Chapter 32: A stage worthy of an act!
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Prepare for the show before the bidding takes place~!

Also sorry this wasn't supposed to happen over two chapters yet you know how it is...

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In the dark auction hall a certain sense of excitement pervaded the air despite the seeming straight faces of all the awaiting men.

Each person in this room is what one could call a tycoon. The people who, one way or another, managed to thrive in this harsh continent that had more death than opportunities. That wasn’t to say there weren't a lot of opportunities… Rather there were few continents that could claim to have more resources for cultivation. Still that meant nothing to most since it was far too dangerous to get them while the {Central Cities} more often than not couldn’t make full use of their riches.

Regardless of that these people had managed to claw out a place for themselves in this dangerous desert which resulted in them being both respected and feared. Yet today most if not all of the top men in {Flaming Tiger City} gathered together in the {Flaming Tiger Branch Golden Society Auction House} with great expectation for what was to come. What could be said to be even stranger was the apparent lack of servants or clothes located in the room.

All their eyes weren’t on the other nude men but the dark stage with their stoic faces betraying the excitement in their eyes as they silently waited.

Luckily they didn’t have to wait long before a light came on to shine a spotlight upon the mighty figure who had apparently called them here; mighty not tall. Jingye Dai wore her usual indecent outfit with the usual ‘expression’ - if it was really her true face. She clapped her hands to get all the men’s attention which of course got the attention of their lower heads as well.

“I thank you all for accepting my invitation to this auction; I won’t waste too much of your time since I’m sure you all are well aware why you are here. Though since this is an auction which is being sponsored by my {Asura Yakuza}. I request you all to act in a charitable manner as a sign of respect.” <Jingye Dai>

This made some of the higher ranked members, lord Flaming Tiger included, visible grimace at the statement yet none of them made their dissatisfaction audible. Although such a comment seemed ordinary enough it was actually more of a threat. The meaning was simply “don’t think of lowering the price via leveraging your power - only money matters to us” which could be the wish of most auctions. Unlike most other auctions, though, one sponsored by the Yakuza according to one of their top elders could definitely enforce such a rule.

“We also would like to request you all auction in a respectful manner by raising your cards with the appropriate piece upon it - upon winning we will accept payment directly. After payment is received you may take your prize right here on the stage… As for what you will be buying…” <Jinye Dai>

With that announcement another set of lights came on from behind the announcer’s spotlight to reveal a line of voluptuous toffee coloured beauties. Upon their slender necks was the only thing they were allowed to wear, a slave collar marked each as a possession not person. Each one of these women were enough to be called a once in a generation beauty with the one at the forefront being the finest beauty of them all - that was of course Midas. The closest to her left side was the more muscularly defined Imbiza yet neither were acting as one may first expect.

None of the seductive race were trying to attract their voyeur furthermore they actually moved their hands and arms to clutch their chest to hide their exposed onyx nipples. They even turned and twisted their legs in attempts to bashfully hide her coal flowers from the gazes of the men's piercing gazes. Most seemed quite unwilling to be in front of the men yet they didn’t run away no doubt thanks to orders received through their slave collars.

The two which gained the most attention was of course Midas who had a blush upon her cheeks as she attempted to cover those large areola with her dainty hands to little success. Even worse for her was the fact that her sheepish attempts to hide her snatch resulted in those milk filled mammoths to bounce around. Then again watching this woman of unparalleled beauty being ashamed brough great pleasure to these men while the chief of staff almost presented herself as the opposite.

An angry glare was sent between the yakuza mistress and ‘happy’ men as her hands pressed down on her large breasts - only ranked third in size if compared to Jingye or Midas though were far more firm. She managed to cover more thanks to deforming her breasts yet that only made it so the men got more interested in just how much those sweater St.Bernards could deform under an ‘expert’ touch. Of course they were also interested in those plump but well defined thighs which crossed to hide her no doubt had inners just as firm.

From the glare she was giving it was clear she would be using all sorts of colourful language if she weren’t muzzled by a previous order.

None of these men would refuse breakin in such a slave though!

As it stood these women all didn’t seem willing to be there from a glance. Yet their thoughts betrayed their true intentions - actually silently communicating to each other through their powerful mental arts. In truth they could be said to be no better than the men objectifying them as nothing but sexual relief that would occasionally pop out a child.

| I really want to ssmell the air~ I bet it’ss real mussky with all their dickss wiped out~! |

| They wouldn’t notice a little ssniff would they - jusst poke my tongue in and out? |

| It’ss like thosse foolissh mortalss want uss to come and wrap our lipss around their peniss before ssucking them dry~! |

| Pretty ssure they do want uss to do that… I can’t wait to taste some real dick with both my lips for the firsst time! |

| Keep them tonguess to ye’sselvess ladiess - ya’ll each be getting plenty of sshaft ssoon enough whether ya want it or not! | <Imbiza>

| Eassy for you to ssay chief - you jusst need to wait for our Ssovereign to kisss that meaty camel-cock before you get it! |

| Sshould’ve worked harder on your cultivation, I’m top 100 which meanss I’ll get ssome high money cum on my titss tonight~. |

| Hey, jusst becausse we’re low ranked doessn’t mean we didn’t work hard… We jusst learn more from loving than fighting. |

| Well eyess up front my sservantss; there will be plenty of love shashasha~! | <Midas>

| Yesss~! | <All>

As if she had heard the words of Midas the host finally spoke up after letting them admire the serpents on display.

“The race of these girls is [Golden Eulogy Amphiptere] who are a primordial angelic race of beast who descended recently from the {Heavenly Realm} for your pleasure. Each of these girls have fresh virgin lips - both above and below - however their bodies are quite healthy and breedible. Something that they will display to you all now.” <Jingye Dai>

After saying that she clapped her hands twice causing a shiver through the girls who seemed quite unwilling yet they were ‘unable’ to resist the ‘powerful’ compulsion. Almost in sync the beautiful woman went flat footed with their heels meeting at an obtuse angle - few immediately noticed that due to the women also having their arms drop from their breasts. Completely revealing their dark nipples to the crowd of hungry men.

The two with the most eyes were obviously the most noticeable two at the front with the mighty Midas mellons having an inverted tip in the centre of her large black areola. On the opposite side of the spectrum was Imbiza who had long thick nipples in the centre of her own areola that fittingly looked like a pair of udders for those milk tanks. All the while she had her mouth clenched with her eyes looking like they’d pop out as she ‘tried with all her might’ to resist the next step…

Though with little success.

All the girls slowly squatted down with their hands on their knees which were spread far apart resulting in the men getting their first propper view. It was clear that they were all a little surprised at the unusual colour yet their penis’ soon were the ones doing the thinking.

“I think you all will agree they’re priceless pieces of meat - it’s only right to give you a full view of what you’ll be paying to eat.” <Jingye Dai>

Over the sound of the fit ones grinding teeth and a few whimpers the girls slowly slid their hands down their plump thighs to their labia. Their fingers pulling apart to give their viewers the full spread of their future meals. At this point all the girls' faces went from toffee to crimson with tearful faces. It didn’t end there as after a moment of displaying themselves Dai spoke once more to push things even further.

“Although their front will be fresh for your pleasure you won’t need to be worried. We have thoroughly stress tested their behinds to find them quite accommodating no matter the size you wish to use them for. Not to mention they come with their own high quality lube and beautiful singing voices.” <Jingye Dai>

Once again the girls moved their hands - their right moved to slide their index & middle fingers to ensure the men wouldn’t miss their reaction. With much resistance their other hand slipped behind their back then slipped into somewhere else with a united sloppy entrance before their hands began pumping back and forth. Their cries filled the room while the sweet smell of their high quality lube filled the room like an aphrodisiac… Because it was.

It took no time at all for all of their holes to become wet enough to cause a large puddle under themselves along with the sound of their cries of pleasure & embarrassment. Meanwhile in their heads…

| Thiss iss the besst - so much material that it’ss hard to keep thiss sslow pace~ |

| Urgh, they’re sstaring at my crying cunt, I-I think I’m going to cum… |

| W-wait! Hold it ssince we’re all meant to do it at the ssame time! | <Imbiza>

| But it’ss sso hard chief we can’t lasst ass long ass you or bosss~! |

| Jusst looking at that Lord Flaming Tiger’ss rock hard camel cock makess me feel like life iss worth it if I can empty him insside my needy cunt! |

| Don’t dream girl - we all know it’s either Ssovereign or Chief that’ss getting that monsster down their throatss! |

| Of course it’ll be me who receivess that peniss - hiss gaze hassn’t left my body ssince the lightss came on and hiss thoughtss are of fucking me through all stages of pregnancy including while birthing a Camtaur for him~. Sshame he won’t be alive long enough to ssee that through ssince it would be quite enjoyable shashasha~!

Ass for you girlss not being able to hold back I guesss that’ss fine. We’ll all jusst force releasse with that technique I passsed down to you all before to make a man insstantly cum. Focuss it on your clit when Jingye givess the next ssignal | <Midas>

| Yess! | <Everyone>

This time the agreement from her servants was much more excited.

As for Jingye who had all their hopes on her, she got the pressure of about 418 eyes trying to burn a hole through the back of her head. The desperate gazes of 418 {Heavenly Beasts} who wanted to cum but couldn’t due to their ancestors' influence was quite something. It was quite problematic for the insectoid since she wasn’t much of a public speaker - luckily she understood the intentions hidden in those gazes.

“They are also quite durable.” <Jingye Dai>

Lifting her hand the insectoid clicked her fingers and like a tidal wave the girls focused more qi upon the very tip of their little black beans than these men had. This quickly caused everyone to turn to their clits as the potent [Gold Eulogy Qi] caused their clits to become like beacons in the darkness of the room. It quickly was followed by the moans of 419 women who sprayed the stage with jet after jet of cum leading to some poor janitor having a very long night as they came over and over.

The sweet scent of their united climax actually influenced all those in the room whether they knew it or not; in other words they had already fallen into Midas powerful trap. Maybe if a medical expert were here he may be able to make out the powerful addictive nature of even their scent but these were merchants. Those with some marketable skill wouldn’t stay in this desert afterall.

“Now let’s move onto our first item, Midas Ankh, the leader of these beasts. ” <Jingye Dai>

With that Midas pulled her now soaking hand out from her rear causing her to physically shudder as the qi from her clit fanished before she stood up to walk in front of all those men in a mechanical manner. Behind her the ‘angry’ Imbiza seemed quite unwilling as she - like all the members - watched their leader walk up while all they could do was pleasure their assholes with golden clits. The woman's eyes went bloodshot as she seemed to want to ‘leap up and stop their leader from being defiled any more by these men’.

Obviously in hindsight it was just all an elaborate act but these serpents were quite the actors.

After reaching the front of the stage she quickly returned to her original bashful stance while Jingye called out to the crowd once more.

“This woman here is actually in the Core Formation Realm which makes her stronger than any mortal cultivator inside this land. On top of that I’m sure you’ll all admit you’ve never seen a woman quite as beautiful as her - this comes with the added bonus your children will receive when birthed by her. On top of that just fucking her will not only greatly increase your cultivation but unlike msot women these [Golden Eulogy Amphiptere] instead will help purify your bodies resulting in less impurities in your body.

With that in mind the starting price will be 10k [Great Spirit Stones] with an increased bidding of at least 10% the total - begin.” <Jingye Dai>