Chapter 84 – My reason
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The girl said that Shota spent most of his time to sleep.

He would use two third of his remaining time for training or going to school while the rest of his time would be wasted to have fun. 

His method of training was only sparring. 

The opponent was usually prepared by the little priest.

Sometimes, Shota would choose random people he hate to sparr and The priest girl would take care all troublesome things.

When an unfotunate happened to the Opponent, He would not hesitate to gave them a tripple or more compensation of what had written on the law. 

Shota always went to a nearest cheap red district and slums to look for a mature woman to please him.

He would also not hesitate to pay them multiple times of their usual daily income. 

Because of that, Not just a few desparate woman who hear about Shota would gladly cling to him. 

Someday, an corrupt Instructor threating him about his bad habbit just because money and woman. 

That's how he got an that dirty  connection. 

In short, Shota would certainly become a sweet source of money as long as you could please Him.

He was also Not that stinky to pay for his fault.

" I followed him so far because of the same reason as others. It was very unfortunate that he is dead. The money I have got so far would be enough for my family to open a humble small business from now on even I had to leave the school next month  "

" Hmn? Leaving the school? "

" Yeah, Shota have give a chance for me and several other poor girls to taste the sweetness in this academy. "

" How many are you? " 

" Why? "

" Well... Is it wrong to continue the death good deeds? "

" You, our doom bringer, will did the same as Shota ? "

" Ofcourse, I will do some filtering and adjust them enough to not become a burdensome for me. "

" What do you get from doing that? "

"  A peace of mind, Some how "

" Suppicious... Is this really not because you are targetting me? "

She said that while holding my face with both of her hand to ensure our eyes to meets each other. 

Well, I was a bit surpirsed,  but I kept an indifferent expression and said.

" To be honest... "

I hold her hands to free my head. 

Then, I turned my head to see the sky through the windows and said the rest.

" I could not felt any guilty from this incident. "

No matter what reason and what position i was in.

Intentional or not.

Killing was killing.

Most people would only catch the fact that I had killed others. 

I didn't feel anything in this Incident Because my own self was threathen and I knew for sure that this was a self defence. 

At least, i could keep my sanity as a human by doing this everytime a similar thing happened so far.

This might be the my first experience to kill others, 

But in my previews world, Humans and Monsters could be the same dangerous creature.

" This is my way for me to express my sorry to you, someone that he left. "

' And to ask a forgiveness That I had erased the chance of others to get their self close and closer to the God by sealed their chance of future.'