26.2 – ‘Survival,
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(Yuan's POV)

I looked down upon the height and glanced around.

 While doing that, I seem to hear a buzzing noise echo abruptly before vanishing like thin smoke. 

Just a second later, screams of terrors began to circulate as I watched the blood bath brought by the revived undead humans appear.

 I subconsciously held Yuri's hand tightly as I looked around once again. 

“Yuri...” I was perplexed on what I should say.

 Conversations were really not my thing and I have troubles making decisions currently.

Yuri clasped my hand in hers, “Daddy, can, um, can we look for Mommy?” She paused, “I miss Beta, too.”

That rabbit?

 I...I didn't hesitate to answer her first question with the response of yes.

 Yuri smiled, and I felt amazed, it was really a great surprise receiving a daughter, and I really too wish to meet with my other kids along with my beloved wife. 

“But, your Aunt Amie and Uncle Kim...” 

“Daddy,” Yuri called out as she looked at me with hesitation, “when have you become so soft hearted?” 

Oh. That's a correct question to ask.

 I was a demon god, I shouldn't be troubled with kindness or such. 

They were strangers, their worth wasn't much.

 I patted Yuri's hair and answered, “Don't worry, I'll do as I promised.”

Yuri couldn't conceal hear happiness. For the first time, she pecked a kiss on my cheeks. 

“Daddy, we are demons.”

Demons at birth, Demons in the future. 

Though, I was a human, it was a symbol of the past when I was with my deceased mother. 

Maybe what my summoners have said when I was summoned was true, maybe I really am a demon. 

Because no human who don't hold the title of a demon, lunatic, crazy, monster would kill someone without batting an eye and without showing any fear. 

Maybe I was already one when I did that.

It was just too blurry, and vague to remember.

“But my sweet little girl is an angel.” 

Yuri pouted, “Angel from there or Angel from here?”

“Of course the one from here. Those in there were unreasonable ones.”

I calmly voiced as I tried to hide the disgust in my tone. 

Never would I forget what those ‘Angels’ did. 

They uphold the sense of justice too much that they forgot equality between words. 

And of course I would hate them. 

“Then I accept your compliment.” Yuri chimed in a happy tone as she jumped into my embrace. 

“Let's go find Mommy, hurry!”

I giggled. “Well then, hold tight.” 

I swung forward and let the wind push against me. I quickly then notified Momo to enable map interference reading. 

A hologram appeared on my left, and a mini map popped in that space. 

I jumped between buildings while also eyeing around. I saw that the zombies have already killed a lot, the two puppets in the sky were giggling upon the sight. 

Our eyes met. 

They froze as their gaze went towards me. 

“...Your Holiness, — the Demon God!” The female doll shouted. 


Amie and Kim resigned. They couldn't figure out where Yuan and Yuri were.

They could only run away as the horde have began moving. They decided to enter the building again, and made sure to reinforce everything. 

When they sat down gasping their breaths, they heard the female voice of the doll outside scream, “Your Holiness — The Demon God!”

Their breaths quivered as they looked out of the window. 

By the position they were in, they could only vaguely see a small silhouette standing in the air. 

Long hair waved along the wind. They didn't see it was Yuan, neither did they think it was Yuri. Yuri's long hair have hidden their faces carefully.


“Daddy, they're Uncle Sysy's underlings.” Yuri whispered.

Yuan propped his chin, he said unsurely, “...You two, are you little Helen and little Halo?” 

The dolls smiled upon seeing that Yuan remembered their name. 


“But, aren't you two candidates for the other gods? Based on my knowledge, you two should be respectively the successors of Life and Death.”

Helen awkwardly answered, “We are coming to be. We...still haven't killed Master yet so we aren't allowed to ascend.”

“Brother in law is still obsessed with his want for dying, does he?” Yuan chuckled. 

Halo nodded, “It's like that. And since we failed multiple times, he sent us here to stop disturbing his love life for the moment.”

Then, Helen went closer to Yuan and whispered, “They're making babies.”