V1C7 – Progress II
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It's been one and a half years since my birth in this world, Arcana. I'll give a progress report. I am now able to fully perambulate, no corner of this house is safe from me. I'm not allowed to go outside on my own though; I see no immediate reason to anyway. This house is quite prim, it's cleaned earnestly every day: each and every corner by the servants. They don't interact with me much unless I confront them. But anyway, this house must be quite old, I can tell by the quality of the wood. Even if dust is removed, that factor still remains.

The mansion contains my dad's office, a few guest rooms, my sisters' rooms, my parent's room, my room, the living room (which connects to the dining room and the kitchen), the basement, and some bathrooms. Back to my dad's office, the most interesting thing in there are the books. Many are technical and hard to read for my level in Connuit, so it seems I'll need a bit more mastery before plowing through them. That's one goal at the moment. Speaking of which, my spoken language has become decent. I'm confident that I could have a basic coherent conversation if I were to showcase my skill. I haven't shown my parents as to not scare them, and have only used singular phrases and whatnot here and there. I've been playing the part of perfect child excellently, I maintain good relations with all members with equal affection.

By the way, my first words were spoken months ago being, "mama" first and then, "dada" second. That caused some uproar. Also, though I enjoyed baby food, I can now eat solid foods and chew them. Arcana's cuisine doesn't lose to Earth's. The control of my bladder has also been reclaimed and such embarrassment will never be felt again!

On the topic of the world, I searched a bit for what little politics and military-related material I could get a hold of (being from parents' conversations or books). What I found out: this world is engrossed with war, or rather it used to be. World Wars were commonplace, there are definitely more than two that happened in Arcana. Now, we are in a period of peace though. Other than our nation, the monarchy of Euvanistu, I have no idea about any others. Soldiers use guns, but it seems that other types of weapons+magic are more popular and frequently used. Magic: I still know little to nothing about it. I guess it's good that I was born into this time period.

Anyways, this is grossly oversimplified but the laughable social hierarchy system is the following: descending from the royals are nobles/aristocracy and then commoners with a few classes in between. Where do my parents socially and economically stand you ask? It seems we're on the higher end of nobles, we have considerable influence. Our territory is essential for the economy and we hold political influence in regards to the kingdom as a whole. The Kyuri Family, that is.

"Hey! Kei-chan! Check this out!"

My now 11-year-old sister, Akari, rushed over to show me something.

"Sora made it, isn't it cool?"

Sora is my now 8-year-old sister. My now 5-year-old sister, Hoshiko, lazed on the sofa while listening in. Akari-neechan held some sort of spinning contraption. The left side had a small flame, are you sure you should be carrying that?

"It's been spinning for over an hour already!"

"Oh, Sora...very interesting!"

"Isn't it?"

What kind of 8-year-old kid makes a stirling engine!? Sora blushed,

"Ehehe, it's not really much, I just copied something I saw with the stuff in our workshop."

That's right, we have a workshop in the basement.

"Hoshiko, what do you think?"

"It's nice."

That was as much of a response you could get out of her. She was gentle and apathetic, her tone was nearly always monotone and mumbly. Akari, like her name, was always bright and cheery without fail. Sora was of the same character, around us always happy, passionate to teach us new things but a bit less flowy than Akari. She made up for that in passion. Then...

*door unlocks*

The Lord of the Kyuri territory, our father Shin Kyuri, came back home. After stepping in, our mother, Livia Kyuri came out to meet him. 

"Hi, honey. How was it?"

"The people were nice as always. Oh, they gave this to me."

He pulled out a bag, I couldn't discern the contents from a distance but I could deduce that they were probably some vegetables (happened before). He gave it to a maid and told her to bring it to the kitchen for our chef to prepare. He then came over to us, looking down fuzzily.

"How were you guys today? Hm? Is that another one of Sora's...?"


Akari excitedly showed him the mechanism as if it were her own work.

"Hahaha, that's great Sora."

He patted her head, the force he applied was not regulated but the feelings transmitted regardless. Mom interjected,

"Well, you got home a bit late; Let's eat dinner."

"Yes please!"

We shouted in unison.

The menu today was a fancy Arcana dish or rather a Euvanistu dish. It was made from some sort of monster, which always tastes better than normal livestock for some reason. It was a simple seasoned cut of meat. Memories of how the bear I defeated would taste welled up, but I quickly shoved them back down.

They, the chef, were making full use of the sudden vegetable delivery with some fast side dishes. Though there were many different things about this world in relation to what I knew, many parts were still similar like some ingredients and dishes: along with the entree were mashed potatoes, light salad, infused onions, etc. It was quite extravagant, today was seemingly special.

Before eating, we said our prayers. So, people believe in Gods here too. [X] popped into my mind, but I erased the thought.

*after eating*

"Oo...I ate a lot. I'm stuffed! Thank you, Asahi (chef)..."

"It's my job after all."

Akari, "Well, I'm going to my room."

Sora, "I think I'll improve the engine..."

Hoshiko, "Zzzz..."

Dad, "I'm a bit tired from work today, I'll turn in and go to bed. Can I leave the rest to you, Livia?"

Mom, "Of course, now go rest!"

"It...delicious, thank you, Asahi," I said, doubling Akari's gratitude.

"No problem, Kei-sama. Also, if I may complement, your speaking abilities are superb for your age."

"Hehe, I'm proud of you~"

Mom tickled my hair and held me up. She began to walk me to my room.

"No...I walk!"

With a laugh, she put me down and let me walk on my own. I head to my room after saying so.

I've been conducting tests, now that I can walk and move things on my own. Looking out of the open window, I take a gander at the endless starry sky. No light pollution blocking my view, I archive the scene in my mind. But, not for keepsake but comparison. 

"That looks exactly like Orion..."

The constellations align exactly with the ones I know of. The perspective of this planet to the observable universe is in the same spatial area as Earth, impossibly. This has to be some parallel reality at this point, doesn't it?

I've also mentally counted the seconds, minutes, and hours--they line up with the changes in the sky. Judging by the time of sunsets and rises, I can tell that it's summer if we're assuming the tilt of this planet to be 23.4deg and has 4 seasons.

I grab a small copper-colored coin: the Euvanistu unit of currency, the Euvan. By comparing the prices in Euvan of various objects around the house, a rough estimate for 1 Euvan arises to be ~57 yen (~50 cents). I take the coin and hold it a meter above the ground. How could I measure it that precisely? Well, my sense of dimensions and processing has always been good--superhuman some people might say. How do you think I pinpointed the inside of the glass cage during [X]'s first trial? It's gotten a bit worse due to a new body, but I'm adjusting. I release the coin.


The coin soon spins to a stop on the wooden floor. It landed after around 0.45 seconds. As I thought, the gravitational pull of this planet is the same as the Earth--and therefore has the same mass. Everything is lining up in this world to be as expected, but how is the existence of magic explained? I grab the coin up again.

"Around 2.3 grams huh..."

Its weight is ~.02256 newtons then. I flick it forward with a predetermined force. I do the calculations in my head in a split second; I've raced against people with calculators before and won in terms of speed. As expected, the kinetic frictional coefficient is 0.29: the exact value for copper. I think I've seen enough. Besides magic and whatever worked to reincarnate me here, this world behaves like my previous one. Which means...

I have more cards I can use.

Hopefully, I won't have to use them though.