?" Towered Amie as she glanced down at the black haired male who's eyes were spinning and had a had time focusing.  Her short curly hazelnut colored hair followed her ducking movement and scattered across her face. This was what Kim saw upon waking up - he thought heaven's angel has come to take him away.

"...Amie?" Kim asked as his thoughts stopped. The beauty looking upon at him blinked her eyes and raised her head back as she gave a few nods. 

"Ah," Kim followed Amie and sat up. He rubbed his head and murmured on how hard this thing actually was. Kim was ignorant that this thing was made by brick ingredients. 

"I didn't know it would be this hard," Amie laughed off her distress as she realized what she had placed in it and made her laugh much harder on how a fool she had been, "Oh right, this was supposed to be a brick."

Kim froze. "You mean to say...this was supposed to be a brick?!" 

Amie patted his shoulder and said a few words, "It's alright."

"What do you mean by it's alright?" Kim asked, his hand into fists as he shifted his eyes towards the fourth floor of the building. "Yuan pushed me and I would have been invited to death!"

"But there's no need to be this  dramatic Kim. Yuri have given a few list of ingredients and this cushion was less hard and was more soft and such."

Kim brushed his front hair off his face and smiled, "I understand, angel."

Amie frowned, "Please refrain from calling me one, Kim. We do not have any close relationship but acquaintances who met on a jiffy." 

"You don't consider me as your friend?"

Amie shook her head in denial, "Of course I do but my husband would craze in jealousy and he would lock me up if he finds out I'm closer to another man."

Kim docked his head and hid his disappointed expression, "What about Yuan?"

"Matt doesn't find me talking to unattractive guys, bad." Amie said solemnly. 

"So your saying my daddy isn't handsome? What do you mean by that, Auntie?" 

Suddenly, a childish monotonic voice spoke out. Amie and Kim found this voice unfamiliar and they quickly turned to face the end of the alley where a dark small silhouette stood in place. 

"Yuri..? Is that you?" Amie asked before she froze. The little kid on the end of the alley walked towards them and the light finally hit them. 

Revealing a pair of ruby red eyes and lighter shade of azure hair, was a little girl in male clothing that looked undoubtedly adorable. They were sucking on a flat lollipop with one hand tucked in their short's pocket. 

"Yuri's my little sister." The little kid spoke. "And I'm Senhi."

Amie was in dumbstruck. "Wait...like literally?"

The little kid nodded, "Of course. Yuri's my dear little sister. She's the third and youngest of us three. Also, I'm a boy. On that aside, you wouldn't be able to shift my focus on another topic!" 

With a smug look, Senhi then continued after they gave Kim and Amie a deadly glare.

"My daddy is the handsomest in the world! What do you mean by him unattractive? If my daddy wasn't loyal, he would have thousands of beauties in his harem - that I'm glad didn't happen. Moreover, my daddy is the strongest! But we want to protect him! Ha, if only mommy..."

Amie's eyebrow twitched as she listened to the boy's rumbling. She was about to call him to stop when a melodious voice came out.

"Senhi," the female voice called out and the little boy paused and stopped his rumbling. 

Kim looked up and saw a beautiful woman with azure hair walking towards the light blue haired boy. His mouth opened agape as he was in wonder of the beauty the woman held.

Shen softly patted Senhi's head as she said, "You shouldn't be nosy, Senhi."

"Ah, but mommy.." 

Shen turned to face the two who were sitting looking towards her way. She smiled as she bowed her head down, "Forgive my son's rudeness. He was talking about Yuan, that is his father. We're supposed to meet my husband tonight and he got so excited that he rumbled nonsense."

"Yes, I apologize for my brother's stead." Yeshi walked out from Shen's behind and bowed. 

Then Shen held their hands and walked away.

Amie looked at the empty place, awestruck. That woman was so pretty! And those kids too! They're so cute.

Kim on the other hand, smashed his head on the jelly with angst. What the hell! What the hell?! Im crushing on married women!? I should find a single girl to date real fast! 

Just as their minds were in chaos, Yuan had stepped into the goo and placed Yuri down. His eyes remained on the empty pathway on the alleyways' end and exit. 

He was not a fool. Those three....those were his wife and other two kids, Senhi and Yeshi..

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