30.2 – ‘Reuniting,
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The Queen had low-key announced her pregnancy and there were multiple reactions. 

Most, were demoness females who held a crush at their king. They thought that since the Queen hasn't been pregnant despite being with together for too long, they concluded that she must have been infertile and would leave them a chance to join and become at least, a concubine. 

But they didn't know was that Yuan was very busy each day and they, he and Shen had only done it once. 

So when they learned that the Queen is expecting triplets. Dozens of women's hearts have been broken — including a certain female succubus, Leonora. 

Leonora was the person who took Yuan back to the kingdom after the previous demon king died under his hands and teeth. She saw that this demon was quite cute and if she seduces him, she'll become the Queen but reality proves that she wasn't fated to be. 

Yuan was destined to be with Shen, and not her. 

She looked outside from the french window stall, her blonde hair rested upon her chest as she sighed in defeat. It had already been a few months since that announcement, and she had yet to get over it. 

Suddenly, her servant, Cleo, run across the hallways and shouted in a hurry. “Miss Leonora...Madam...She's given birth!”

And it was on that certain moment the thread of  resist of giving up broke. Leonora rushed towards the demon hospital and looked at the three little bundle of joy wrapped inside the blankets with interest and adoration. 

“Such cute children...Queen, what would you name them?” Leonora asked as she glanced at the blue haired elf looking at her direction with a smiling emotion clear across her face. 

Shen replied simply, “Senhi, Yeshi and Yuri.”

“What adorable names for the same cute children.” Leonora said with happiness. “They take a lot from you and the King.” 

“...Is your resolve on getting him gone?” Shen abruptly said. 

Leonora paused before issuing a clueless laugh, “I am.”

“Then that's great.” Shen announced with a clap of her hands. Leonora blushed in embarrassment before shifting her focus towards the newborn prince and princess. 

Though their blood wasn't pure, it was still mixed with the noble elf blood line and the tenacious demon kind, even if there's a mediocre human blood within the three, it shouldn't be that many. 

And after that, it was a new tale to be told...

“...Daddy, after you disappeared, mommy was deeply worried and almost miscarried us. Good thing that Aunt Leonora was there and her servant Penelope, we were able to come into this world safely and they helped us a lot in the planning. The Gods were hard to please and talk a deal to let us come here, that's where Auntie Leonora came in, with her skill, she was able to make a deal.” Yuri claimed. 

“Her skill...Isn't it seduction and the plot holes in your story...— Ehm, that's passable.” Yuan said before glancing at Beta who had just returned after leaving somewhere abruptly. 

Beta raised his hands that was holding a tray of food, “I had an information and it said that they're nearing.”

Yuan froze, “They are?” He lost his cool as he quickly ran towards his room. 

Opening his closet as he glanced at the clothes he had bought, they weren't that many as he could just magically make an outfit appear — though, Yuan forgot since his mind was processing the word 'they', Shen and their kids were about to come, an excited and longing expression blossomed on Yuan's babyface. 

When he realized he didn't have any luxurious clothes to wear, Yuan almost cursed if not for the presence of his youngest daughter in here. 

Yuri looked at him, confused, “Daddy, why are you panicking? And, couldn't you just change clothes magically?” 

“Ah, right!” Yuan knocked his dumb brain and ordered Momo. 

Momo was smiling when he nodded. Yuan's body was bonded with black shadows as a suit appeared and well fit him. 

Then, his doorbell rang. 

The soft chime of ringing echoed. 

Yuri was confused about this noise and asked Yuan, “Daddy, what's making that sound?”

“That's a doorbell, Yuri. It tells those inside the house that there's someone outside.”

“Oh, it was supposed to be like that? I thought it should be knocking.”

“Chat after, go seat in the table, hurry.”

Yuri followed the command and quickly sat down. 

Yuan went to the door and his eyes flinched melancholy. 

He opened the door and saw the beautiful and peerless beauty that he owns. The woman with azure hair smiled and tilted her head, Yuan was about to suffocate with tears as he leaned forward. 

His hand embraced Shen. But because Shen was taller, he had to step on his toes to reach her cheeks. 

Shen didn't tease Yuan as she leaned down. Their lips came upon each other and touched, they longed to each other's comfort and touch. 

Seeing the adults kiss, Senhi dashed towards Yuri and pulled over Yeshi as he put his hand over their eyes. 

Yeshi spoke more as she humped, “What the hell are you doing, Senhi!” 

Yuri agreed, “We know we're already up to four thousand years old at this point, won't this be making us older? So seeing the scene is fine, aren't you peek in as well?”

Senhi disagreed, “I'm the oldest. Listen to me sis!”