Chap 2: The Snow-Haired Girl
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 "What's going on?" I said. I ran over to her. She pointed behind her. A giant bear with red fur came in view. "Red Bears?" I froze. Even at Lvl.23  I can't defeat a Red Bears. Red Bears are the most dangerous animals in Alypedia. Dragons are royalty. They are the most powerful animals in this world.

I, too, am a dragon.

Half dragon. I unsheathed my sword and dashed towards the ear. It swung its claws are me, but I dodged just in time. I saw its E getting low and smiled. (E is for energy.)

I managed to get 5 slashes and finished it off with a powerful skill. "HAAAAAAAAA!"

[You leveled up!]

[You  leveled up!]

[You leveled up!]

[You killed a Red Bear!]

I turned around to face the white haired-girl. She looked shocked. Surprised, even. She wore a dress with black leggings and boots. (Me too.) "Meyra. Meyra, the Swordswoman." When she lookd at me, she....blushed?

"Kallien." She managed. "Kallien the Mage." I smiled. "Nice to meet you, Kallien." Oh, did I mention I cut my hair to shoulder-length? "So...Kallien-"

"Call me Kalia." She said. "And call me Mei." I said. Kalia noded. I helped her up and we started walking.


Okat, so this might be too early for them but...does anyone else ship them? Ship Name: Kalra.