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"And what is that truth?" This time, Waver asked with curiosity and both he and Reines attentively waited for the coming answer.

"The truth is . . . " Jun paused for dramatic effect.

"I simply like you two~" He shrugged with a teasing smirk.

Reines and Waver could only make weird expressions, part disbelief, part denial, part something unknown that was mixed in . . .

Seeing the contrived expressions of the two, Jun could only break out into laughter.

"Hahahaha! Thank you for the expressions!" He said, still with a very amused smile on his face.

"Are you serious?" Waver asked to make sure.

"I am. I find you two interesting and that's more than enough reason for me to act. WHile I endeavour to profit from every venture I take part in, said profit is secondary compared to the enjoyment I derive from it." Jun shared.

It made sense for the two of them. Jun seemed like such an overwhelmingly powerful being, he was probably very long lived too which, considering all of his time manipulating shenanigans was true.

Jun was actually quite old by now and thought little of that time was spent in actual interactions and most was spent in states of transformation, it still meant he was quite old and as mystery increased with age, he was probably unaffected by modern magecraft.

Though he himself, who constantly measured himself against planet class beings, never even bothered to consider such trifling things as his immunity to the means of modern mages.

Under Waver and Reines' assumptions however, a long life meant one's main enemy was boredom and like old and powerful Dead Apostle Ancestors lived to stave of boredom, Jun too ought to be the type of being to prioritize his own entertainment as he should possess limitless time to achieve his goals, whatever they might be.

"Well, even if you will help us out of simply liking, based on the principle of equivalent exchange we uphold as magi, our assistance with whatever matter you find us fitting for, is also offered." Reines declared.

"And I will be sure to use it. In fact, even though it is more a matter for the future, I do plan to send some students your way Waver." Jun mentioned.

"Students?" Waver asked.

"Yes, quite talented and dear to my heart so do take care of them. In terms of skills and prowess, they ought to be beyond Clock Tower standards, I merely wish them to learn more of magus society and disciplines through your classroom." Jun responded.

"Don't be afraid to call on them for muscle if you have the need for it though. They will benefit from practical experience more than anything I think." He added.

"Well . . . I'll be looking forward to it." Waver responded. Internally though, he was already complaining about what sort of troublesome little monsters Jun was going to send his way in the future, sighing in his mind at how unfair life was.

After that was taken care of, Jun then discussed at length the extent of his support with Reines who was eager to put the fearsome reputation Jun was passively building up in the Association to good use as protection while she expanded her own influence and gathered resources.

Speaking of which, Jun also claimed he could provide various unique resources in the future. While he did not say why not now, it was due to the fact that the source of said resources, Aurea Poculum, was fully focused on speeding up his transformation in order for him to regain access to his full power and then some with his final Crown becoming operational.

With said discussion concluded however, it was time for the pair to get on with their lives but quite suddenly, he noticed an entourage visiting the mansion where they were.

He smiles and turned to Reines.

"It seems you have visitors." Jun commented.

"Who?" Reines asked, knowing that with his barrier in place, there was no way for her to know.

"It seems to be Kayneth's widow, along with who I assume is her brother. They are still quite a distance away but I believe they are coming straight here." Jun replied.

"They must have caught wind that we were to meet you and rushed to our locations." Waver deduced.

"So it would seem." Reines agreed with the assessment.

"I have what I can for so I can leave you to deal with them but if your prefer I stay, I have no problems with it either. I'm actually quite curious of their intentions." Jun commented.

As Kayneth's wife, Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri had not died due to Jun messing up the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War big time, there was not nearly as much strain between the Sophia-Ri family and Reines' faction.

Still, there is some friction since unlike before where the Archibald were at the top and the Sophia-Ri were trying to coax benefits out of them through an arranged marriage, now, the Sophia-Ri family could be said to be in a better position and since they were technically still linked, they wanted to share in whatever gains Reines had.

While doing this however, they also didn't want to put all of their eggs in the same basket. Despite their connection to the Archibald family still helping them in terms of status even if they had fallen from grace, the Sophia-Ri were hesitant to put in too much effort to help their struggling ally.

"If its all the same to you Lord Haikami, please stay." Reines requested, already planning on using his presence and power to tie the Sophia-Ri to their bandwagon and make them more forthcoming with their support.

Jun acquiesced, releasing his bounded field and allowing Reines to contact with her subordinates to let the coming guests in.

Arriving soon after, Sola-Ui and her brother, Bram Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, rushed in to little resistance, something which surprised them as they thought Reines would most certainly not be willing to share this valuable connection with them.

While it surprised them and made them wonder if they were not too late, the siblings didn't delay and pressed forward, leaving their guards at the door, they entered the room where Jun was meeting with Waver and reines, after which Jun put up his bounded field once more.

"How nice of you two to join us, Sister-in-Law, Brother-in-Law, despite the lack of invitation, you are always welcome." Reines greeted, her way however, was filled with barbs.

Never would she refer to the siblings as sister and brother in law on regular occasions and the mention that they came without invitation was as clear a jab as one could be.

"We both known of your "hospitality", El-Melloi Princess." Bram retorted, clearly firing back with his mention of Reines' "hospitality" being a double jab at her lack of it and also some of her more questionable methods of "inviting" people at times.

"But where are my manners. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Lord Haikami I presume?" Bram continued.

"You presume correctly." Jun amusedly replied.

"I am Bram Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, successor of the Sophia-Ri family and next department head of the Evocation Department in the Clock Tower." Bram introduced himself.

"And this is-" He proceeded to introduce his sister, or tried to before Jun interrupted him.

"Oh I know your sister from Fuyuki so there's no need for introductions. Isn't that right lady Sola-Ui?" Jun said with a teasing smile on his face.

"Yes lord Haikami." She replied, her face half torn between fear and attraction but the former seemed to win out.

'This woman really has a hard time keeping it in her pants . . .' Jun internally commented while noting her attraction to him despite the fact he should be considered her enemy.

After all, it was Jun who orchestrated the death of her husband and his servant who she was in love with and if Artoria had not finished off Lancer, Sola-Ui would have been his master and thus a target for elimination in Jun's eyes as well.

After some awkwardness due o Jun's greeting, the siblings wanted to find a place to sit but there were only two couches facing each other, occupied by the hosts and the guest.

They did not dare to sit with Jun of course but sitting with Reines and Waver did not "sit" well with them either, pun intended.

Noticing their conundrum, Jun snapped his fingers and materialized a couch on the left of his own, facing the table between his couch and Reines'.

"I shall be bold to assume you two are here for me so I ask . . . With what intentions did you come to meet me?" Jun opened the new discussion.


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