Chapter 87 – a death flag
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■ Money for business Investment ( 750 Gold )

Well... It would be burdensome for me to keep the girls expense if i only rely on my Pocket money. 

So, I asked Ms.Danti to start a business. 

Farming and raising animals were the best and easiest ways that i had thought. 

" Why did you choose this business? "

" It easy to supervise, and i only need to pay other experienced people to do the job "

" Actually, You could use your corpse summoning skill to get more pocket money "

" Huh? "

" There is a rule about 10% of the death fortune would be given to the one who was 'clearly' able to confirm  their dead status. 10% additional would be given if you can bring the corpse. "

at this current moment, I remembered the suppicious instructor that took my corpses. 

" ...that's the reason she took those corpse "

" I-it's also a fortune that too good to be thrown. I'm sorry, but I had spent all those money "

Huh? is there any missunderstanding?

" What do you mean? "

" I admit that i have took those heads you had summoned in the duel and making a little fortunate. It should be a junk a for you at that time. Could you just forgive me this once? "

' ah, i see... well... '

" yeah yeah... "

" I will not do that again, my wallet "

She said that while hugging me thightly.


Did she just call me her 'wallet' ?

I could hear that grumble clearly at this zero distance that i was too sure about it. 

Oh Ms.Danti, 

Please just said that in your deepest heart.

haaah, I could not protest too much because I was enjoying this current moment. 

sadly, She released me after a few second of eternality.

It was regrettable, but rhere was something more important.

I took the cards that I got from the supicious instructor and gave them to Ms.Danti.

there were 5 golden cards and two silver cards. 

" Can i ask you what are these ? "

" ...Where did you find them? "

" I get them from a very suppicious woman "

" Why do that woman... Uhum, Give me a moment to analysis them "

A few minutes later.... Ms.Danti ripped one of the two silver cards.

A half transparent was appeared and Ms.Danti read the content.

[ Day 27 Month 1 year XXXX, It was afternoon. That's the time you, a little thief, open this message. You didn't go to school because discussing about how to use your money. If this true, You can open the next massange ]

Ms.Danti look at the sky throught the windos and said.

 " It is the time right now. When did you get this? "

" Yesterday... Before the famale Special instructor came "

" This would only be coincidence. But, let's read the other message "

Ms.Danti teared another silver card and the same half transparent panel appeared. 

[ This might be too great to be coincidence. Let me guess, The black winged student, You kill him yesterday. If that's true, You should look for his corpse right now and guard it. If you don't want, please just run away as far as possible. A great accident might be happened very soon. Please give the 2 out of 5 golden cards to Lady and Fallen, and you could use the rest as you want. I hope we could meet again near in the future. PS: Stealing is no good]

This was really unexpected notice.

Ms.Danti had also confirmed that the golden cards were really saved a kind of teleportation skill. 

Sadly, She didn't know about the exact destination to where it would bring us. 

" Should we believe that? "

I sincenery asked Ms.Danti about this.