Chapter 79 – A Sword Hero story 3
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I stabbed him on the head using my great sword.

Ahh... Great feeling telling me that This sinner had gotten his punnishment for good

Or that what should be happen. 

Instead of his head, there were other helmet head that I stabbed. 

What? Corpse Head? 

This added my reason to eliminate this complete human enemy

But, He was TOO LUCKY that the Weapon he Had thrown fell right on my head.

This made me swich with my shadow on the sky and, at the same time, made the shadow dissapeared.

Hoh... this luckiness would only made your life a bit longer. 

And so... The sparring continued.

It was collored by his desperate and annoying trick to seal my movement by summoning that useless cube.

Whahaha,Looking at this cripple effort to keep alive felt really increased my mood greatly. 

His evil trick successfully decreased my guard.

I was so surpised that he was skillfull enough to swing his stick. 

That was still not enough to make this great self to feel any pain as i had a new skill that made me ignored any limitation.

whahaha, look at that surpised expression ! 

It was the expression of a loser!

I was casually playing this small villain who had no other trick left. 

' Check mate! ' 

Then, I grabbed his only weapon. 

I wanna see how desperate his expression who could not pull his only weapon.

He left his only weapon and to fight menin close combat by bare hand

Stupid effort! No one could hurt me in melee fighting so far!

I pulled my Great sword easily to hit his head.

It should be enough to crack that small head. 

His hit that i was ignored, unexpectedly, Generate a great shockwave on my chest that stunned me for a moment. 

But, it was not the worst. 

Right after i successfully hit him on the head, He was shoting a water ball right on my unguarded lovely son.

Like a story in a common novel, The small villain last attack was like a curse that enough to permanently sealed my  happiness of the future