Chapter 82 – a very little guilt
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☆ Author Note: I don't think there is a cruel reader who still give me a star,

I Have told you from the start that I DO prefer you to stop reading this story than keep following me while poop-ing there and there.

Why is there a masochist here Who keep doing something that will certainly torture their self ?

lmao... Hah... I believe The God will reply your kind action as fair as possible.

I just wonder how You, Other Reader will act. 

Will you all just ignore this and leave this 'sick thing' to me alone? 

as you all could imagine, This story would also deppen on my mood

Whatever, This is the new chap ☆


The duel was end as the medical teams and Instructor entering the arena.

It was too fast, just Less than a minute.

The medic brought my severed limb, cleaned it, sticking it back, and pouring some potions and skills.

Their action was so fast and insteresting that I stopped reciting and unsummoned my holybooks.

' Ah God, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be swayed by something like this. Oh All-Forgiving, All-Forbearing, I can postpone reciting the Holy-Book, Can't I?  '

A Tiny feeling of guilty was appeared and lingered in my heart.

But, I did believe that The God would always know and understand fully. 

As soon as my leg was attached, A medic asked me.

" Please, Try to---- "

□ Puuukkk.. ( The Cube Destroyed Sfx )

Like a ballon, The 360 monsters or so that was trapped inside a small 3x3 meters cube was speared everywhere.

The medic wasn't even able to finished her sentence when somebdirty thing clung on her front. 

The same exact warm things was also on my back at the moment. 

" ... "

" ... "

'Ok bro, I is too familiar with Those expression. Please, don't show it too clearly while Staring at me like that. I have felt a great unconfortable already. I understood...I wouldn't play with this thing but in urgent. '

I answered with a gesture of my awkward eyes as if told them 

' Sorry, it couldn't be helped, right? '

The medics was trying to clean the mess. 

Alas, It was a Living things that couldn't be cleaned as easily as usual. 


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