Chapter 28: A plan fitting for snake women
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As Midas simply watched the children playing about in the water her cunning sultry grin never wavered or softened. Her eyes may have been hidden yet nobody who truly knew thought they held within them anything more than raw cunning. These weren’t her children but her pawns which she knew exactly how to use; though important parts in plan they were.

In one hand she held a rolled up powder that let out a soft smoke which she breathed into her two plump lips while on the other she had a half-empty goblet of fresh semen. The smoke itself wasn’t tobacco based either but rather was more aphrodisiac in nature yet she didn’t seem to mind as a plume of smoke left her mouth. Clearly she was enjoying the goodlife as she lifted the goblet to her lips as she lifted it - enjoying the feeling of that potent nut sludge sliding across her onyx tongue. With all her senses basically coming from her tongue such a thing was more akin to masturbation than rubbing herself would be.

She would have to be in tip top shape by the time these children grew up to gain their humanoid forms after all since that would mark the beginning of her next phase.

The result of {Purple Cobra Sect}’s assault on them should be public enough to the core-cities at the very least. With that they will be hesitant to do much more than cautiously watch her to see what kind of actions she may make while Violet… Well knowing that girl's personality everyone in the nearest continents should know of her position. People would be less likely to focus on her while not being aware of why Violet was her; though according to Dai it was apparently to study at their {Imperial Phoenix Academy}.

According to the information owned by the major {Asura Section Elder} (thus it’s reliability should be second only to Leviathan’s daughter) Midas’ guess about the [Three Legged Golden Crow] was indeed overwhelmingly strong. The golden corvid apparently had already overcome being a mere {Immortal Heavenly Beast} to step into godhood. Not only this but the woman had one foot hovering out of being a 9th tier existence (Low-God Realm in cultivation) so becoming the even more rare 10th tier was merely a matter of time.

<Unfortunately the corvid is not only loyal to the {Imperial Phoenix Family} but is a woman so she is a piece I cannot claim myself… Violet didn’t seem too interested either since she had time to break that city lord. A shame since her situation would’ve been easy to take advantage of even if I didn’t intend to use her lust - I suppose this isn’t a terrible result since I managed to obtain a flicker of [The Primordial Flame of Absolute Destructive Wrath] early. I will need to be careful when incorporating it so it may as well be useless at this moment however it will be undoubtedly a great asset which will allow me to push forth my plans…>

Closing her eyes behind the glasses she slowly considered things while letting the salty obviously dehydrated semen slosh about within her maw. Letting the overpowering scent, odd texture and overall ‘interesting’ sticky fluid wash across her tongue. While she ensured her own body would be addictive to those which tasted it she can’t help thinking this vulgar juice was just as equally addictive. Like how a vampire gains sustenance from blood her [Golden Eulogy Amphiptere] were the exact same with such fluids.

Though they used that precious nourishment for something quite important to their race's growth rather than individual.

Thinking about her future empire the snake couldn’t help but grin once more while finishing her drink as she made a show of gulping it down despite no men to admire it. Following that she simply threw her goblet aside before taking another puff. Though she did get a tiny miniscule surprise as she opened her eyes once more to see the curious little eyes of many ‘little snakes’.

She called them little but at this point each was at least as wide as a car though to be fair they were smaller than she was at their cultivation realm. Usually it was a scene which would make a woman shiver yet Midas just smiled at these clueless children who would likely be with her for quite some time. Even if they were just born they had the same beliefs of Midas herself ingrained into their very biology which meant she wouldn’t trust anyone more.

Afterall she wasn’t a foolish enough person to betray herself so they wouldn’t be that foolish either since they all wanted the same thing.

To thrive.

| Ancestor Progenitor where iss princesss and the bug yakuza? | <Baby Snake Leader>

The one to speak was the strongest of the bunch thus the largest of the current batch.

They were unlike Ulwazi who went against the mold; although they were certainly different they didn’t break as far away from the mold to have the same unique markings. Though at the same time they would likely look very different from Midas herself while still sharing the general racial traits such as voluptuous curves, toffee like skin and black inners among others.Checking if this transference was really a success would need to await though.

In the time she had given them, their cultivation had indeed increased yet they hadn’t reached the Foundation Formation goal thus would likely need a couple more weeks… Afterwards she would get them to make full use of their ‘racial traits’. At the very least this wouldn’t take nearly as long as if they were humans; whether this meant reaching maturity or increasing their cultivation to the heights required to ‘be useful’ this held true.

“Well my preciouss little princesss iss finisshing up on her homework before I ssend her off to losse her firsst time to an old friend while or after we’ve taken over {Flaming Tiger City}. Her power sshould increasse quite a bit while sshe sshould be able to regain her ssanity after they’re done with her shashasha~.

Jingye Dai iss jusst going around growing all the plantss which I’ve managed to collect ass well ass a few sshe brought with her - in the future we’ll need to develop our own way to enhance growth in [Spirit Plants] though…” <Midas Ankh>

| What iss your plan for uss 419 [Golden Eulogy Amphiptere] Ancestor Progenitor? We know you want uss to be humanoid but we want to have the besst chance of ssuccesss when carrying out our misssion! | <Baby Snake Leader>

“I sshould really decide on a title for you all to call me by… Regardlesss I like your sense of duty little one so I’ll tell you the sstart of my plan for the city. It’s rather ssimple if you conssider it; you ssee we will need to take over the main facilitiess of the city but an all out war would be bad for bussinesss if we did sso. Becausse of that we’ll take over in a ‘legal’ manner which will require uss getting into their livess by offering ssomething they couldn’t posssibly ressisst… Our very own sselvess in a way they will believe they’re in control shashasha~!” <Midas>

The little snake was obviously quite confused so it just tilted it’s little head while it’s unblocking eyes gleamed like motionless gems as they stared toward Midas.

“We’ll auction oursselvess off ass powerful young breedable cultivation furnacess ready to sserve them every hour of the day. Nobody wishess their desscendents to be weak and thus men dessire the most powerful & beautiful matess they can achieve. Nothing feelss better to them than making a powerful woman ssubmit to be their perssonal cultivation furnace - in the outsside community many women are raissed by their familiess ssolely for thiss… Though we’ll one up them and appear to be sstrong ass the sstrongest beingss in thiss dessert with no sstringss attached. Thiss issn’t mentioning our own unique ability to remove impuritiess with our qi which we will mention - our little bug friend offering validity ass well ssince I’ll have her overssee the entire event to ‘enssure fairnesss’ shashasha~!” <Midas>

| But how will fucking ssome lowly mortalss help uss take over their city? Jusst becausse we pleasse them doessn’t mean they’ll ssee uss ass anything more than toyss. | <Baby Snake Leader>

All the winged snakes nodded along with their apparent leader as they couldn’t fully comprehend the full insights required to make this plan succeed. Sure, they would be close to the very people with the power they wanted, but it would be surrpising if they were even allowed outside the bedroom (or sex dungeon) where they’d be kept. If anything all they accomplished was revealing how useful they were as a species which could result in stronger and more dangerous people gaining interest.

“Ssilly little ssnakess… You sseem to forget what we are desspite having not having sslithered outsside our den. We don’t ssimply ‘give’ but maintain control over thosse we’ve ‘touched’ through ‘giving’ them what they want. Our bodiess & productss are naturally addictive while ussage then abandonment of either can have rather… Dangerouss conssequencess for cultivatorss.

We ssimply need to get them hooked then ‘convince them’ to become ourss insstead or ssimply give everything they own with their deathss - how you go about it could be through our eyess or ssating their needss. It doessn’t matter to me however you musst alwayss keep thiss in mind; they are only petss we keep around for either purposse or amussement. Ass ssuch you can’t get too attached as petss die too eassily~!” <Midas>

The beady little eyes that seeked her guidance all glimmered with understanding as they finally understood why this would be their first move. Sure enough their mighty ancestor progenitor provided them with all the tools to succeed in life while continuing to guide them in how to use them to their advantage. It shouldn’t take them too long until they… Became greater than the dragons.

With that in their heads they excitedly slithered back into the water to dive down into the liquid [Eulogy Gold] which provided them with the fastest growth. If they had the ability to smile Midas felt like these little fellas would do so without a second thought. Truly her followers were the best in the world - even as truck deep-throating serpents they were adorable beyond belief.

“Sstill I don’t know what my title sshould be…” <Midas>

She softly said as she fell back into her chair with an unusually serious look on her face.