Xtra 02 – ‘A dream or not,
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Like always, Xtras has announcements on them.(Or so it is on mine ^^).

Updates for this series is currently on hold (Hiatus) for a moment that'll last about three days or so. Classes have suddenly started giving out projects and I decided to make more piled up chapters that'll amount at least, near fifty or something. 

There's also another reason: I'll be busy writing new chapters for my new series “Nevis”, I have to make time to draw and I'd be getting my second vaccination that would exhaust me a lot (lol)

But, I'll at least finish the second part of chapter 30 which is divided into two parts ( Would be updated tomorrow.) For now, have the second Xtra [Dream or not.] Extras can be either skipped or not, it does not affect the main story but it does hold some relevant information.

A blue haired girl looked at the scene unfolding before her. The black haired boy thrusted the knife deep inside the man's chest. Blood spurted all around, in horror, the man's lackeys screamed. Despite this, the two youngsters didn't shed any fear, their eyes bottomless as they glanced at each other. 

With a grin, the girl tilted her head as she walked towards the young murderer bathed in the blood of the one he killed. She then squat down and caressed his cheeks. The boy was about to slap her hand away before the girl enveloped the boy in for a hug. 

Her hug was warm and soft, the two immature chest she had pressed against his neck as she embraced him further. In the moment of surprise, the boy plucked the knife off the no longer breathing man and stabbed it onto the girl's eye. Despite the pain brought by being stabbed, the girl didn't flinch as instead she forced a kiss into the boy's lips. 

The boy was flabbergasted, he finally reacted and pushed the girl off him. The girl bumped her butt into the floor as he looked at her with confused eyes. In the spur second, his eyes changed and showed fright, he quickly took a step back, tore a piece of his cloth and wiped it into the knife before throwing it to the nearest garbage can. 

The sound dangling, the boy jolted and run away. The blue haired look at this with a face of surprise. She wiped the blood off her face as she glanced at the fainted men. She stood up and took the knife and stabbed it into the man's lackeys chests. She then smiled as she placed the knife inside her pouch. 

The black haired boy ran as far as he could before panting in exhaustion. He wiped his mouth a few times and muttered repeatedly, “I didn't do it. She forced herself on me. I'm Innocent..” he then shook his head and ran further away. 

Suddenly, the sound of sirens enveloped his ears. He woke up in amazement as he glanced at the familiar but not really familiar blue haired girl sleeping while leaning on his shoulder. He patted her hair and sighed. The girl later woke up and looked at the boy with delight. Her face quickly changing into a confused expression when the boy looked back at her. 

Then, the boy suddenly asked, “Stop hiding beneath that, was that person the real you...?”

The blue haired girl froze for a subtle second before issuing a gleeful smile. She hummed and jumped into his embrace. “Surprise!” She stated.