24 – ‘A possessive man,
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Expect longer chapters in the near future. Not now because school has yet to let me unshackled 

Ying!Ying..\(;´□`)/ School-sama, please let me go~I'm having headaches and it hurts..

Multitasking writing, studying and playing games. Not forgetting to read because reading heals depression etc.

The sky grew darker, as the final scream of misery subsided. The griffen stood in the bloodied river with pools of unjustified death glowing from the widened eyes of the scattered corpses.

A number of people that can be counted at hand stood far from the horrible scene as they, energy drained, couldn't handle it any longer and collapsed into the ground. Gaze and injuries scribbled their body as they sighed in relief of the successful escape from death.

This was what the dark skinned man saw in his interference screen that floated with orange color above where his eyes can further see. 

Seeing this beautiful work of art, the man grinned as his hand that held the scepter rose up.

"I must say, this is so magnificent!"

 Complimented the man as his eyes drawn red.

 The people sitting on the chairs of the table that was long in length looked at his expression with different emotions. One must laughing, crying, aloof and so on. The tears of valor applauded seeing the glamorous end and escape. 

Just as the man became happier, his smile cracked. His face twisted with different color as his eyes turned pale as jade. Even if that position was a blind spot of the camera, It failed to hide the beautiful face of a certain woman in red sweater. 

That said woman was free from harm but he saw on how the tall black haired male attentively yet forcibly showing his affection, seeing this the man broke his once broken scepter again.

"Audacious!" Shouted the man as his veins turned thick. The expressions on each member sitting in their designated seat froze upon seeing their leader lose his cool. 

A lady with snake like appearance saw this and couldn't help but smugly look towards the shaken and red beet faced man that was angered and full of furry. Her hand seductively wandered around her neck as she playfully asked the reason of anger the man had gotten.

Before the man could reply, a bird liked man replied on his stead. Ignoring the stare directed by the subject, the bird liked man said, "He caught a human eyeing his wife." Spoke the bird man solemnly before ending it with a laugh. His chirp like chuckle was like melodies but the said man found that it was surprisingly irritating.

""Hahaha, his wife is cheating"" 

The man rubbed his forehead as he listened to the odd laughter of the twins, Helen and Halo. Their orange hair waved among the air as they wheezed. 

"Silence!" Screamed the man. He could no longer take the emotions inside of him and the table cracked. Despite this, the twins didn't stop laughing - at most, they forced their laughter inside only leaving puffing breath noises as their mouth subconsciously curled up.

"Look at him." Spoke abruptly the male twin as he pointed at the man. "He has a green hat!" 

"Shut up, Halo!" Shouted the man as he glared daggers at the teenage boy sitting in his right. 

"Hahaha, didn't we warn you not to have a human as a wife!" Spoke the female twin as her mouth opened and revealed her vampire teeth. Her yellow and blue eyes squinted as she poked the man's arm.

"You too, Helen!" The man grumpily said as he shifted his glare towards the girl. "Also, my wife is loyal! L o y a l!" 

""Then why are you angry?"" Spoke the twins at the same time. 

The other occupants on the chairs around the table perked their ears up as they silently listened.

"I'm angry because she's having close contacts with another male. Moreover, this one has motives for her!" 

""Then why don't you kill him?"" Asked the twins at the same time again. 

"I'm forbidden."

His reply aroused the interest of many and they quickly turned to face him, their leader.

The bird man coughed a few times as he softly asked, "How can that be? How are you forbidden to kill? We're demons, killing is life."

"I don't agree." Said a blue water woman with tears in her eyes, "They don't need to be killed."

"Oh sweet Water Lilly," spoke the former with a frown, "You just have to always use opposite words, then and now."

"I want to." The water woman replied shaking her head. 

"You forgot your didn't there but that aside," said the snake lady as she glanced affectionately at the man, "It must have been Madam, am I right?" 

"Correct." Spoke the man as he stared at frozen frame with the figure of his wife. "That fucking man is a part of the chosen ones. Speak of being lucky!"

""Kim is his name, the number one and god gamer of the MC game!"" Applauded the twins as they coordinately rose their smartphone where a picture of a fat black haired man was on screen.

Halo happily noted, "Not a fan of him but I was with Master when we gave him his ability alongside others."

"Future sight - foresight, the prophet! This individual can't be killed yet until the finals." Added Helen.

"...After I finish my work here, I'll go fetch Mark and settle things with Amie." The man muttered as he held a key in his hand. "I'm a very possessive man. I'll need to lock her up."

"Fine by me." The bird man nodded.

"Im not fine with it..." The water woman cried unhappily.

"""Oh hell we don't care about how you'll do things in your married life, Matt""" Spoke the twins at the same once again as they rolled their eyes.