28 – ‘Join,
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“What Daughter-in-law!?” Julia was fuming in anger as she stepped forward.

 Then, as a notification rang inside her brain, she looked up and down at Shen and snickered, “You must be that person my son impregnated.”

Shen paused, “Your son?”

“Yes, Julius is my son. The only son in the Snark family.” Julia flipped her hair and ignored the gloomy look Yuu was radiating.

“Mrs. Snark, it's clear that there are two sons in the Snark Family.” Shen looked at her and stated, “Correction, three.”

“What do you know!” Julia pointed at Shen in anger before looking at the two buns following. “These bastard kids! My son won't accept them—”

“Julia! Did I let you speak?” Yuu massaged his brows as he eyed his second wife. 

Julia became quiet and Shen chuckled when she saw this, “When have I told Mrs. Snark that my kids are your son's? Senhi and Yeshi clearly aren't his, moreover your grandkids.”

Senhi nodded before sprinting to Yuu's feet. “Grandpa, we should move now. Talking with brainless people irritates us.”

“Not a fan of drama. It's psychotic.” Yeshi grumpily glared at Julia. 

Yuu sighed and walked forward. “Follow me.”

Staring at their disappearing backs, Julia gritted her teeth in anger. 

Then, a melodious female voice voiced from her behind. “Mom? What's wrong?”

Julia turned her head and her expression softened, “June, I'm glad you're here. Mom has been bullied by a crazy pair of mother, son and daughter.”

June frowned, “Are they one of those people who came here to become Father's concubine?”

Julia opened her mouth, a smirk slowly rose up from her pursued lips. June prepared herself for the clear and expected answer but before Julia could speak, a voice cut them in. 

“I know you'll answer yes, but for your information Mrs. Snark, our madam doesn't need to latch into another man when his holiness is her husband who she shares great love with.”  

June was taken aback when she saw the not clearly human person, standing behind Julia's back. She looked around and saw that everything was frozen, as if time had stopped.

It was impossible, but each evidence was laid out prominently. The employees have stopped in their movements, and even the water had stayed still. 

Julia turned to look at her behind and almost screamed to death. 

Though, with her journey with Yuu who was also not ordinary, she saw many things that was deemed supernatural but never had she been this close to inhumane creatures like the one standing from her behind. 

The silhouette immediately blocked her mouth and leaned in her ear to whisper, “I'd like to eradicate you and everyone else in the Snark family, but the madam still wants to proceed her plan.”

“You torturing our Master's mother had already made many of our blood boil in madness. Killing you all would only ease our anger by only a piece, and it was not the right choice to pick.”

“Say, that you all have been blessed by luck this time. But, there's no second chance. When Madam gets what she wants...”

The creature laughed and said, “Earth would return to how it was in the past.”

June's eyes dropped down despite wanting to resist the faint lethargic feeling raising within her body. Like mother and daughter, they couldn't retain consciousness and fainted. 


Shen sat down, Senhi and Yeshi followed and sat beside their mom. Yuu looked at them with raised eyebrows before eyeing his subordinates standing next to the door. “Get out.”

His voice was shallow but loud enough for them to hear.

 They glanced at the guest that held no regards to their master and wondered what the beautiful lady's background was, but with the command in mind, they hastily left. 

With privacy now there, Yuu sat down and watched his self proclaimed daughter-in-law sip tea elegantly before looking at him. 

“What was it that you want to question?” 

Yuu asked with a questioning glare.

 Shen hummed in delight when she tasted the sweet tea as she replied, “Don't you think that the world must be baptized?”

“Baptized?” Yuu's eyes squinted, “For what reason have you asked this?”

Shen glanced at her daughter and Yeshi answered, “The world has been tainted. There should be another era to resurface instead of living with this fake peacefulness. A war, the baptism, and the new era of superhumans, shouldn't you agree?”

“...But wouldn't trouble come more often if what you proposed would come to be?”

“So what?" Senhi humped, “I'd much prefer this rather than the fake tranquility amongst this world.”

Yuu couldn't find the right response and he could only shift the topic, “Are you really my son's wife?”

Shen giggled and replied, “It's funny knowing you still consider Yuan as your son despite leaving them for another woman.”

“I didn't mean to leave her, she escaped.”

“That's because you forgot that this world was the future, not the ancient land you've lived in before. Plus, harems are disallowed in this world — men should only have one wife, but, as a former Emperor, I can understand.”

Yuu was disturbed when the other knew of his whereabouts, “...Who are you?” 

Shen tilted her head and answered, “From another world.”

“..Get down to business.” Yuu realized that there must be more to the questions being asked, he tapped on the table and stated, “What was your purpose on coming here?”

Shen put her empty teacup down and said, “Me and my kids originally came here to find my husband, and since we found him, we decided to level up our purpose into making a game.”

“A game of life and death, it's very fun.”

“So Mr.Snark, would you like to join?”

Shen smiled and continued, “I can give you back the power you lost.”

Yuu froze, his eyes widened. Indeed, he had lost that power after finishing all those tasks. He did everything he could to get it back but there was no avail, so this was tempting to him. “If I say yes, when will I get it?”

Shen opened her eyes revealing her heterochromia eyes, “If I say now, would you agree?”

“Then there's no need to bargain. I'll join!”

“Glad you chose well.” Shen clapped her hands in amazement and then proceeded with a grin.

 A piece has moved forward and her plan was halfway done.

 The joy and excitement that is made by this would be able to sustain them for a very long time. 

Before Yuu could speak his thanks when he saw the familiar screen open in his view, Shen added, “You shouldn't meet with Yuan for the moment, okay?”