Chapter 43 – The Priority
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" I hate poops "

I said that as I was walking to nearby river I could find using my second skills.

At the moment, my body was perfectly covered by smelly feces.

Could you imagine how horrible it was?

Hah, it was wonderfull parfum that made a few monsters ran

It was worse that i could not go home as i didn't know how to summon the gate that had dissappeared.

More, i could not even do anyting to there stalker and a like who was still following me.

whatever, My first priority was to clean my self.

After walking for a few hours worth of walking, I found a calm river.

There were a few monsters.

But, they were avoiding me after I was making them to understand the taste of the most cursed poop i could summon.

I was even summoned the poops to the big fish that was about to bite me.

I smiled wickedly everytime i did that as i thought about the culprit that i would catch in the future. 

The smelll was not gone even I took a bath for 2 hours!

This was really cursed poop.

At that time, I meditate my self in the middle of river, leaving only my head to breath while evaluate today's fighting. 

I had just remembered that there was some basic weapons prepared in the school's waist bag that was given in first day endering the school.

I looked at my waist... 

Okay, The bag was gone....

The rabbit might have bitten and broken the string.

Let's thought about the others.

My gears was usefull, But they were still not enough. 

My only usefull skill for fighting directly was my 3rd skill.

My second skill just help me to aim the target.

I did lack fighting power

moreover, First skill was to normalize... wait, Could it also purify this horrible scent?

My focus was changed immedietly. 

I summoned the flying books then recite it as fast as i could while still meditating in the middle of calm river

at this moment, I didn't care anything but to erase this cursed smell.