Chapter 45 – Need an Insurance
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It was actually prohibited to touch the holy book when i was dirty.

But, the holybook was floating around.

I didn't need to touch it to read.

I also just need to order it in my hear to change the page.

The only problem there was these Animals and Monsters that always appeared to threaten me everytime i let my guard down. 

I was forced to prepare my weapon anytime.

But, to did that dirty things when i recite the holy books....

And with a consideration that i had just realized about how long time the holybook's effect need to erase the scent (30 hours)

Those were a few reason that stressed me soo much that I unsummoned the holy book and decided to give these stupid animals a lesson.

It was only after a few hours that i had to take a rest to catch my breath. 

At that time, Ms.Danti appeared.

Her pale and tired face showed me how desperate she was looking for me.

" Um... I can explain "

Before i could finish my word, I was made flied and throwed to the river. 

Over there, I could see several soaps and others things floating around to clean my body.

Cool... This was a psychokinesis, wasn't this? 

Well... I just need to stay still and waiting Ms.Danti doing her job.

The cleaning proccess was soo long that i fell a sleep. 

" Travelers, wake up! Its time to go to school "

I was already on my room right in the morning.

ah... I was still too tired.

But...Ms.Danti should be more tired than me, shouldn't she?

There was no reason to laze around.

I woke up and smelled my body.

Hoooh, Thanks God! The horrible curse was left!

" Thanks Ms.Danti "

" I should be the one who ask for a forgiveness as i failed to protect you once again "

" No, You had done good enough " 

Abd so, there was a small chit chat about yesterday. 

I told her as detail as possible about the event yesterday.

About the students,

About the teacher,

About the stunned me,

About the Shadow Pupet,

About the fighting...

I told her everything i remembered about the event yesterday. 

Ofc, Ms.Danti would sigh several times as she remembered how bad the situation was.

She was also felt guilty about how she failed to predict the 'dark ages' movement.

Then our brief morning consultation was ended.

The conclution was that the school was not save anymore as long as i didn't have any other mean to ensure my savety.

After Cleaning ourself and had a breakfast, Ms.Danti guide me, not to the school, but to a place where i could get a life insurace