27 – ‘Guest,
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“Yuan...Are you sure it's him?” Yuu questioned.

The man shook his head and said, “We aren't really sure.”

Julia heard this sentence and sighed with half relief.

 “This person, Yuan Leng, came into City A with no identification or whatsoever. The police said that this man, unlike his age, looked very young. Like a second grader at highschool.” The man added.

Yuu frowned his eyebrows before resting it calmly. “Has the military began taking measures to enter City A?”

His subordinate flinched and said, “They did, but there has been no results, yet.”

Yuu looked up into the air before looking down. He then glanced over at Julia and said, “Ask the kids if they want to come.”

Julia froze her steps as she looked at him, “Hun, don't you think we shouldn't meddle...”

“I didn't ask for your opinion, Julia.” Yuu frowned as he moved his sight towards the left, “Go call them.”

“Yes, sir!” The man obeyed his words, turned around and left.

Ad silence took over again, Julia hesitated to lean towards Yuu when suddenly, a woman in office uniform came running and the silence was again disturbed.

“Sir!” The woman called.

“What is it?”

“...A, a beautiful woman with blue hair suddenly came and wants to meet you.” The woman stammered. 

“Blue haired woman?” Julia fondled with her hazelnut hair in irritation, “Who do this woman think she is?”

“I don't neither...” The woman replied as she looked at Julia before shifting her focus to Yuu, “Sir, that woman said that you must decide quick.”

Then she looked down and mustered every courage she had, “It's either you go there and things end smoothly or she'll come here roughly...”

... Silence came again. Yuu did not respond for a certain amount of time before standing up. 

“I'll go see her and see what tricks she has in sleeves.”

 Yuu stated before glancing at Julia, “Follow me.”

 Then he looked at the employee working under him and commanded, “Tell the kids to remain here, I'll be out for a while.”

“Yes.” she bowed. 


In the lobby.

A dazzling beauty with blue hair sat calmly on the sofa.

 Beside her were two lovely kids, Senhi and Yeshi were currently playing a multiplayer game and didn't show any care towards the gaze directed by the employees passing by. 

“Could it be that she's another one of those girls?” whispered a female employee to another. 

“She must be, and her kids are equally big as well.” The other spoke as she glanced at Yeshi and Senhi.

“She's really pretty though, but why latch into an old man — I mean, the CEO. She must be thinking she's another one of those lucky protagonists that had a one night stand and had a son out of the wedlock and soon be married to wealth.”

Shen squinted her eyes and looked at them, “Nice imagination you two have. You should have become a novelist instead of working here.”

The employee turned red and stammered, “W-Who do you think you are? Even if you marry the president, you'll only become a concubine.”

“Concubine? That term is still on now?” Shen asked, amused. 

Senhi looked up and laughed, “Even daddy didn't have a concubine, so how many step grandma's do I have?” 

“Step-Grandma?” Julia frowned even deeper, her face twisted into and ugly frown. 

“Yes, did you think you are our blood related grandma?” 

“...Who are you three?" Yuu asked, unhappily.

“Me?” Shen pointed at herself, “I'm Sheri, but I prefer called as Shen by my family and that includes you, Mr. Snark.” 

“And this, this is my eldest of my triplets, my son Senhi, he's four this year.” 

Senhi waved his hand and issued a cute pout. “Hello there Grandpa.”

“This is the second of my triplets, my eldest daughter, Yeshi.”

Yeshi waved and said no more, she softly spoke, “Hi.”

And Shen repointed to herself and said, “Hello there Father-in-law, I'm your daughter-in-law and these two are your grandkids. I know you have tons of questions to ask and Im willing to answer if we go private.”

“...Why would I do that?”

Shen stood up, passed by Yuu and whispered on his ears, “I know you came from alternate ancient china, Father-in-law. Or should I say, Yuu Snark, the emperor of that dynasty."

Yuu widened his eyes in response.

Shen continued smiling as she walked by.

“We'll talk in private.”

“I'm glad you chose well, Mr.Demon king.” Shen playfully hummed.