Chapter 44 – Her worries
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Ms. Danti was fooled by a shadow pupet that was performed by the agent of 'dark ages' skills.

It was already late in the night that she was awared. 

Luckily, There was a spy device in Sufi artefacts that allowed her to locate where he was.

Ms.Danti went was fast as she could using all gears and skills that were avaliable.

She easily entered the one of a few tower shaped dungeon in the academy. 

Ms.Danti was protecting her nose immedietly from the bad smell that she sniffed as soon as she entering the dungeon. 

There were horrible scene just  100  meters or so from the gate that made Ms.Danti Threw up on the spot. 

It was about 20 bulging half-death rabbits that scattered around.

The problem was not their bulging stomach.

But, what was inside it.

The indescriptable thing that left in their mouth was the perfect clue about what weapon that was used to torture these pity rabbits.

Sadly, Ms.Danti wasn't a saint who would help a helpless monster. 

She just ignored them and continue her searching. 

The foul scent was every where that forced Ms.Danti to take an extra measure to protect her nose and mouth. 

The victims that lying around were increased more and more, start from small animals to a big monster.

The similiarity that could be found was a thing in their mouth. 

With her speed, It didn't need a long time to be able to find the culprit who was making this wicked scenes.

An 10 years old boy was running around to pursue his target. 

animals and monsters was not different in his eyes. 

The thing that made this weird event possible was this child ultimate scared weapon that could be seen anywhere on the way there. 

The small demon was laughing wickedly everytime he hit the target.

Eventough Ms.Danti forced to threw up severaltimes, 

She still watched this play from a very save distance and only approached the VERY VERY DIRTY Child after he was too tired to continue  playing games with his victims.

No matter how clear this event could happen, Ms.Danti could not help to feel pity to the victims that was lying around.