V1C11.5 – Sound the Alarm
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Lord Raizen's Soliloquy:

Sometimes I doubt my humanity.

To me, humans are nothing more than tools. Honestly, that's the case. They can be sharpened, bought, and replaced; You just need to know the right methods to employ. Find weaknesses and exploit them. I've done so all my life and reached this place in the stead of my dead brothers. Also, may I say, this seat of mine is a good vantage point.

I can watch over those enwrapped by my strings like a puppeteer. Those people whose weaknesses are sprawled in my palms. I doubt there's anyone who can stop me, the me who's already thrown out worthless empathy to achieve any goal. So, why do I gather tools and power at such length? Do I crave some towering goal? Of course, I do. I will raise the ranks and obtain unimaginable power even greater than what I have. When everyone becomes my tools and under my influence...

I can't wait to see the day.

For I'm not a person, but a being higher than comprehension itself.

Kei Kyuri POV:

I've researched the [Lightning Despair], though none of our records hold mention of the name. That way of fighting too, magically turning your body into a weapon as fast as lightning is unheard of. Well, his identity isn't a priority as he's out to protect us--not like I'll give up. I'm sure you remember, but I'm also getting lessons on his technique. Obtaining the skill makes me reminiscent of my old training in the dojo: it's his teaching style.

This new skill in addition to the Luminate God Style increases my arsenal significantly. So far, as of my eighth birthday now, I'm only able to 'flash step' a few times. The logic behind it is pretty interesting, you concentrate magic strengthening into your feet and compensate the rest of the body for pure acceleration. I simplified it to the essentials.

"Ohoho, you sure are nimble. That's one of your greatest strengths since you're overall a weakling."

"Cut me some slack."

We continued clanging steel until the sun drizzled out of the sky's solution. At any rate, this old man sure doesn't move like one; I wonder what he was like in his heyday. I can sense a force equal to, or maybe even stronger than Arida-sensei residing in that wrinkly vessel perhaps.

"Don't lose focus!"

 He tore the curved blade to my side in a stroke. I, who was about to lose balance, was bluntly bumped and kept above my feet by it.

"Even though I'm gracing you with my teachings, you sure are leisurely."

"Yeah yeah, old man. I mean Hokudou-sensei."

I only know his last name.

"Hey hey, well I guess that's fine."


Other than classes like these, my tutoring has been progressing well: especially on the magic side. Sora-neechan is no longer with us, so Iris-sensei spent more time on us remaining two: Hoshiko-neechan and I.

"Hey, mom. I heard you were a renowned hunter back in the day, is that true?"

"Oh, it's true. Well, I've long since retired from that life. At one point though, I did hunt quite a number of dangerous monsters."

This was surprising, I didn't think the gentle person in front of me could do such a thing. I guess she was like an exterminator or maybe an adventurer?

"So, what made you quit?"

"Well, there was one lord who took me in. I fell in love with that man. I'm sure you get what I mean."


"I see. So, about--"

[The conversation derails]

Angelic light bursts into my retina,

"Luciel, I haven't seen you in years. What is it, so suddenly?"

"It seems you've grown enough, it's time for your first assignment."

"Straight to the point. Alright, what is it?"

"First, let me give you some context. We angels and Gods have a precognition ability of sorts, meaning we can predict events ahead of time. Other than that, the future is unstable and depends on the intricacies of the world so our details are fuzzy. So, this is your role; You will help us reach desired futures. For you, I give your first order, which you may do at your discretion, now that you have the proper skill. That is this: Save a slave named Shion from Lord Raizen's territory."

I don't question why.

"I see, I'll work towards it."

"As expected of you."

"Oh, Luciel. Would you like to spend some more time down here in this realm this time?"

"Hm? I don't mind, but why?"

"I'll show you something interesting. Can you hide your presence?"

"Enough to make it as if I didn't even exist there yes, what are you on about?"

"You'll see, just stay here and wait for a bit."

“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” - Aristotle.

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see." - Arthur Schopenhauer

There are things that I want to protect in this world. There are things that I find to be troublesome. But, I have the means to change this world of mine. As a spider holds its strike until its prey has entered its domain, I wait. I wait until the moment the venom will sink the deepest.