Xtra 01 – ‘You’ve grown,
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The author has something to say: 

I'd be in another hiatus that'll last longer about three-four weeks at best. I realized I should stockpile chapters, Im thinking of updating daily so yeah... 

I'm also doing this for real, I have lesser modules and exams to take since the Christmas vacation is near. I will also update my other series as much as I could.

Enjoy this short that will be part of the main (side) story. 

This might be a bit confusing but ill explain it someday

The cherry blossoms bloomed, the aroma of tea floated around the cabin. A girl sat with her legs folded front as her black hair was tied into a bun. Her hand was holding tea, sipping it occasionally as her pink eyes wandered around the space.


Spoke a male voice that belonged to a little boy. His hair was like cat's fur as it scattered on his head revealing his big forehead that had a bandage in the middle. His small hand held the door frame as he peeked at the girl who turned to look at him.

Young as she looked, it was unbelievable to have a girl like this be a mother at young. She knew it herself that she was a bit older than she looks however. 

"Come here Yu." 

Called the girl as she waved her hand at her little son. Her vibrant pink eyes fluttered with affection as she looked at her little bun that dashed towards her and embraced her, giving her a warm summer hug.

The little boy purred, he was inexplicitly more alike a cat. Especially his green emerald like eyes that shone beautifully under the lighting of the lamp beside.

She held his cheeks as she planted a peck on his forehead. Though his father have left her for other women, though she had him at her adolescent years, though his father rejected her love, she loves his son so dearly, even though that man wouldn't...

She watched as her one and only son grew up. The seasons flew by until she saw her son raising his graduation hat high above as she realized...

"Ma, you'll be fine, I swear!" 

Her eyes had gone hazy, his finger intertwined with hers. Never would she have expected, to have an illness struck towards her. Her son might have become a man by age, but she knew he was still immature in both personality and height. She wanted to remain a bit more longer and see him make a family with her own eyes and hold her grandchildren in the future.


She weakly spoke as her hand fell down. She was weak, then and now. Oh how many things she had wished to tell her dear son, about everything, even secrets she had hidden underground. 

But he was too weak, his heart couldn't handle more pressure anymore. He was devastated as she was weakening, if things don't go well, She'll die...at least...

In a day like any other inside the hospital, the smell of alcohol and the sanitizer mixed upon. This was a familiar place, she came her once when she gave birth to him. 

And the final place she was in after she lost her breath...

"Good morning, mother-in-law."

 She stared surprised at the beautiful woman with azure hair. She was perplexed, why has this person calling her her mother...in law? And she realized, the answer was at call. Her dear son has a wife! Oh how wonderful!

But that aside, she can see her? 

She was nothing but a ghost, standing in front of her tomb. How was she able...to see one at that?

"Hehe, well, I'll be introducing myself. I'm Sheri, but please call me Shen. I'm your son, Yuan's wife, and the mother of your three grandkids."

'What!?' She couldn't believe it, she has grandkids? Oh how marvelous this is!

"I know what you mean, mother-in-law, Yuan and I also never expected to have kids for some understandable reasons. But voilà, I conceived triplets! Do you wanna see them? Oh, my youngest is with your son for the moment, here's my eldest and middle child, Senhi and Yeshi, say hello to grandma!"

Shen spoke filled of vitality, her voice joyous as she stared at her mother-in-law that stood front wearing with long white dress. Her black hair rested on her back as her pink eyes looked at Shen with bewilderment.

'You can see me?' She asked, doubtful.

"Yes, I can. Yeshi and Senhi can too."

""Morning, grandma.""

'Ah~ these little children that looks so very cute! They remind me of Yuan when he was little...he...really... Yuan, you've grown.'