Chapter 31: Working off the rust
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In what was once the office for the branch manager of {Golden Society} Midas found herself sat at the desk.

In front of her, her heavenly [Gold Eulogy Flame] constantly flickered beneath an alchemy furnace while her Spirit Sense watched over and manipulated whatever process was happening within. Around were also several other tools for alchemy while many vials were filled with liquids or pills off to one side. Each of these processed compounds were warm to the touch showing that they were all freshly made by the snake in question.

Said snake appeared rather casual about the whole process - an act which would come to annoy many people in the coming days - as she easily produced item after item. There was a wide assortment of colourful liquids at this point. Yet despite the treasured items that went into making them (especially with the rareness of herbs in the desert) nobody would enjoy drinking them. They were all toxins of various effects with some of them being cruel while some explicitly cruel.

“Hm~ even a sstarving tiger iss sstill a tiger it would sseem. It wass indeed a great idea to take over thiss {Golden Society} branch - I’ll have to look into obtaining the entirety of the organissation in the future. I think I’ll name it ssomething different though. Maybe… The {Gold Society}. Yess, that sseemss far better doessn’t it shashasha~?” <Midas>

“P-Please end this humiliation already mistress…” <Branch Manager>

Despite the mans ‘reply’ to her question it seemed Midas didn’t actually care about her opinion however that was hardly surprising. Instead she turned her gaze to her ‘borrowed’ alchemy furnace she took from the {Golden Society}’s stock - a fairly decent quality thing considering it was out in a backwater shithole. It was an item a {Earth Ranked Treasure} which was simply called the {Green Jade Alchemy Furnace}; nothing too fancy but it did it’s job. 

Reaching into the furnace, after pulling open the door with her other hand, she retrieved a batch of 20 pills which she seemed pleased with. In truth that was about the maximum she could’ve expected with the materials she put in while also having no impurities in the ‘medicine’. Seeing yet another success that signature sultry smile formed on her lips which made the man standing behind her shiver.

“Where elsse would I have been able to get sso many usseful plantss if I didn’t take over thiss place nor a great tesst ssubject for my russty alchemy sskillss~.” <Midas>

The man's thoughts completely disagreed with the woman.

<What rusty?! You’ve been pooping out legendary 100% Purity pills in great numbers to the point you likely have enough poison to take down an empire!>

He wouldn’t complain out loud or rather he wouldn’t anymore due to the strong hypnosis that both Midas and Imbiza put him under. In truth most forms of hypnosis couldn’t get past the natural instincts of a creature - this meant it would be impossible to order them to do things which were against their survival. This meant most hypnotists couldn’t order someone to kill themselves…

Their Amphiptere were far different.

The natural hypnosis they could achieve with mere eye contact could actually rewrite their very instincts thus the very route of their being. Unlike mind-control it was far harder to break hypnosis since they didn’t have the same ‘chain’ which manipulated the victim - this also meant it was impossible to backtrace who used the hypnosis. Even more concerning, it was almost impossible to tell if someone was under the effect of hypnosis due to the nature of it.

Currently the once arrogant man had no complaints despite his lack of robes as the colour of his flesh had changed to  pure black while his smooth hands clutched himself. The man shivered due to a mixture of cold (despite being in a literal desert beside a flame) and pleasure. All the while veins bulge out from under his flesh which actually helped prevent him from dying from the frost poison deep inside himself.

Veins of course bulged out from his penis while finding it’s head trapped on the end of a transparent tube as a constant stream of semen oozed out of his sore tip down the tube and into a bucket. To supply this constant stream from his shrunken penis he had a massive pair of oversized balls that were clearly not natural. Even his breath was unusual as it appeared as a faintly pink mist yet Midas didn’t finish there as she pushed one of the new pills into his mouth only for hair to begin growing rapidly all over his body.

“Ah~ sso that’ss what happenss when I pussh the medicine to itss limitss without localissing it by forming it into a ssalve…” <Midas>

For the last day or so Midas had been working peacefully in this office after getting what she needed from the {Golden Society}.

She always had some idea what she was making however it had been so long since she had done pure alchemy herself as such she needed someone to test upon. There was no way she could use her loyal kin thus the man was of her was of great use - if something seemed too dangerous she would just drag someone of little importance off a random street. It wasn’t uncommon for people to vanish so a couple dozen people from all across the massive city was nothing of notice.

While Midas was musing on the results of her experiments a knock signalled someone was at the door which caused the woman to turn her head. Closing her eyes for a second she decided to first sense who it was yet immediately she realised there was no need to worry since it was of course her chief of staff. Then again was there much that could even endanger her at this point within the {Central Cities}?

At the very least she didn’t believe the {Gold Dust Beast Clans} would knock on the door politely!

“You may come in Imbiza, give me the report.” <Midas>

“Yess Boss!” <Imbiza>

Walking into the office and closing the door behind herself Imbiza was dressed in the exact same manner as previously. It wasn’t as if they were in a position to openly buy a lot of clothing since they already pushed their luck with their little stall spree - though it wasn’t as if it was trouble she couldn’t deal with. If relying on luck could destroy her plans she wouldn’t have even considered it.

Despite how things may seem there was nothing Midas disliked more than having to rely solely on luck.

“Our girlss have ssent out all the invitivationss and bassed on the reactionss our hypnotissed ratss witnesssed over the lasst day we sshould be sseeing a good turnout. Lotta sservant typess leave to vissit the {Merchant Union} to no doubt pull out their sstoness in prep for our sspecial night! Other than that we’ve gathered ssome newss about how the civiess feel about the {City Lord} - overall a lot of ‘em think he’ss pretty decent yet they alsso aren’t particularly loyal either due to the friendss he makess.

Apparently they don’t like how closse he iss to {Purple Viper Sect} who caussed some trouble for Boss a bit before uss rank ‘n’ file Amphiptere were born. The sect is practically known ass legal bandit camp since they made their fortune by taking advantage of the fact only they have ssome recipe to create a beasst deterrent for mosst beasstss. Taking advantage of their fame their memberss alsso take advantage of other people who can’t retaliate due to fear of gaining the ire ssince they’ve alsso grown sstrong.” <Imbiza >

Midas just silently listened to the sporty girls report as she happily rattled it out to her with the kind of energy one should expect. The girl even had a childish toothy grin on her face showing a fang that hung from the left side of her mouth to enhance her stereotype. Still Midas (no longer) swug that way so was more focused on the words than perhaps others would be; her constant bobbing about letting her large rather free love-mounds bounce.

Slowly Midas’ hand brushed over her chin while falling back into her chair as she thought to herself.

<Most of this information isn’t huge yet knowing that people don’t like that sect opens up a huge possibility for future business~. It wouldn’t be hard to create a beast deterrent and the reason someone likely hasn’t already is due to most decent crafters having abandoned the {Central Cities} for more advanced places. We could easily create a cheaper yet more effective alternative to whatever they have - while we could even release the recipe they use to the public after a bit of research into it. Should greatly harm them while we get a little extra coin on the side even if I don’t create anything particularly good… Imbiza has done well this time ohohoho~.>

With the [Gold Eulogy Flame] formed from their [Gold Eulogy Qi] it has a similar effect as it does when used on other people whether in dual-cultivation or another product/service. This was to say it would greatly enhance the effects as well as ensuring high purity. All the while the end result would also be more addictive than it should when ingested. Being told there was a market that desperately needed to be filled with competition, how could Midas refuse?

“Well done, Imbiza, in return for your hard work you may choosse one of the following concoctionss to ingesst ass a reward for your hard work. Optionss currently being: a potion which enhancess the rate ssemen is produced but ressulting in enhanced ball size as well, a potion which will causse a peniss to reduce in ssize and lasstly a potion which will make it sso a peniss iss alwayss erect. The effectss of any of them depend on the amount of the drug in the bloodsstream.

Any of them can be claimed for you to usse in the future shashasha~!” <Midas>

While those may seem pointless one has to remember that their race can store, enhance and produce any toxin they’ve ingested before. As for what was described as a toxin? Well that was complicated but any ‘drug’ can basically be considered a possibility.

“Sha~! That’ss hard choice… Um, could I have the ssecond one Boss?” <Imbiza>

Midas merely nodded before she opened up one of the many bottles she had located around herself only to pick up a single droplet with her Spirit Sense. The girl knew what was to come next so she merely opened her mouth and let the droplet fall into her mouth. Tasting the potent toxin Imbiza couldn’t help make that childish grin turn more sadistic.

Still when Midas spoke she was quick to listen; the ancestor in mention also lifted up a vial of pink liquid that also appeared to have a dense gas creating a pink layer of mist inside.

“Thiss iss a double point aphrodissiac  meaning it can exisst in both liquid & gaseous states depending on the presssure exerted upon it. I made with my own natural anal lube and the mosst interessting ressult iss that it’ss almosst imposssible to have it disssipate naturally due to generating even more of itsself when ingessted into ssomeone'ss ssysstem. I want you to provide each of our girlss with a drop of it sso they can more eassily deal with any future problemss with their ‘cusstomerss’ shashasha~.” <Midas>

“Right away Boss~!” <Imbiza>

Very quickly Imbiza retreated from the room after cradling the thing better than she would her future hatchlings; she knew well how useful this drug would be for their future.