Chapter 3: The Fantasy Council
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The Fantasy Council is something that has been going on since this Fantasy Era started. But only this world, Alypedia, knew it's real. The rulers of each territory sat in silence.

The Dragon King, who's sat in the biggest throne, spoke in a booming voice:

"Welcome to another meeting of the Fantasy Council, a place hidden, and forbidden."


(With Mei and Kalia)

"So, Mei said, breaking the silence between the two, "I'm from Sltheria, a village in the Northern Kingdom." Kalia nodded. "Turios, a village in the Eastern Kingdom."Mei paused. "You traveled by foot?"

Kalia sighed. "I was, until I ran into  Red Bear. I ran day and night. I'm actually could use a nap. I knew even a lvl. 21 mage Mage like me can't beat a Red Bear. She looked at Mei. "That's how I met you. Thank you for saving my life."

Mei blushed. "No problem. How about we stop here for tonight?" Both girls set up tents, said goodnight to each other, and fell asleep.

(Sorry this chap is short.)