29 – ‘Flashback,
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Shen looked at the sun, her hand held her children's as she took a few steps forward. 

The deal has flowed as how exactly she wanted it to be. 

“Congratulations with your successful transaction, Mommy!” 

Senhi and Yeshi suddenly voiced. Shen paused her movements and looked at them with a smile. Her eyes curved like crescents as she patted their head.

It reminded her of the transactions she used to do in the past. Unknowingly, she entered a flashback...

  The blue haired girl looked at the person sitting before her with squinting eyes. 

Her white lab coat draped over the couch as the other person issued a smile, “Congratulations for your successful transaction with the president, Cherry.”  

Cherry, the blue haired girl smiled back as she pushed the cup of coffee forward. She unconsciously caressed her eye patch as a memory of a boy overlapped in her eyes. 

She looked up and asked the other who was drinking bitter black coffee with an expressionless grin, “Have you found him?”

The other paused and shook their head, “We haven't found any clues about that boy yet. But I'm sure he's really powerful as he actually injured the greatest fighter in the crew!”

“Quit your nonsense.” Cherry voiced in annoyance as she propped her chin using her hand. “He was the weakest but the strongest person I've met. If I see him again, I'll make sure to tie him up with marriage as a compensation for the damage he had done to my heart.”

“What did he do with your heart?!" The person from across the couch spurted the coffee all over the place as they looked at Cherry with worry, “Did he stab you or something?”

“Oh, dearie, he stole my heart.” Cherry dazedly muttered.

“What? Omg, is that for real?" 

“En.” Cherry hummed in approval. “So if you don't find him quick, I'll be dead."...

”Since we're finish with our job here, let's have a vacation!” Shen clapped her hands together as she suggested. 

Senhi looked at her and cocked her head, “Let's go to daddy, mommy.”

Yeshi nodded, “I miss Yuri and I want to hug Daddy. Ri. Ight. Now.”

Shen happily responded with a “Sure.”.


Yuu came down from his office and his movement suddenly ceased. He saw his second wife laying asleep together with their eldest daughter in the sofa. 

He could hear the murmurs of those who passed by. 

But instead of getting angry, he stopped one of his men and asked, “What happened to them?”

The man hastily responded, “When we came back, we only saw Second Madam and eldest miss asleep. We didn't see any intruders, we are also conflicted about it.”

“...” Yuu sighed as he instructed, “Carry them to the residence and take back the command of going to the city A.”

The man nodded before pausing to ask, “Um, Sir, re you sure you won't go to City A?”

Yuu looked at him and asked, “I'm not sure? Of course, I am sure."

The man voiced with hesitation, “Oh, it's just that....”


Yuu glanced to his side and saw his other daughter, Lucy, and his two sons, Alex and Julius coming his way.

Lucy jumped towards Yuu and hugged him immediately, “I heard that another woman has come to become another step mother, dad, how many girls did you date and hooked up with!?”

Yuu answered calmly, “Seventeen.”

“And how many wives are you taking??" 


Lucy counted her fingers and said, “We already have seven mothers, so by your answer, you have rejected that woman and her bastard kids, am I right?”

Yuu sighed, “She isn't another one of my women. She was your sister-in-law.”

“Sister-in-law? Married to whom?” Lucy glanced at her brothers and asked. 

“Not me.” Alex quickly answered. “You know I date guys, right?”

“Not me either.” Julius spat. “I can't bear to make my current wife angry, she's nuts when she is mad.”

Lucy looked at her father again and questioned, “Whose wife is she?”

“Your third brother's1Was supposed to be eldest brother's but Yuan's mom wasn't married to Yuu and Julius have become the eldest so....” Yuu replied. “Basically, let's just say, you three are aunts and uncles now.”

“What!” Lucy fumed, “I'm just a ten-year old for fuck's sake! How could I be an aunt this young!”

“Not even Ari is complaining, Lucy.” Alex laughed, “And Ari's still inside mom's belly.”