Chapter 46 – Black market
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Ms.Danti took out a black card from her pocket.

A gold magical circle was drawn on the card. 

" What is that? "

" A skill card "

" huh? "

" This was useless for you because no travelers could active a skill card. Instead, you have exclusive skill "

" Ah i see "

" Please hold me as thigh as possible, I will active the skill card "

I did as Ms.Danti asked.

after confirming this, She teared the skill card. 

Then the skill càrd was burned by a white fire.

As the same time, A white magical circle appeared under us. 

The circle was generating a very bright light that blinded me. 

When my sight had been back to normal, We were not in our room anymore.

Instead, We were in a very dark place at the moment.

Ms.Danti asked me to wore a mask she had prepared.

Then, we were walking in a straight line for a while until We passed through a dark curtain.

Only then we could see a vast circle area full of seats. 

There was a big floating hologram on the stage that showed the time when the auction would begin. 

There were 4 kinds of auction. 

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  

Ms.Danti told me that we are so lucky because the yearly auction, which would be ongoing for 3 days, had just begun yesterday. 

In other word, we have a chance to see and bid more than half items in the yearly auction.

aside from that, there were bunch of items with fixed price that we could buy immedietly and unfixed price which could be bargained before buying it.

That was what we were looking for.

On the way, Ms.Danti told me manythings

First. using my yearly allowance, I might be able to get up to 3 items there. 

Ofcourse, the story would be different if I bought some pricy thing. 

Second. There were 3 kinds of items there. 

Jackpot, The things that's worth more than it's Price

Worth, The things' price could be compared with it's price.

Zonk. A trash or unworthy things.

Aside from those, i absolutely had to avoid cursed things. 

so, I designed my second skill to dectect these keyword and a few others that i could imagine to know which direction i had to avoid or approached. 

Third, We were prohibited to left empty handed. 

Fourth, If need, we would stay at this place for 2 days at maximum. 

etcera etctera.

Ms.Danti whispered me those important as she carried me like how a mother would usually do to their child.

It's not that I enjoyed this kind of position.

I just didn't have any other choice because Ms.Danti strongly asked me to do this to keep me save from getting lost or even kidnapped. 

I was not ...child

Uhum, Okay, I admit that my body was...



Well... I didn't care anymore about this silly thing as long as i could be saved from those stupid things.