CH 13: A New Skill and a Vision
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A New Skill and a Vision:

A huge gate with various inscriptions, carvings and gems on it. A glowing emerald gem, embedded above the gate. 

This gate is the entrance to the boss room, it's written in Bruce's diary along with other pieces of information about this dungeon. His wife, Selina, was a researcher, she studied this dungeon after they got thrown here. 

They lived here till their death using Selina's inventions and Bruce's skills.

I also know the reason why other Arachnes don't come here. It's not that they are especially "afraid" of the 'being' that's inside this gate, nor this place was "made" to be a safe zone for petty adventurers. Heck, adventurers don't even make it here, or should I say can't? Anyway, They avoid this place because of that large emerald stone, shinning on the top of this gate. I don't know how that works but it is there to keep the creature that's inside the room, inside the room. The avoiding of other Arachnes of this place is just a by-product.

*sniff* *sniff*


Is Akane is crying? 

'Why though?.... Oh'


Looks like she's finished reading it. Well, their tale was quite interesting at the beginning, but near the end, the death of his daughter, Son-in-law and his Grand-daughter's death was so tragic and painful. It makes your heart heavy.  

I went near Akane.

'I should console her, right?' 

'What should I say....?'

"T-There... there?" I patted her shoulders to console her. 

To my clumsy consolation, she gave me a confused look and an awkward smile. 



'fuck, that was awkward. I shouldn't have done that!!'


"Akane-san, we won't die here, at least not due to starvation. Have you read that part yet?"

"Hm..... let's open the caskets!"

One of the two caskets contains the Orb that the so-called Mysterious woman gave to Bruce. She had instructed him to transfer the skill back to the Orb at all costs when the time he realises that he is nearing his death comes. He obediently did as ordered.

After clicking several buttons on the casket, it finally opened, and a shining white light flashed our faces. That shine was from the Orb. Akane took it out, and she stared at it.

"Itsuki-kun, as soon as I touched it, my status screen popped up and showed that the Skill is not compatible with me. You try it too, maybe you will be compatible with it?"

"Oh, shit! I am afraid, what will happen if we both are incompatible."

"Yeah, you're right, that would be the worse!"

I took the spherical shining Orb from her hands and held it firmly.

My status screen popped up.

[ Analysing an unauthorised skill . . . ]

[ Skill: Summoning, force verified . . . ]

[ Skill: Summoning, found compatible . . . ]

[ Integrating Skill: Summoning in the User's Soul . . .]

[ 52% Soul Strenght Found . . . ]

[ Soul Strength insufficient . . .] 

[ Integration of Skill: Summoning . . . failed!!! ]

'Huh? Fuck!!!'

[ Force Re-initialising Soul Strengthening . . . ]  


[ Re-integrating the Skill: Summoning . . . ] 


[ Soul Strengthening . . . 53% ]

[ Integration of Skill: Summoning complete . . . 1% ]

[ Soul Strengthening complete . . . 54% ]

[ Integration of Skill: Summoning complete . . . 47% ]

[ Soul Strengthening complete . . . 55% ]

[ Integration of Skill: Summoning complete . . . 99% ]

[ Skill: Summoning, successfully integrated . . . ]

[ Soul Strengthening complete . . . 56% ]

[ Soul Strengthening complete . . . 57% ]

[ Soul Strengthening . . . failed!!! ]

[ Current Soul Strength . . . 57% ]

'Phew, that was nerve-wracking. I nearly had a heart attack when it showed that skill integration failed. I'm glad though, I have another skill!'

After the integration of the skill with my soul, the glow from the orb died down but suddenly it shone brighter than ever blinding my sight. 

I reflexively closed my eyes.



'where is this place?'



It is all foggy and dark.

I can't see anything other than this fog.

'Is this another teleportation?'

I see an approaching silhouette of a... person? 

"Hm? Is- is that you, Akane-san?"

That silhouette seems to be of a hooded woman in silky black clothes. The gender can be determined by the curves enveloped by that smooth clothing that shouldn't have formed if she were a man. Half of her face is covered by that hood, or is that a veil?

Who is she?

Is she an enemy...

"That's it. Stop, right there. Don't come a step closer." 

I raised my arm to aim at her.... or at least that's what I tried to do. But I can't feel my body. No, it's not that I can't feel my body, I don't HAVE a body!

Her lips curled up in a smile. She opens her mouth and speaks in a faint, soft whisper.

"I know what you want power, don't you?.......not just any power but a power that can kill a GOD or should I say, Goddess? hehehe~"


"I know how you could find them................... I know how you can obtain them .......................... Ren Itsuki.................... come to me...................... find me first............................. And I shall tell you.............. HOW TO KILL A GODDESS OF ANOTHER 'EARTH'............."



"Goodbye................................ see you SOooon~~~"

She waves her hand and disappears into the mists.

Now I get where this place is... it's in my mind. 

It is a vision. 

Wake up... Wake up...




I shot open my eyes.

What was that... vision?

*pant* *pant*

Who was that woman?

She said to find her.

*pant* *pant*

Was she the woman who gave Bruce his skill?

How does she know me?

*pant* *pant*

"Itsuki-kun! what happened. Are you awake? Can you hear me?"

"woaaaahhh, woaaaahhh, stop, stop shaking me, Akane-san."

"What happened to you? You just blacked out all of a sudden"

"It's okay, I am fine now... Did you see it too?"

"See what? Did you see something?"

"It was................................... a woman."

I told Akane-san all about that vision...?

"Giving some power after finding her, she said. I've seen a fair share of these kinds in my syndicate."

'Hm? yeah, forgot she's a daughter of a Sinner group's head.'

"Well, She is a manipulator," I said, rubbing the back of my head.

"Hm, She could be saying the truth though..."

"When did I say she was lying. I said she wants to manipulate us or whoever got the skill. Too bad for her, we're stuck too. Whatever that woman said, we can't do that right now."  

"Oh! Sorry I didn't phrase it right... what if, she is here? In this dungeon?"

"Huh... well, I don't know. If we find her in this dungeon maybe she can join us," I snorted, "Anyway, I am not fond of the idea of finding that shady woman."

"Hehe, but if we find her here, then she is free to give the power to escape the dungeon!" Akane chimed.

"Right!", I chuckled.


Whatever it was, it shook my whole mind. 

Closing my eyes, I took deep breaths to relax my mind.

*inhale* *exhale*

Whatever that woman said about power and all is for the later date to think about. Currently, I am starving.

"Oh, Akane-san, have I told you yet? I have it now, the skill- summoning."

"Huh!!! Great!!! We can now eat all we want!!!"

"Yeah, yeah, but before that, I need to know how it actually works and also........... we need to give Bruce-san and Selina-san a proper goodbye before we use their belongings."

"Hmm, yes, let's." 

After we covered them with a wethered blanket and offered a prayer, I checked my status.

" <Status> "

 [                                 ]

      NAME: Ren Itsuki            

      AGE: 17

      SEX: Male


      ORIGIN: EARTH-818


      The Not Summoned One 


      LEVEL: 835


      HP: 5010/5010

      MP: 8350/8350

     STR:  0

      DEX: 1,670

      DEF: 0

      AGI: 1,670

      INT: 4175

      LUCK: not defined

      ABNORMAL STATE: none



  1. Disintegration lvl 4 [ ⇓ ]

       < Number of shots: 81/81 >

    2. Summoning lvl 1 * [ ⇓ ]

         <Summonned beast contract limit: 3>   

         <Summon contracts left: 0>



     Linguistics [ ⇓ ]

 [                                 ]

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