V1 Prologue – A Thought
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Here's some brain candy; you don't have to take it too seriously. 

Was math invented or discovered?

Laying out the facts, mathematics has always existed as a constant in the universe since the dawn of creation. In that case, was it discovered? It goes a bit deeper than that. What most people commonly associate with math are all abstractions invented by us: formulas, theorems, models, etc. However, what underlies them all are still the fundamental principles of reality that are not ours. So, our progress here is halted.

This question to me is truly tasteless--just like most. You need to define "math." What most people would refer to when they think of math is the type taught to everyone in schools: Geometry, Algebra, etc. In classes, we take a subject and digest them by using our own methods of comprehension. This is to be expected since we simply cannot grasp the full scale of math's effect on the universe alone. Our own conceptual understanding through things like symbols of our own creation is what we invented about math. Math as a concept has existed in everything since before humanity and was merely discovered.

This answer is not a simple [pick choice 1 or choice 2] as it leads you to believe. This question, isn't it truly lacking? Well, that might just be from my own perspective. Anyways, the answer to this question serves no immediate practical or applicable use; its value is immaterial. So, you might be wondering why I'm even telling you about it. You may be wondering why you're reading about me rambling on line by line about a seemingly simple, double-faced, and trivial question. 

Let's answer that with another question:

Have you ever felt frustrated at the vagueness of a question?

I already know your answer. You've felt frustrated before, but why? Is it because the solution is devoid of substance or because the question is unsolvable? This is a difference separating me; I'd pick the former.

Well, you probably don't want to hear me blabber on any longer so let's just hurry up tell you about that time. Yes, that time I picked the latter.